Windows 11 wallpapers

Are you looking for the best wallpapers for Windows 11? It's been a year since the arrival of Windows 11 into our lives and, with this, a lot of news for our PCs. If you still do not have this operating system, here we explain how to force upgrade to windows 11.

And this section is one of the novelties that Windows 11 offers us, since it has new and attractive wallpapers so that you can personalize your computer to your liking. This is why today we show you the best wallpapers windows 11.

All Windows 11 wallpapers

Although it may not seem relevant, personalizing your computer is something that will give it a special touch and that will make it something very yours. One of these things is the wallpaper.

Knowing how to choose one with the correct resolution so that it takes advantage of the entire computer screen is an important task. But don't worry, today we are here to solve everything for you, that's why we will show you The best wallpapers for Windows 11 and where you can download it in the best possible resolution.

The Windows 11 wallpapers have two or more versions that vary in color or in their mode (light or dark mode). In addition, they go from abstract wallpapers to beautiful landscapes of nature. In the end, it is you who will choose which one is ideal for you.

Where to download more wallpapers?

Now if you want explore more windows 11 wallpapersYou can easily go to specialized websites to find the images in high resolution and quality. In this way, there will be no problems with the size of your monitor, you will find an ideal image.

In principle, the best websites to find Windows 11 exclusive wallpapers are the following:

However, if you want to search more variety of wallpapers for Windows 11, you should take a look at the following websites:


recognized worldwide, deviantart is a website where artists share their artistic creations with other people. Here you will be able to find drawings, photographs, incredible designs and much more. Of course, you must first check if the image can be downloaded, since some photographs are restricted by the author. However, if you can find an image you like and download it, it will make a good wallpaper.

simple desktops

Are you a lover of the minimalist? simple desktops is the ideal website for you. It has thousands of wallpapers with simple but visually pleasing illustrations. These wallpapers are minimalist, ideal for Windows 11, since they are similar to those that the operating system includes.


Another good option to find wallpapers for Windows 11 is Xtrafunds, since it not only stays with a specific style, but also It has a large image bank. that can help you to give that ideal personalization to your PC.


If what you want is to have on hand several image options until you find the best one, or make a collage with the best images to put them as wallpaper on your Windows 11 computer, Unsplash is for you. This website has thousands of completely free image banks so you can download and use them to your liking.


Pexels is an excellent option for search for specific images. It looks like Unsplash, so if you didn't find the ideal image in the previous option, Pexels It may be the website that gives you that special image to use as wallpaper in Windows 11.

Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock It is the ideal option if what you are looking for are images of nature and animals. If you are a lover of this type of photography, here you will find thousands of images that you can download for free.


If you are looking for something more professional, Flickr is the tool for you. On this website you will find a community of photography professionals who share all their photos. Here you will be able to download thousands of photographs for free without problems, as long as the author allows it.


On this website, amateurs and photography professionals share their captures. If what you are looking for are images with a more professional style, 500px is the ideal option for you.

How to set a picture as wallpaper in Windows 11

To establish the wallpaper you want you should not complicate yourself much, since it's quite an easy task. What's more, the most cumbersome thing is to find that ideal Windows 11 wallpaper for you. But if you already have it, all you have to do is the following:

  • Find the image you like.
  • Press right click About this.
  • Select Set as wallpaper.

However, this is not the only way to achieve it, since you can also do the Windows 11 wallpaper settings. This way allows you to further customize the image in the sense of whether you want it centered, fitted, filled or tiled.

To configure your wallpaper for Windows 11 in this way you have to:

  • Click on the button Home.
  • Press on Configuration.
  • Click on Customization (on the left of your screen).
  • Tap the button Background.
  • Press on browse photos.
  • Select the image of your choice.

In this way you will have managed to select and put the image of your choice as the wallpaper of your computer with Windows 11.

By Hector Romero

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