Ebooks work as digital files that you can enjoy using different devices. The Kindle formats They are very important, since all the titles are not compatible with it, for this reason, we leave you the necessary information below.

Kindle 7 Formats

These types of formats are also known for being an improved version of mobi, and as you surely know, in 2008 Amazon was in charge of buying Mobipocket, and all its patents.


Although it seemed not to be a great achievement, they had patents for eBook formats, one of Amazon's most appreciated assets.

After the purchase, Amazon obtains the format, taking into account each of its rules and operation, in addition, it was in charge of introducing its own DRM. This is a software that creates a restriction to an account or device if you want to use eBook, and in this way, it is finally born Kindle Fomart 7, or also known as AZW.

With the passing of time, Amazon's eReaders have also evolved, and their software's too. Therefore, the formats they play make changes until they reach Kindle Format 8.

Kindle Format 8 or AZW3

Kindle Format 8 is also called AZW3, and it's an evolution of the previous one, so it's not just about the mobi format with a DRM layer, but much more.

The Kindle Format 8 is an eBook that comes after the EPUB3 standard, to which, in addition to having DRM, an AZW format file is also added, so that it is Compatible with all other devices that read the older format.

Since the mobi format and Kindle Format 7 were developed, the standardization of the epub format was just beginning, and therefore there was a bit of confusion on the subject.

Keep in mind that AZW3 does not use the power of HTML5 to its full extent, this is because there are some tags that are not supported, and others that are obsolete.

Kindle Mobi format

Kindle formats, and Kindle eReaders are fully capable of supporting the mobi format, and despite being considered the oldest on Amazon's platform, they still exist, but only DRM free format. Even though Mobi is DRM free, it has many layers of protection.



It is one of the first formats that Amazon obtains after having bought the company. It is simple and very similar to the already known mobi format, the only difference is that it does not have the protection layers, with which the readers who read the mobi format have the power to do so.

Even because of this, it is almost impossible to see eBooks in this format today, however, as there is no systematic conversion of the Kindle catalog so far, it must have this old format so that readers can enjoy a good experience, hassle free.

Other Kindle Supported Formats

The Kindles can also support any other format, which does not belong to Amazon, or which has a GPL license. Example of this can be PDF, which despite not being an eBook format, is a file type that allows you to view the information without problems.

The PDF format is part of the Adobe program, and its acronym stands for Portable Document Format, and this is because it wants to show its main feature, which is portability.

The main developer of the PDF format is Adobe, however, in 2008 it was commissioned to release it to be part of the International Organization for Standardization, and thus, it is now an open format.

The PDF format and its portability work perfectly on eReaders on the Amazon platform. There is only one drawback and it is the size of the screen, since it is less than 9,7” making reading a somewhat complicated activity for some users.

Due to this, there was an attempt to solve the problem of the screen, creating a larger Kindle, however, that eReader was abandoned to use new alternatives, such as converting the PDF document to the epup format, or also optimizing the PDF by screen size of your device.

Kindle has the ability to support other older formats, which are the txt or the HTML. To understand each of them, it is important to mention their meaning. The txt is a very simple format within computing. And, it is widely used by all users, because it is responsible for generating the Windows Notepad.

However, currently it is not considered one of the best options for reading books, and it is that reading with this format is a somewhat complicated task, because it does not recognize any of the basic editing options, nor the layout options. text.

The other format in question is HTML, and this is the one used on any website regardless of the browser. There are currently five versions of this type of computer language.

Those in charge of reading the first four formats are eReaders, and html5 only has the ability to recognize a part, because its standardization is recent.

It is a format that is considered more composed compared to txt, and because of this, it is the best for reading eBooks. Reading with this format helps Kindle to enjoy Web pages and enter any Web browser, but taking into account that information that uses Web technology such as flash or javascript cannot be read.

The latest Kindle readers also include reading of doc and docx format files, they are generated in Microsoft Word, and work perfectly as a true alternative for eBooks that are created in txt.

What differentiates this type of document from txt is that you have the possibility to edit it while you read it. However, this type of format cannot be converted into eBooks, for this reason, there are some details when using them.

One of these problems is the size of the file, and that is, if you check the eBooks with AZW and AZW3 format, the weight is not as great, as in the case of doc or docx, which can even triple the size , making the process more complicated.

The Kindle, or also known as eReaders are also capable of reproducing all kinds of images, although they are not in color. However, using Kindle Fire, you can see the images in their original colors.

What are the ebook formats that the Kindle Fire read?

For many users, the Kindle Fire is recognized as the second class of Kindle readers, however, no one calls them by this name. Kindle Fire devices are in nature the same as a tablet, except that their software is primarily geared towards readers.

In addition, the Kindle Fire also includes an Android version customized by Amazon, and the operating system is known as FireOS. Although it can be considered as a Tablet, it is important to know that only the formats allowed by Amazon are those that are available for the Kindlle Fire.

Something incredible is that, a short time ago, Amazon was in charge of including the Audible service within this system, therefore, you have the possibility of enjoying all your favorite books in audio format.

Audible is a new format that Amazon introduces to devices that have an LCD or color screen, this because they are the most powerful, and in this way, eReaders support more formats.