It is no secret to anyone that Android has evolved a lot in recent years. However, there are still drawbacks that cause headaches for a large number of users in all parts of the world. Therefore, today you We will explain how to solve the Error “Application not installed” on Android. Don't worry, it's much easier than you probably imagine.

Put your worries aside! You don't have to despair or change your mobile or anything for the style. All you have to do is pay close attention to what we will explain in this article so that you can say goodbye to that martyrdom once and for all.

How to fix 'App not installed' error on Android

Unfortunately, this problem on Android phones or tablets can be caused by various factors. This means that there is no unique solution for the case, but rather it is necessary that you analyze the different ways of solving to eliminate the root problem.

We will show you various solutions for annoying app not installed error on Android. Follow them in order and try patiently until you find the fault. If your Android indicates app not installed error, this is the best you can do:

Check if your phone can install APK apps

Screenshots of Android phone settings

This error may be bothering you because of an app installed outside of the Google Play Store. Because of this, it is important for you to check if you can install APK apps on your Android device. To achieve this, you must check if your phone has the ability to install apps from unknown sources enabled.

Regardless of the brand of device you have, we are talking about a setting that is regularly found in the “Privacy protection” section, within the “Special permissions” in a section called “Install unknown applications”. From there you have to grant permission to Chrome (or the browser of your choice) so that you can install apps that come from outside the Google Play Store.

What is an APK?

APK is the way in which an Android application is packaged. This is a type of file that contains everything you need for you to install an application on your mobile. Although most people use the Play Store, there are plenty of reliable websites to download APKs of your favorite apps.

How to install an application outside of Google Play?

combo apk
APKCombo screenshot

To install an app outside of Google Play, you need to enable the feature we mentioned above so you can use apps from unknown sources. After having done this on mobile, it is up to you choose a good place to download apps outside of Google Play. There may be many in the vastness of the web, but we recommend the following:  

Use dr.fone if the above step doesn't work

dr phone
Picture of dr.fone for PC

Still getting app not installed error on Android?? Then the error may be due to the Android system files, so you will have to repair the operating system. This is done with dr.fone, an effective application that is used from the computer that you can download from the link below these lines.

Download Dr Fone on Uptodown

  • After installing it, open the software and connect your mobile to the computer.
  • Choose “Repair”, search to find “Android Repair” and then press “Start”.
  • Put your mobile information and confirm by typing the code “000000”.

It is done! At this point you will have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen for the tool to download a firmware on your mobile and in this way repair it automatically.

Reduce Play Protect behavior

Image of Google Play Protect

Another way to fix app not installed error on Android is by reducing Play Protect behavior. In case you didn't know, Play Protect is like a kind of Google Play Store antivirus and if the error comes from an APK that you downloaded outside the official store, it is likely that the security tool caused the problem. However, you can reduce its behavior by following these steps:

  • get in the Configuration of your mobile.
  • Go to the section of Security.
  • Look for the section Google Play Protect.
  • touch the gear located at the top right of the screen.
  • Turn off the options that say “Scan apps with Play Protect” and "Improves the detection of harmful apps”.
  • restart your mobile.

Clever! That's all you have to do to reduce the behavior of Google Play Protect and try to remove the application error not installed on Android once and for all.

Delete junk files from the app that shows the error

Screenshots of ES File Explorer

By removing the junk files of the app displaying the error, you might be able to fix the problem once and for all. first you need Download ES File Explorer: an effective file explorer to do this job. Once installed open it, go to the root of the system and look for the System folder to delete all the junk files of that app that bothers you with the error. Then go back to the root of the system, go to the Data folder and delete all the data of the application to be reinstalled. A simple solution thanks to a powerful tool like ES File Explorer!

Download an alternative version of the app's APK

You can also fix it by downloading an alternative version of the app's APK. Visit APK Mirror, APK Combo or any alternative download site to Google Play Store and get an older, newer, or different version. By doing this, the Android app not installed error could come to an end. Just make sure you're not downloading the same version and you're good to go.

Use another microSD card

Sometimes a small portion of microSD cards (where apps are installed) can become corrupted and affect the operating system. If you want to rule out this being the reason for your headaches, try a different microSD card than the one you normally use. After placing it, install the application again and draw your own conclusions.

Why am I getting the 'Application not installed' error?

Google does not explain with certainty why this error is displayed on Android. Because of this, it is not always possible to know why this problem occurs.

However, the problem can be caused by a bad uninstall that left behind residual files, for example, or problems like automatic Google Play Protect blocks.

In addition, the error could also appear but these causes:

wrong file

When you install an app and then search install another version with a different certificate (signed or unsigned), a technical error occurs displaying the message “Application not installed”.

Damaged storage

Corrupted SD cards are capable of causing the app not installed error on Android. Internal storage, on the other hand, can also lead to failures when it contains unnecessary data or data that alters its location. If you want to stop this inconvenience, there are ways to repair damaged microSD memory. Try this before you throw it away!

Granting app permissions

Sometimes the application permissions are responsible for generating this error in the operating system. For this reason, we recommend you go to the settings of your mobile, then to the applications section and select “Reset app permissions”. This will allow you to allow the installation of apps from other sources.

You have realized? There are many reasons why the app not installed error on Android could steal your peace. Try each of the solutions and you will surely solve it. The patience reach everything!

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By Hector Romero

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