In this article you will see the types of heroes of thetan arena and in the end we will recommend which one you should buy. But first let's start by looking at the 3 types:

  • Tanks: they move slower than the other heroes but last much longer in close combat.
  • Assassins: they move super fast and specialize in appearing by surprise and kill quickly.
  • From distance: its gameplay is mainly focused on long range attacks to keep cover from the enemy.

Types of heroes in Thetan Arena

All heroes that have been thrown into thetan arena are the following:

tank heroes

  • Veinka: is a hero with a metal body which he uses to attack enemies.
  • wandering ghost: is a renegade ex-government agent turned fighter wielding a huge machine gun.
  • Automatic switch: has a mohawk and double wield shotguns, is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. 
  • Lucy Muffy: this hero is a rock star who wields a guitar as his main weapon. His guitar allows him to shoot sonic waves to kill the enemy.
  • Meiko: his great armor, anchored by two great cannons, allows you to withstand large amounts of enemy damage.
  • kongkey: This mix of human and monkey has the tremendous strength of an animal and the intellect of a human, a lethal combination on the field of play.

killer heroes

  • Raidon: is the image of the game itself and is also in charge of protect the Earth. 
  • Serp: This hero is the best moving hero in the entire game, mainly because he is able to move between enemies without being seen.
  • King: this hero wields a baseball bat and is capable of hitting enemies while at really high speeds.
  • Mortal: brother of a powerful criminal, he is always armed with double wielding axes to quickly kill your enemies.
  • The Dragon: this former boxer turned soldier has two bionic gloves that allow him to destroy his enemies in a matter of seconds.
  • Velvet: with armor capable of flight and two built-in lightsabers, this hero is one of the most fearful in the game.
  • Maria: this hero, with daggers and pistols in their pockets, has the ability to kill his enemies tremendously silently.
  • Tae Kwon: as we can guess from his name, this hero He is the master of Taekwondo. He is able to easily defeat any other hero in close combat.

ranged heroes

  • Morrod: This sniper hero has a chance to knock down enemies at any distance. 
  • Group: armed with a stir, this hero is able to use a variety of special abilities during combat against the enemy. 
  • metal shot: he is a really powerful hero with a rocket launcher behind their backs. 
  • destroyed: This hero is the greatest explosives expert in the entire game. With it we can use a wide variety of pumps to lay a thousand and one traps for our enemies.
  • Benjamin: a former gangster turned soldier who wields a laser rifle to instantly knock down your enemies. 
  • Shanna: in all games there has to be an archer, well, this is the archer. Shanna can super quietly run away from her enemies. and use your bow to take them down easily.
  • Phoenix: this is a soldier who shoots little ice daggers to hit enemies. 
  • Great Pope: this robot with suit It has a tremendous claw to destroy its enemies.
  • Duras: this hero is one of the least powerful, he is simply armed with a purple cane. 
  • cullen: the only alien character in the entire game, has a laser gun it does a lot of damage.
  • Triviality: armed with two double barreled pistols, is a true killing machine on the battlefield.

Who is the best hero of Thetan Arena? 

It really is still too early to know 100% who is the best of all, since it really Depending on the style you want to play with, one hero or another will be better.

However, based on the most expensive heroes, the most powerful hero among them is the Wandering Ghost. This hero currently has a number of 3990 to life and a huge amount of damage. If we learn to use it correctly, this hero can take us very far in the rankings.

By Manuel Garrido

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