Summer Time Saga is an adventure game for adults inspired by Japanese graphic novels. Within this game we have different plot lines where love stories are mixed with the most lustful erotic adventures.

This exciting graphic adventure has some tricks to complete all the stories. That is why we have compiled all the tricks and tips for you to solve all the plots.

Let's go with the characters!


In order to access this story, you need maximum charisma. To move forward with this story we just have to go to the kitchen after talking to her.


Buy the red gas can at Consum R, it costs 100$. Then head to the garage and use the lawn mower. When you're done, you can talk to Jenny, then head down to the basement to have Debbie wash your clothes.

The next day they will ask you for money, go talk to Debbie (you will find her in the kitchen).

When you wake up the next day you will meet Mrs Johnson. Sleep to be able to move forward.

Fix sink

Days will go by, you'll meet Debbie on the stairs He will ask you to fix the sink. Jenny will ask you too. Turn off the water in the basement and check that there is no water coming out of the bathroom. To repair it, you will need a wrench that you can buy for $50. With it you can repair the bathroom.

The next day, he spies on Debbie in the shower, before going to sleep, You will meet the man who asked for money again.

Sleep to unlock a new day.


For a few days you will find Debbie doing the housework: vacuuming, washing the dishes, doing the laundry... Offer her your help.

He will ask you for a body cream from his room, go find her and massage her legs in the basement. He returns to his bedroom and grabs his underwear to wear to bed.

That night, you will watch a romantic movie together. The next day accompany her to buy. She will ask you for a gift, choose a pearl necklace, while she's in the changing rooms go in and kiss her.

practice the kisses

Go find Debbie, you'll get caught by Jenny (but this helps you progress your story with her) Then sleep a little longer and go find Debbie so she can teach you how to kiss it is essential that you have the charisma developed to the maximum.

The next day he spies on Debbie as she takes a bath and goes to sleep.

Repair the car

When you go down to talk to Debbie, she will ask you to fix her car, the engine is broken, You must unlock the car workshop from the kitchen.

Go to the workshop within its business hours (closed Saturdays and Sundays) At the reception you can cajole the secretary or pay $9.000. When you get back Debbie will have her car fixed.

After being in the car with her and sleeping he enters his room, Take her underwear back and wear it to bed, tell her you like her and she'll let you finish.

Then go to sleep.

The men who asked you for money they will hit you, go to the shower at that time Debbie will go in with you.

The next day, Debbie will tell you to sleep together, At first it will just be sleeping.


You'll catch Debbie talking to Diane about your story. The next day, Debbie will ask you for sea trout for dinner, you will unlock the dock, where you will buy a trout for $100.

After dinner she will want to watch a movie before bed.


If you try to sleep you will wake up. Go down to the pool, Dianne will have taken Debbie's clothes, give her a towel.

Head into the kitchen and then into the dining room. When you see Debbie again you will unlock a new scene. 

If you go to the laundry you will unlock more scenes.

Go to sleep and when you wake up you will find a note on your computer, take your laundry down to the basement to unlock all the scenes.


You can earn extra money working for Diane, you will need a few minimum points of charisma and strength.


Go to the purple house and click on the garden. You will need a shovel. When you unlock the minigame put down the cucumbers, corn, carrots and eggplant.

Go to sleep and go back to your yard work.

After several days of work, will ask you to move a wheelbarrow, you will need to have strength that you can develop by training. Get the bomb out of the shed, when you become interested in the artifacts in the shed You will tell yourself that they are for milking.

clean the garden, Diane She will ask you to bring milk to school, you have to do it this week and you need a permit from Mrs Smith's office.

Go talk to Diane, she'll be in her room. Go down to the garden and accept the milk that she offers you


Go to the garden, when I tell you that it is infected, you will need the green cap pesticide, It costs $ 100. Clean the garden And tell Diane.

The next day, when you go to see her, you will find her in the kitchen with a cucumber. She returns home and sleeps. The next day, she will be drinking and she will ask you to put sunscreen on her.

