As the years go by, some improvements are created in the systems, for this reason, there are currently 6 ways to install Windows with a USB flash drive and we will show you below.

What are the 6 ways to install Windows with a USB flash drive?

Previously, Windows was installed using a CD-ROM disk, or also a DVD, however, currently the entire installation process is easier and you can only carry it out with a USB flash drive.

Carrying out the installation with a USB is very fast, and this is because the transfer speed is much better, if compared to that of a CD-ROM or DVD, for example.

To use any of the 6 ways to install Windows with a USB flash drive, you must have one with a capacity of 4 GB minimum, so that all the necessary files can later be copied and pasted to the computer. With this in mind, here are the different ways to do the installation:


The first way you can use to install Windows is WinToFlash, this is compatible with all versions of Windows XP, it allows you to extract all the information from a CD installation window to a USB drive. The process is very simple, and all you have to do is:

  • Choose the drive letter of the CD-ROM disk where you are going to look for the installation program.
  • Then click on the option »USB drive».
  • And that's it, all the programs necessary for the installation will have been copied to another computer.

Best of all, it is a program that you can use in any version of Windows. And even though it is still in its beta phase, it allows you to have a bootable USB drive in just a few seconds or minutes.


WinToBootic is another of the ways that you can use to install in Windows, although it seems to be very similar to the previous one, the only thing that makes them the same is the objective of making a USB drive become a bootable Windows drive, starting from a CD or DVD.

It is an application that allows create a drive that can work on any of the most up-to-date versions of Windowsyes, from Vista.

Its interface is completely different from that of the previous application, and in this case you only have to select the place where your USB flash drive is located, and at the same time the ISO image that contains all the Windows installation files.

The installation process is very simple, you find it as a ZIP file and you just have to extract it to the place where you want it to be saved. Therefore, it is an easy application to use on any computer.


It is an application that, so far, is compatible only with Windows XP operating systems and onwards. It allows you to transfer content of installation files from a disk to a USB flash drive.

Rufus It does not require any type of installation, to use it you just have to click on its executable, and in a short time you will select the type of unit or the image you want to upload.

According to different analyses, Rufus is the program that offers more speed in its operation, compared to others.

The way to use it is very simple, and you should pay attention to two very important options. The first helps you upload an ISO image, and the other allows you to select the physical drive letter to use for installing Windows.

Win USB Maker

Win USB Marker It is another of the tools that is responsible for converting a USB drive into a disk to install Windows 7 and 8. It is one of the ones that has more features when it comes to transferring content from a CD-ROM disk to a flash drive.

You have the option of using a physical disk, but also an ISO image, or a directory with all the files necessary for the installation. To carry out the process you just have to do the following:

  • You must run WinUSB Maker.
  • The next step is to decide if you want the disk to be able to boot from a configuration folder, or with the ISO image, since it has both options.
  • The next thing to do is select the device where you are going to save the installation and start the process.

The interface of this application includes different options that can be used for other tasks. In addition, it does not need any installation, and it is capable of supporting up to 1 TB devices.

7 Windows USB / DVD Download Tool

7 Windows USB / DVD Download Tool is a tool created with the purpose of copying the ISO of the operating system that you can acquire electronically, to a DVD or a USB device.

It is used above all in the new ultraportable devices that do not have a drive, for example. The process is very simple, you must select the Windows installation ISO, and then establish the support in which you want to make the copy.

It is important that USB devices have a minimum capacity of 4 GB, and that it is used only to make the copy of those specific files.

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer It is another of the applications that you can use to install any operating system, however, it is compatible with Windows Vista and higher versions. It is characterized by working only with ISO images.

In addition, it is one of the few applications that has the function select multiple operating system versions to link and put them in one place.

In other words, it has the ability to choose a physical disk with a Linux installer, and transport it to the ISO image, so that it later becomes part of the Windows installer and can be transferred to the USB device.

After this, a menu should appear as soon as the computer recognizes the USB, and you select whichever of the two options you want to use for the installation to take place.