When you constantly work with drawings or graphic design you need to use all the tools that will help us copy the color with a single click, and then we leave them to you.

why use tools that will help us copy the color with a single click?

If you are a graphic design worker, for example, surely you use an application to carry out your creations. However, sometimes the apps do not contain all the functions we need, and for this reason, it is important to have other options at hand.

There are some alternatives that help you copy the color from one image to another, by just one click. Each of them will be mentioned below:

ColorSchemer ColorPix

ColorSchemer ColorPix, is a tool that helps you easily copy the color of any other element. It is small, therefore, it does not take up much space in your computer's storage, and it should not be installed.

The interface is one of the simplest you can use. When the tool is active, your mouse cursor turns into an eyedropper, and this is the one that will help you copy the color.

All you have to do is bring the eyedropper to the element you want to copy, and then select any key on your computer. This way, you make sure that the color is fully copied, and not confused by any other function.



ColorPic It is another of the tools that you can use in Windows, and you download it for free. The interface is much faster than the previous one.

Its function allows you to copy the color of different elements and create layers located at the top of the screen. Besides, you can choose between a total of 16 shades.

The best thing is that you have the option to save your favorite colors in palettes, including hue, saturation, brightness, etc. Keep in mind that each color will have a decimal and hexadecimal code.

Just color picker

Just color picker helps you copy the color of any pixel and element, to display it through your code in different formats, such as: HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMY, CMYK and Delphi.

When you run the tool you must bring the mouse cursor directly to the element where you want to copy the color. Then press the keys »Alt + X»to finish copying it.

Afterwards, a number of codes immediately appear, to give the name to the copied color, and it can already be used in any other site or application.



If you are a person who is passionate about graphic design or image editing, this alternative is excellent for you. pixel It has an interface that can be very similar to the applications used by graphic designers.

In addition to copying a color, its window also allows you to perform different activities at any time.

Once you copy the color, You have the option to choose the format in which you want to use it. The color palette is available so that you can also use it when you need it.

Each of the tools mentioned in this article can be used without having to pay, in addition, they are compatible with the Windows operating system.