The next day he cleans the garden again. The next day he makes a cocktail for Diane with extra alcohol.

A day later, visit Diane and ask her about her milk business.


Buy a stainless steel pitcher at the store and search the shelf for a book on breastfeeding. Go with both things to Diane who will tell you that when you are pregnant you produce more milk. 

Outside the house choose to have fun with her. She will invite you to her milking machine, but choose to go home and rest.

The next day Diane will ask you about your bull and you answer "YOU". That same night she will invite you to her milk production. She will ask you to pick up a package for her from the luxurious Pink store. 

Sleep and the next day give him the package to unlock all the scenes.


What do you need to unlock this route? This route, due to its complexity and duration, requires 7 strength points y 5 intelligence points, have $2060 and a computer.


Go to the gym and talk to the old man with the aim of giving Muay Thai classes, you will only need some panties. You can find them in Jenny's bedroom (you will find it between the bathroom and your room). they will catch you red-handed, but it will be worth it, you will receive 100$ for Jenny's panties. This will allow you to train and improve the skill skill. Training every day will make you improve your relationship with Debbie, this MILF is Jenny's mother. You will have to advance until you reach her bed where "Debbie needs you"


After this, you can sneak into his room and read his diary where you can find your computer password: BAD MONSTER. Wait to use it or they will catch you again.

The old man will ask you for more panties, this time you must ask Debbie, will give them to you but you should give it a Electroclit, which you can buy for $100 in the store. Train until you put your skill to the maximum.

At night, go into her room and connect your webcam to hers. That same night, she tries to get into her bed, but they will kick you out.

From the corridor, you will be able to spy that someone is taking a shower, you must repeat this action twice. 

You'll wake up thinking what Jenny is doing, so you open your computer to access her webcam. Then use the telescope you have in your room.


When you wake up, go to the kitchen and talk to Debbie, have breakfast in the dining room, there you will meet Jenny, he will ask you for 500$ and you will go to sleep. When you wake up he goes talk to her, although he will reject you again.

To unlock the next event you must try to sneak into his bed one more time. After spy on her in the bathroom and try to sneak in, When he catches you, choose the help option.

When you meet her in the hallway, she'll be pissed at you for breaking into her computer.

At night you will catch her watching porn, you choose to keep watching, but later you think that you can use your account whenever you want (ID: L6BV12R; PASSWORD: 12345) Log in to unlock the following chapters.


The old man will ask you for more panties, this time you will ask Jenny, in exchange for the ultra vibrator that costs 200$.

At night, watch TV with your account, when Debbie shows up, hide. To access the next webcam scene you have to spy on Jenny while she's taking a bath and sneak into her bed.

When you wake up, turn on the webcam, then use the telescope, then go back to sleep.


When you wake up, Jenny will ask you for a new vibrator. Tonight, you'll have your first scene with Jenny, then you will get into her bed and move forward with her.

The next day, you will need more panties to continue training. You will get them again from Jenny who asks for the dual sybian what will it cost you 500 $. 

Wives and Cheerleader

When you have dexterity at the highest level, try to get back into his bed, although he will throw you out again. 

The next day, you will be able to spy on her while she is talking to her followers. One day later she will ask you some handcuffs ($50) and a cheerleader outfit. (you can find it in the attic, go to the storage room and get the stool, you will need it to get to the shelves on the main staircase where the keys to the attic are)

The next day, when you give him his last whim, he will tie you to his bed while recording you for his followers.

At this point you are trapped and can only move forward when you have the strength to break the handcuffs.


Once you gather enough strength to break the handcuffs, you will have reached the end of your story with Jenny. 

You will have unlocked all the scenes of the webcam, the television, the telescope and those available in the shower and bed.

If you ask him if he wants something else will ask you for a new toy: Bad Monster, if you fulfill his last wish, you will have more scenes on the webcam.

mrs johnson

Go to the gym and talk to Mrs. Johnson in the back room. If you decide to talk, he will introduce you to Anna. and will teach you yoga postures.

