Are you passionate about mushroom picking but have a hard time telling which ones are safe to eat? This time we will give you the best mushroom identification apps by photo. These apps cover a large number of fungal species and provide detailed information on each of them.

Mushroom identifier

Mushroom identifier it gives us the opportunity to identify any fungus we find just by taking a picture of it. This image is compared with an extensive database to provide us with the closest match, giving us detailed information about its culinary use. (as long as it is not toxic), their distinctive color, and similar-looking mushrooms.

Additionally, if we wish to expand our understanding, it offers us an interactive game in which we are presented with images of mushrooms and three possible answers. It also assists us in determining what are the optimal conditions to collect mushrooms in the place where we are.

This application can be downloaded for free through the Play Store, although you must take into account that it includes advertising and in-app purchases to unlock all the features it provides. Unlike other apps, this one is frequently updated by adding new species.

Mushroom identifier


This is an exceptionally complete app in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It has more than 1500 images that allow you to recognize around 300 varieties of mushrooms cataloged in its databases, its polished design and easy handling make it stand out among our favorites. In addition, the descriptive sheets include a section that shows poisonous mushrooms that could be confused with others.

Does not need internet connection for its use and the interface is in Spanish. fungipedia It is the product of the Fungipedia Mycological Association, an entity that has in-depth knowledge about fungi, although it has not been updated in more than 4 years. This application can be purchased from the Play Store by 6,99 euros.

Bolets Mushrooms - Mushtool

This application's main objective is to provide you with the most exhaustive guide to mushrooms that you can find. It incorporates a search engine that facilitates the location by name of the mushrooms, species, shape and even color.

Each mushroom has a detailed explanation, which includes its scientific name, color, shape and other aspects that can help us identify them easily, in addition to relevant information about whether it is edible.

The application has a diary function that allows you to store photos of the mushrooms you collect. In addition, it includes articles with the most exquisite recipes and tips on how to prepare mushrooms in the best way.

Mushroom Bolets is available in a version Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days that includes ads and in a premium version without ads, which has a cost of 2,39 euros.

Bolets Mushrooms - Mushtool

Mushroom identifier - detection and classification

Mushroom identifier It gives us the opportunity to discover, through the camera of our device, numerous species of fungi. Once recognized, the application provides us with details about its characteristics, culinary use, variants, color, etc.. Each fungus that we identify with the tool, we can save it in a personal database.

The application is available to users in two versions: one Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days with advertising and a premium version with a cost of $5,99.

Fungus - Identification of fungi

Fungus uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify, through the camera of our device, the specific fungus within its database, which includes more than 12.000 fungi classified into almost 1.800 species. For the most accurate results, it is recommended to photograph the mushrooms in adequate lighting and from various angles.

This tool gives us the possibility of generating a search record with the images that we have captured for their identification. Once you have recognized the fungus, you will provide us with the corresponding link to the page where we can find all the information, including whether it is toxic or not.

It is available for download Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days and includes ads, but does not have in-app purchase options.


Mushrooms 2

Mushrooms 2 provides you with a complete guide that will assist you in the identification of fungi, with more than 2000 varieties grouped into 300 species.

It gives us the option to search by appearance, color, size, flavor, edibility, the family to which they belong, medical benefits, the type of natural environment where they grow, among other aspects.

Setas Bolets is available in a version Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days that includes ads and a paid version without ads, which has a cost of 11,99 euros.

Shroomify - Mushroom Identification

If we have not had any luck identifying the mushrooms that abound in our environment with the previously mentioned applications, it is advisable to resort to a tool such as Shroomify. This is an application available only in English, which gives us the ability to recognize up to 400 common types of fungi.

The app not only identifies the fungus by its English name, but also presents it in Latin, making it easy for us to look up additional information.

Shroomify provides us with access to an extensive database in which we can search by name, shape and coloris. This application can be downloaded for free and does not contain ads. However, it offers internal purchases to unlock all the features it has.

Book of mushrooms

This application provides us with data on more than 300 varieties of mushrooms, and its interface is so intuitive and easy to use that anyone, regardless of their age, can quickly become familiar with it. Includes a search tool that makes it easy for us to locate mushrooms by name, type or even by the region in which it can be found.

Each mushroom that the application can recognize is presented with several images, captured from different perspectives, ensuring that the mushroom that appears on the screen is the same one that we are seeing in person. Each profile provides comprehensive information on the mushroom, including the best time to harvest it, common places where it is found, and its culinary uses.

Book of Mushrooms It is only available in English, at least at the time of writing this article.

There are two versions of the Book of Mushrooms: one Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days that includes ads and another paid one, free of ads, which has a cost of $2,19.


Boletus Lite is a traditional mushroom recognition application that stands out for its simple graphics and drawings that help determine the species in question. In addition, it has a map function where you can mark the places where you have found the mushrooms and a very detailed catalog of species. There is a paid version that offers access to all the features of the application.