The world of video games has Clash Royale among its greatest exponents. It is a real-time strategy game that intuitively mixes collectible cards, tactical tower defense games and arena battle games.

All of these are multiplayer games and have achieved great popularity since their release in the year 2016. 

The entire gameplay cycle of Clash Royale is energetic, highly tactical, fast paced and also has a generous in-game store.

It is originally a game designed to be used on iOS and Android mobile platforms, with freemium access that allows players to enjoy the game indefinitely without ever paying anything, regardless of how long they play.

On the other hand, it has now also been installed on desktop PCs and laptops with excellent performance, larger screens and customizable controls.

What do the gems mean in the Clash Royale game?

It is undoubtedly the resource that can be most desired and difficult to obtain within the game.

With these gems you can achieve a variety of things, such as buying rare chests, creating special tournaments, exchanging them for gold coins, even getting the chests to open, among many other features.

Of course, there is no doubt that these gems, being an excellent resource, with a variety of functionalities, are difficult to obtain and therefore the way to make it easier is to use real money.

However, there are several simple methods that can be used to obtain free gems, with the benefit that if you manage to collect enough gems, you win one of the best chests in the game that allows you to unlock some cards and other very attractive rewards.

What can the gems obtained in Clash Royale be used for?

Gems are highly valued in the game due to the various uses they can be put to as a trading currency or to gain certain advantages in the game.

One of the most important features is the reduction in the time it can take to open a chest.

In this sense, paying with a gem reduces the time it can take for a chest to open completely by approximately 10 minutes.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a currency to exchange, to obtain other items from the store.

Within these objects, which can be highly appreciated by players, are magical chests, giant chests and super magical chests, depending on the level you are in the game.

The desired result of this transaction is to get a certain number of cards and gold.

Another modality appreciated by the players is to use them in the case that it is necessary to improve the cards themselves, without at the moment the necessary amount of gold is not available, you can complete the payment with the gems.

All these reasons give a clear idea of ​​how important it is to get enough free gems to be able to trade the described benefits at the right time.

Using gems to buy the best deals when they arise or to participate in interesting tournaments with guaranteed prizes is always the best strategy for using gems. 

How to win free gems in Clash Royale?

There are several methods to get free gems in this interesting game. Let's look at some of those strategies.

Daily offers

One of the easiest to achieve, which also does not require any effort on the part of the players, are the daily offers.

In this case, just by entering the game every day you can get some rewards such as precious gems. 

Although they are not very frequent, it is a resource that you cannot miss when the opportunity arises. Just by playing daily you can get gold or chests.

Seasonal Rewards 

Another interesting resource to obtain gems, for free, without having to pay anything is through seasonal rewards.

To achieve this, you only have to access the list of prizes that is in a section to the right of the mobile or PC or laptop that says Free.

In this section, gold chests are acquired in the vast majority of cases. But sometimes you can get gems. It's a matter of trying your luck.

As additional information, the Pass Royales has a total of 35 rewards and each of them can be unlocked when 10 crowns are collected from the battles in which you participate. But with effort he manages to find several gems.


One of the most interesting alternatives is represented by chests. They always have gold, cards and jokers, but in these chests you can also find gems.

In that case, it works with a system of probabilities, that is, the better the chests you get or as you progress through the game, you will have a greater number of chests and the probability of finding the gems will increase.

With time in the game the probabilities gradually increase and in this way the more you play the chests that are opened increase in category. 

For Silver chests the time in game is about 3 hours, while a gold one takes 8 hours to open and the most important or Legendary one opens with 24 hours of play.


By events is a way to win with a high risk. It is the most difficult way to overcome, but it will always be worth the effort, since in the events you can find challenges that increase the opportunity to obtain many gems.

Among other things, in some events the fundamental purpose is to win gems and although they do not appear frequently, the ideal is to be aware and take advantage of these opportunities.

However, it's not just not letting these kinds of opportunities pass you by, it's also crucial to be prepared for them when they arise. The best way is to prepare the best decks and play until you manage to win all the games without stopping until you reach the tenth.

At this time you will see the cool reward by earning lots of free gold coins and gems.

How to start playing?

To start this entertaining and exciting game, you must select the cards that will make up the deck, with the various options available to you.

You will most likely find these options a bit restricted at first, but be patient as they gradually expand.

As a tactic, it is crucial to pay attention to the elixir bar, which will be the one that will allow you to determine the state of the enemy and draw up an excellent strategy.

At the start of the game you will receive 100 gems, which are used as currency in the game. With these gems you can speed up the progress of the game.

However, it is essential not to get into the position of getting gems or chests using other applications or pages, which always have the inconvenience of creating conflicts with the game app.

In this strategy game where the fun doesn't seem to end, it's about facing other players over the internet, anywhere in the world, in crazy battles that are starred by the super famous characters of Clash of Clan.

Along with the giants, knights, archers and all the other characters this game is very simple and straightforward, a feature that is likely to point to its favoritism.

To start playing each participant begins the duel with three simple towers. With them he must fulfill the objective of destroying the enemy's central tower with his troops and at the same time he must defend and take care of his troops and towers.

Each game has a maximum duration of three minutes. To which an extra time can be added if at the end of that time the duel turns out to be tied.

It is very interesting that many troops can be used in this game. The downside is that you first have to unlock and level them up, which requires collecting their cards.

Cards that are inside the chests that are won as the game progresses and victories over enemy troops are obtained. 