The next day, grab the cookies from your sofa and go to the park to find Anna. In this way you will unlock the forest.

Purchase the “Rooster of Thorns” card game for Erik, at night he will give you a letter as a reward. The next day you will find him in the basement, he will ask you to buy the toy for him Orcette on eGay, Mrs Johnson will find out, then take it to Erik.

Mrs Johnson will wake you up to talk to Erik. He will ask you for help with Dexter, you need skill points, but you will inevitably end up in the hospital.

You will meet Erik again in the basement who will ask you for two more toys. Cosmic Cumics Word of Orcette by 100$ y Virtual Saga X headset de 600 $. Give them and go to sleep

mrs johnson will ask you to do some exercises with Anna, the correct order is: Downard Dog, Happy Baby and Low Position.

See Erik again, Mrs Johnson will thank you.

yoga exercises

Visit Erik again, you will see a scene with Mrs Johnson, you will hear some ruins is a thief that Mrs Johnson will recognize as her ex-husband (this quest is required to advance the story with Mia)

Visit Erik, Mrs Johnson will join the poker game. go to his room he'll ask you for a couple of drinks, play until you are without clothes. Come with him to the game room.

get him a girlfriend

You must help him with June who is on the computers upstairs.

Choosing "I will play" will prevent June and Erik from seeing each other. If this happens you will unlock an adventure with June.

If you go with "my friend Erik," they'll have his story. 

Sex education

This is another decision you can make. Visit Erik and Mrs Johnson will want to talk to you two. Before you need to get:

  • Kama Sutras: It's on the white shelf.
  • Contraceptive pills: You can get them at the hospital. You will find the warehouse closed, use the phone to report an emergency and get the key in the reception cabinet. The pills are green.


To June, you can unlock her as we have seen in the previous chapter.

As we have seen, if you want to be June's lover, Erik won't be able to meet her.

He will propose to go to your house to play. Sleep and invite her again, appear in your room and you play again. It consists of hitting the green line 3 times. 

June will want an orc cosplay that you can get at the Comic Shop for 300 $. Give it to her in the computer room where you met her and when she tries it on you'll have your scene.


In this story, you have to help Mia to find her family, despite meeting her early in the game. You need to have completed the French classes so that you can study together.

First encounters

By the mornings can pick her up from her science classes or by afternoons at home to study.

You can sneak into his room at night Until your mother catches you.

When he sees Mia again, he will tell you that if you want his mother not to be angry you have to talk to father, which is police.

Go to the police station, and find out the father's favorite donuts and buy them at the store. Go see Mia that night and then sleep.


While Mia is in her science classes, you are in art class designing the butterfly that Mia will get tattooed on Saturday. He will ask you for money to be able to get a tattoo.

That night, the mother will catch you again. The next day she will ask you for help to open the room with the cross. Click on the statue to open the door that is locked.

Next weekend, you will meet the mother at the church. Go to the monks' room and put on the green habit. She enters the confessional and manages to convince Helen, for this, you will need enough charisma. He remembers to return the habit to the closet.


After a few days, you will hear from Mia, who doesn't know where her father is. Go to the police station and look at her desk, then you will find Harold with Mia in Raven Hill, accompany Mia to her house and tell her what happened.

Angelica will ask you to go to church that same night, you will need to convince Helen to go with you (you will need charisma points)

One day passes, Mia will ask you to give some glasses to her father. She goes down to the cells of the police station and clicks on the one you hear the noises. She returns to ask Harold for help.

buy me a red corset for $300


Sister Angelica will ask you to buy her a whip which will cost you $500. She that night she goes to her room. At this point, you have already had to discover the thief (In Mrs Johnson's story it is her ex-husband)

Go to the police station and talk to Earl, when you can also talk to Harold. Find a sack in the park and give it to him.

Sister Angelica will ask you for some $500 straps this time, before buying it talk to Harold again.

