When you buy a mobile it is often because you want to have one of the best, and its technology is what impresses the most. For this, you should knowHow to enable NFC on iPhone and compatible models?

How to enable NFC on iPhone?

Keep in mind that the NFC function is one of the best and most used currently, however, you do not have the option to turn it on and off whenever you want on your iPhone. And this is because Apple is in charge of restricting some of its functions, but it unlocks them when certain applications need this option.

Then, the NFC feature on your iPhone is automatically enabled once you start using itr, however, your cards should be easily configured, and making sure to enter all the necessary data for proper operation.

The NFC function allows you to perform different activities, such as making payments with your mobile phone, linking to other devices, using your own stickers, etc.

Despite the fact that Apple has restrictions with the NFC function, there are many iPhone models that include it, and for this reason, we will mention them below:

What are the iPhone models that include NFC?

To find out if your mobile has the NFC function included, you must enter the iPhone settings, and look for the option of "Apple ID" that you see at the top of the menu. When the list of devices connected to your Apple account appears, you must search for the mobile you are using.


Once you get it you must press, and thus, you can know all the data of your mobile model. So, if you have an iPhone 6 or higher, the NFC feature is included, and it's a chip you can't see on the outside of the device, but older versions don't have the option. However, depending on the model, there are some restrictions to take into account:

  • In the case of iPhone 6 and SE models, NFC can only be used to carry out payment processes, but they do not have the option of reading the labels, they only do so if they have a reader.
  • However, from the iPhone 7 onwards, the NFC reader has the option to read the tags, and manage any payment from the phone.
  • In iOS 11 and higher models, you must have a specific application to read the labels and stickers, make sure they are in NDFE format.
  • Regarding the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR, each of these models has the option to read labels with NDEF formats without any application, and payments can also be made with your mobile.

What can you do with NFC on your iPhone?

The NFC function is currently one of the most used, and that is, it becomes one of the best, which cannot even be missing from your mobile. Its popularity can be verified with the large sum of money that users invest to obtain it.

NFC refers to the acronym for Near Field Communication, it is a function that was designed with the aim of connecting any nearby device, and thus transmit all kinds of information. This process is carried out through a magnetic field, generated with the NFC chips.

One of the last functions is that it allows you to make payments from the chip, as if it were a credit card, however, for this to work correctly you must make sure that the dataphone is compatible with NFC.