How to install Samsung drivers without Samsung Kies

Not long ago, if we wanted to link our Samsung devices to our computer, we had to install the Samsung USB Drivers suitable and for this we inevitably had to install the software Samsung Kies.

But, if Android devices are characterized by something, it is their freedom. So… why does Samsung force us to install software if I just need the drivers? If I only want to communicate between my computer and my smartphone, I only need to install the Samsung drivers.

Fortunately, Android has a large community of developers, which allows us to achieve anything, so we could say it is not necessary to install Samsung Kies.

In today's article we are going to teach you how to install only Drivers, bypassing unnecessary Samsung software.

What is Samsung Kies and what is it for

Samsung Kies Interface

Comparisons are hateful, but we can't help but look at its great competitor iOS, so we could say that this software wanted to imitate iTunes, not entirely, since this platform allows you to manage all the files on your iPhone (from adding music or even update the System) and as we can read in the Official Site Samsung:

Samsung Kies connects your mobile to your PC, making it easy for you to sync data between devices and find new applications.

Considering how easy it is to share and exchange files with Android, I think there will be few Samsung users who install Kies on their computer and in today's article we want to help you install Samsung USB drivers no need to use Kies.

What are Samsung drivers for Android?

The advancement of smartphones in terms of features and storage capacity has made the smartphone becomes a small computer that we carry in our pocket, in it we synchronize our mail, save and modify documents, images and It also offers us backup copies so as not to lose this information if our device fails.

But, in addition to the cloud and Google Drive, we also have the possibility of transferring our files through the USB connection. If you have a Samung, the South Korean giant offers us the Samsung USB Drivers so that our computer can recognize our mobile.

What is Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones and what is it for?

Well, as its name indicates is the driver package (controllers) that allow us to modify, access and delete the files stored in the internal memory of our device from our computer.

Put more simply, for an operating system to be able to pair with any device, it needs special software, which we know as a Device Driver. Younger people may not remember that a decade ago, any peripheral (web cam , printers…) came with a CD to install the drivers, without this CD, the computer would detect the device, but would not know how to communicate with it.

However, now we only need to connect our smartphone to the computer via the USB port and the memory content can be accessed as a device. plug and play.

Download and install Samsung USB Drivers

Uninstalling old versions

Before installing the official drivers, first we have to uninstall the previously installed versions on your computer. To do so you must follow these steps:

  1. We access the Windows Control Panel and click on “Uninstall a program”.

Windows Control Panel to uninstall a program.

  1. Once inside, we select the old Samsung Drivers package
  2. Right click and select “Uninstall”
  3. We wait for the process to be completed.

When we have finished, we can install the new Samsung drivers

How to install the new Samsung USB Drivers package

As you have seen, uninstalling the Drivers is a simple task, Well, installing the new Samsung USB Driver is very simple, since it is an executable file.

Next, we show you how to download and install the drivers:

  1. Download the drivers from this link, if it doesn't work, you can try this link alternative.
  2. Run the file and follow the prompts.
Installing Samsung USB Drivers

Until Windows 7, it was necessary to install drivers for everything, even for some internal components such as the motherboard. As of Windows 8, the Drivers section has improved a lot and since 2012 no installation is needed for the peripherals and internal components to work. For this reason, in principle, it is no longer necessary to install any Driver for our peripherals. However, we have considered it interesting to make a brief review of the installation of Drivers in case your computer has any compatibility problem.

Ultimately, Samsung USB driver is an alternative to Samsung Kies that is losing more and more prominence when it comes to transferring files from our Samsung to the computer.

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