At this point the story forks (with the affair with his mother Helen) and the ending with Mia.

end mine

Go to the nun's room and give them the straps to see the end of the ritual. If you want to finish your story with Mia, let Angelica finish.

The next day, he visits Mia to study nudes.


Despite knowing Helen, you cannot unlock your adventure with her until you have progressed in your story with Mia (Her daughter). You will have to decide between the mother and the daughter. If you decide on Mia you must continue the same as the previous point, if on the contrary, you decide on the mother, we will teach you how to continue this story.

When you get to Sister Angelica's room, you will have to choose to purify Helen and you must purify it yourself. From this moment on, you will unlock this scene.


Visit Mia and talk to her, you will also have a chance to talk to Helen, talk to Mia again and go to the police station to talk to Harold. Go visit Helen, when she asks you to purify her tell her if you want. You will unlock a new scene. 

Immediately afterwards, Mia lets you know that she doesn't want to continue with you (how we anticipated one romance blocks the other)

Miss Bisette

Next, we are going to teach you how to get an A in French classes, you will need a high level of strength. 


If it is the first time you go to the library you will have to pay 20$, the dictionary is incomplete and will ask you to photocopy the missing pages of Judit's dictionary.

You will find Judit in the hallway and with the help of June and with enough strength, you will get the photocopies.

Return the dictionary to Judit.

French Class – Lunch

Write your favorite food in French, you need books on that topic that you can find at Erik's house, steal a book from Martinez while he's taking a shower and grabs a book from Martinez's locker. Dexter (you will find the master key in Mrs Smith's office)

Then he'll give you a cheese book, then study on the computer, If at any point it breaks, you can buy the parts at Consum R.

French Class – Poem

Go back to the library in the afternoon and talk to Mia, she will give you a book, print your homework to give to Bissette. (At this point you start your romance with Mia)

Exam and Roxxy

At this point you must prevent Roxxy from failing, go find her, she will tell you that she needs her pom-poms, which are in the gym locker. You must ask Jenny for help, she will charge you $500. 

Take the exam, the answers are: 

  • Bike
  • Cheese
  • Boca

After your approval you will receive an award from Miss Bissette.

miss ross

Miss Ross is the art teacher and you have to get a fail back. You need to have all his stats maxed out and look for Miss Ross.

Art Class – Palette

You decide to sign up for a course to make up the subject, you will first have to look for Eve to get a lollipop, but he will tell you that he left his backpack in the park, but it's not there. Then you have to go find Chad, He will only give it to you if you give him a painting of Eve. Get a painting from Eve's locker by using the skeleton key to get the palette.

Art Class – Magazines

to get the magazines you need to have all high stats:

  • You can get in the staff room if you answer Miss Dewitt's question correctly (high intelligence)
  • On the court with Dexter if you got enough skill to escape
  • You can get in the cafeteria with enough charisma.

Fix the easel with the wood from the tree house and convince Judit to pose nude for you.

Art Class – Ingredients

Get ready to paint Mrs Smith for it get white linen from Sister Angelica, to get the painting ask Eve who will tell you to talk to Grace, in the tattoo shop you will have to overcome a test of strength.

Make the following mixtures to get the new colors:

  • Green: blue + yellow
  • Orange: red + yellow
  • Purple: Blue + Red
  • Pink: red + white

After a week, come back you will receive a financial reward and your reward from Miss Ross

Miss Okita

We are going to explain how to get a grade in science class and get your reward from Miss Okita.

Custom code

First, you need the key to access the office, you can find her in Mrs Smith's office on your desktop is the code 6219.

Once you enter his office, pick up the blueprints behind you, the bat on the computer tower, and the goggles on the experiment table.

Science Class – Glasses

Flirt with Judit to get your glasses, she'll tell you they're in her locker, that you can open with the master key. Judit's locker has a little cow.

Before handing over the glasses, boost your intelligence to the maximum, since you will have to take a test.

