En Green Hell, survival is key and knowing the variety of items you can craft will give you a significant advantage. Next we will give you a complete guide with the Green Hell Formulas, so that you are clear about the necessary components for the creation of all the weapons, medicines and items in this game.

All Green Hell Crafting Formulas

Green Hell is presented as a challenging open world survival simulator, where your character is lost in the dense Amazon jungle. In absolute solitude, your main task is to fight for your survival, in this place, even the most basic needs will be challenging.

You do not have external support, it is essential that you acquire survival skills, build shelters, and create tools and weapons for hunting and self-protection. In the jungle, your existence is perpetually in danger, but that's not all, even your psychology becomes an adversary, you must battle against your own mental traps and fears.

To craft an item in Green Hell (once you have the materials), open your inventory with the Tab key. Choose "Manufacturing» in the menu on the right, and then drag the required materials to the «Rock of Manufacture» that appears on the screen. Another option is to press the C key and select «Manufacture" on the menu. When you have placed all the necessary materials on the Crafting Rock, the «Manufacture" it will active.

To a large degree, the items you will need are obtained by collecting items, action that is performed with a right click on them. It is important to mention that some elements require other objects to be previously manufactured.

Next, we will provide you with all the crafting formulas that Green Hell offers to guarantee your survival.


  • wooden knife: 2 wooden sticks, stone, rope
  • Stone knife: 2 small stones
  • Bone knife: bone, rope
  • metal knife: Cast metal knife, rope
  • obsidian knife: Obsidian, small stone, rope
  • Ax: Wooden stick, 2 small stones, rope
  • Stone axe: Wooden stick, small stone
  • sharp axe: Wooden stick, 3 stone knives
  • bone ax: Wooden stick + 2 bones, rope
  • obsidian ax: Obsidian, rope, wooden stick
  • Metal ax: cast metal axe, stick, rope.
  • Stone pickaxe: Stick, rope, stone blade.
  • Metal pick: Stick, cast metal knife, rope.
  • weak spear: Long stick
  • bamboo spear: long bamboo stick
  • bone spear:long stick, bone, rope
  • Stone spear: Long stick, stone knife, rope
  • Obsidian Spear:– Obsidian, stick, rope
  • target spearl: cast metal blade, stick, rope
  • four-toothed spear: Long stick, 2 small sticks, rope
  • Four Prong Bamboo Spear: Bamboo, 2 small sticks, rope
  • Arc: long stick, rope
  • bamboo arch: long bamboo stick, rope
  • Arrow: 2 quills, short stick
  • metal arrow: Short stick, 2 feathers, cast metal tip.
crafting all items and weapons


  • weak torch: Stick, rope.
  • Torch: Stick, rope, resin.
  • Hand drill: Stick, small stick.
  • Hand drill with table: Table, small stick.
  • four-pronged spear: 2 small sticks, long stick, rope
  • Bamboo spear: 2 small sticks, long bamboo stick, rope.
  • tribal splinters: 2 sticks, 2 ropes.
  • Arc of fire: Bow, small stone, small stick, board
  • Bamboo: – Long bamboo stick + rope + 2 feathers + Brazil nut shell
  • bone hook: 1 bone needle
  • bone hook – bone needle
  • unfinished darts: bamboo stick, fiber


  • blade armor: Banana leaf, 2 strings
  • wooden armor: Banana leaf, 2 ropes, 3 sticks
  • bamboo stick armor: Banana leaf, 2 ropes, 3 bamboo sticks
  • bone armor: Banana leaf, 2 ropes, 3 bones
  • armor armor: Banana leaf, 2 ropes, cuirass of armor
  • metal armor: 3 metal plates, banana leaf, 2 ropes.

For crafting items, weapons and metal armor, you will need the following items: clay molds, molten metal in containers, and the original piece from which you will get the mold design.

  • First, you need to get iron, which you can achieve by melting iron ore or empty cans in a crucible.
  • Subsequently, you must form blocks of clay to obtain a solid piece (mold). This mold, by joining it with the molten iron and the utensils or weapons, will allow you to generate the desired shape.
  • The next step is to calcinate the mold in the crucible.
  • Once this is done, you will need to break the calcined mold to produce a pour.
  • Finally, he uses this spillage in the foundry to make iron tools.


  • bandage of ashes: leaf dressing, ashes
  • Goliath bandage: leaf bandage, Goliath bird-eater ashes
  • honey bandage: sheet bandage, honeycomb
  • sheet bandage: milling sheet
  • lily bandage: leaf bandage, unknown herb leaf
  • tobacco bandage: leaf bandage, tobacco leaf


  • sleep through the night
  • Boil a decoction of the fresh bitter Quassia flower
  • Analgesic

Food poisoning

  • eat charcoal
  • Analgesic
  • Eat a lily or boil it
  • bone soup

contaminated wound

  • Put worms in the wound

Open wound

  • put ash on the wound
  • put honey on the wound
  • put ants
  • Make a bandage from the leaves of any plant (there is a risk of getting an infection)


  • Boil or eat the red mushroom or the blue mushroom
  • eat a sour fruit


  • Lubricate the wound with honey

Scorpion/Snake Venom

  • Analgesic
  • Eat a wavy hosta or prepare a broth
  • Bandage with tobacco leaves, this eliminates the poison and heals the wound
  • Boil a decoction of tobacco, to eliminate the poison