By advancing you can also improve some other characteristics, such as the points of view, the distance of the attacks, the speed and the way of deploying on the battlefield, 

All these details of the attacks appear as the victories over the enemies are achieved.

Analyzing the dynamics of the game, it is remarkable to understand the importance of obtaining and keeping free gems.

It is essential to make the best possible use of these gems and only in cases that are strictly required. 

They should not be wasted or used lightly, as they are bargaining chips that you will use to gain benefits that result in a win.

In the game, on the other hand, there are four types of cards, which can be unlocked as you progress through the game. The cards are common, special, epic and legendary.

Each of these cards has a specific power level that can be increased by obtaining more similar cards or paying better life attributes than the one they already have.

However, you must carefully consider the energy that each of the cards consumes, which will increase the more power they have.

Game features

It is a multiplayer strategy game that is played in real time.

With its variety of cards, troops, spells and defenses this dynamic game has become the most famous mobile game.

Its famous characters, among which are the prince, the knight and the baby dragon, make this video game an addiction once you start playing

Destroying the enemy towers of rivals to win towers is excellent fun, in which players form a clan to share cards and reinforce their privileges.

By destroying enemy towers, crowns are earned and epic chests can be obtained.

The chests that are won in the battles are later used to unlock some important rewards, get the main cards and improve the ones you already have to advance in the game.

You get the best cards from the Clash Royale family collection, with your favorite troops and spells.

You can progress in the different arenas, until you make your way with the different battles until you reach the top.

Being a multiplayer game you can challenge your friends to participate in private duels.

Fundamental strategies to get free gems


In the game you will always find the possibility to buy gold chests in exchange for delivering the gems. The drawback is that in these purchases you will never be sure that you will receive in these chests and you will lose the gems when using them for the exchange.

The chests are important to advance in the game, but in these cases it can be that the gems are exchanged hoping to obtain the most difficult or rare cards or other rewards and the result is not the desired one.

For this reason, the main suggestion is to wait patiently. Save the gems you have available, waiting to be used in good offers or when they are needed, such as for participation in tournaments where you can get good prizes as a reward.

On the other hand, wait for the time required for the opening of the chests for free. In this way, the results obtained will always be favorable, since it will accumulate the gems that it obtains, as well as other objects that the chests provide.

This is what he refers to when defining having patience. Even if you think about giving in to the temptation to cut the opening time of the chests using the gems, it is a serious mistake. 

Is better to wait. In the end the chest will always open and you will be able to use what is inside for your own benefit, instead of wasting the gems without knowing the results that the chest inside can bring.

Be aware of the opening of the chests

To get the free gems, chests are also important for players. Thanks to them, in addition to obtaining gold and new cards to complete the deck, you earn free gems.

It is these gems that can then be used to complete some special transactions in the game. 

It is essential to be very attentive at all times to the opening of the chests and not let them accumulate. Whenever they appear, open the wooden, silver and gold chests, as they appear.

It is the best tactic to get the most out of this feature. It may seem like a slow method of opening chests, but it will certainly be the safest way to get the valuable gems, even if it is little by little.

When starting to play safe you may notice that the chests cannot be opened right away. 

On many occasions they appear blocked until the opportune moment for their opening and in some cases they open every 3 hours, in 8 or in moments every 24 hours.

These conditions do not include chests that are purchased from the in-game store or those that are directly traded via gems collected by the player.

Participate in free events

It is common for special events to be launched weekly in Clash Royale.

Participating in these events, in addition to the fun you may have, is the perfect opportunity to learn about new characters or features in the game, without having to spend the gems for it. 

On the other hand, it is essential to evaluate if in the future you can actively participate in these new modalities that are presented in these free programs 

Follow the best players

Top players often show off their tactics and the strategies they use to win this exciting game through social media. 

It is an invaluable opportunity to obtain the best recommendations from these outstanding players. 

In addition to the knowledge you can gain by actively following these players, you get as an added bonus that by participating in the surveys or contests they promote you can earn some free gems. Undoubtedly a double win.

Be part of a clan 

Excellent strategy. Being part of a clan is of great benefit to advance in level very quickly, taking advantage of the movements of other players and these players also gain an advantage with the help that you can provide them with your cards. It is an alliance in which everyone wins.

Methods not recommended to get free Gems?

Just as there are strategies to get free gems, you can also find tricks that some players often use. 

These tricks are not recommended at all. Noticing that external elements are used and with which you can get a significant amount of gems, this is recorded and at any time SuperCell can decide to penalize all users who have used these illicit mechanisms. 

Other methods, which although they are legal, are not recommended either, is downloading other applications that pay to carry out actions that in turn consist of downloading other applications or games.

Although it is legal and you can buy gems with this money, it is a very slow method and involves downloading many unnecessary applications on your mobile.

In short, in the entertaining game of Clash Royale, the favorite of video games to use on mobile. Android or iOS and now also on PC or laptop, one of the goals of the game is to get free gems, which are very useful for opening chests among other features.

It is very fun to solve the different strategies that appear in the game to reach the gems, as much fun as winning the epic battles that take place in the game.

The fast and vibrant strategy of the game in the quest to win the battles, get the chests and gems is what has made it the favorite of video game enthusiasts around the world. 

It is a game that has been so interesting that it currently has more than 5 million downloads in the Play Store. This means that there are millions of players around the world who have made this dynamic game their favorite.

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