Science Class – Dummy Engine

Go upstairs to see June and visit Erik, head to the tree house and you will find a command between the pillows, wait one day to give it to June who will give you a dummy engine for Okita

Science Class – Mental Potion Ingredients

Get all the ingredients:

  • Mrs Smith's DNA: with a piece of cloth that you will find in the trash can.
  • Vegetables soup: You won't be able to buy it at the supermarket because it will be out of stock, buy chicken for $50
  • Falicum fungus: It grows in the forest and is purple in color.
  • horny toad: it has purple lumps you can find it among the lilies and in the waterfall
  • Cave Flower: You can find it at night, at night in the forest cave by the waterfall.


  • BLUE: Broth, flower and finally fabric
  • RED: Mushroom, Toad and finally Se*men

Mix the blue serum with the coffee from the staff room

miss dewitt

You can start this adventure from day one, if you have high charisma points.


In class, they will tell you about a talent show, you will want to participate and he will tell you that you can play the flute, but he does not know where he is.

You will see that the last person who was in the instrument cabinet was Judit, you go to talk to her and she tells you that the locker is broken. You can open it with the skeleton key.

When you have it, Erik suggests you make one with a stick and a drill. The stick, you find it at the top of the hill and the drill is in the garage.

At the workbench you can craft the flute.


The next day, since there are not enough people signed up, you will have to look for more. Annie will reject you. Go to Erik's basement at night, when he asks you for a drink go to TV, you will have a mini music game, if you can't pass it you can skip it.

The next day, go talk to Kevin at the coffee shop, he will tell you that his guitar is broken. you'll have to ask Mrs Johnson's husband.

Get wood and paints to make a guitar at Diane's house, make the change in Erik's basement and bring the guitar to Kevin.


You will find some graffiti in the auditorium, follow the tracks with Erik you will discover that those responsible are Mrs Smith and Annie. Then visit Miss Dewitt to unlock the map.

At night Eve and her friends will help you clean, but they will want beer in return. Look for her in Erik's basement. The next day you will find everything clean. This will make Miss Dewitt happy.

The next day, you'll have a group practice, but Mrs Smith and Annie will try to boycott it again. Therefore, you will have to catch it with an adhesive.

With Erik's help, put the glue on Mrs Smith's chairs, the next day you will see that everything has gone well.

Take the stage with Kevin and Eve, you will have to pass the game, if you fail 3 times you can jump it.

After the concert, a surprise awaits you. The next day you get your A.


It is one of the simplest romances in the saga, when you meet her on the first day, you undress in the locker room.

You will see a scene with Judit and two other girls, she ends up crying, the bathroom door is closed, if you go out and come back in you can open it.

Comfort Judit, tell her she's not ugly and stay with her.

Say yes to everything I say to you Until you both want to stop for now. When you come across her, you can ask her for bath fun and go after her.

From there, in addition to kissing her, you can do more things that we leave you to discover for yourself.


To start this adventure you need have advanced in the romance with Diane, having met Clyde and about $5300.

You must locate the 3 pieces to complete the statue:

  • The first piece you get when you complete the barn of Diane, the father of Annie and Richard
  • Buy a pink teddy, Clyde will exchange it for the second piece.
  • Find Consuela in the Beach house, visit it on a Thursday and the following Thursday at the same time you will have the third and last piece

Now that you have the complete statue, ask Diane for milk and pour it on the statue. Wait two days and talk to Diane again.

Tidy up Diane's garden while she's milking. Daisy tells you that she wants a pizza, so she goes to Tonys Pizza to get one. vegan pizza. Let two more days pass.

You will see that Daisy's flowers have withered, so buy some Cupid Sunflowers to cheer her up. He talks to her and in a while you'll be milking.

The next day say hello to Daisy and make sure Diane doesn't get pregnant, this starts a fight between them which allows you to move forward.

The next day you will have your end with Daisy.

interactions with Roxxy, Eve and Consuela you can find them within the stories and solving it is not difficult.

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