In this article we will analyze if is it profitable Thetan Arena to make money with this game. We will analyze your profitability, minimum investment and return on investment.

Heroes in Thetan Arena have different in-game earnings:

As you can see in the table, each type of hero and each type of skin has a minimum and maximum number of battles, the rarer the hero, the more battles we can fight with him to earn gTHC.

IMPORTANT: gTHC and THC are not the same, we cannot withdraw gTHC, we have to convert it into THC to be able to withdraw it.

According to the table, a legendary hero with a Mythic skin is what will generate the most profitability for us. Nevertheless, what compensates us the most is an Epic hero with a Mythic skin, since we will get a better price and the difference is minimal.

When we win our first 10 games we will have generated around 40 to 50 gTHC, which at the price at which THC is today we can get 7 euros.

Improving the heroes that we get is essential and will bring us improvements in the statistics of our heroes.

As we see in the table, if we improve the level of our heroes it will also improve their profitability, so we can get a small extra percentage of gTHC in our games.

Be careful, not because we have a legendary hero we are going to directly generate more gTHC, since we don'twe need to win the games to generate gTHC, so it doesn't pay to buy a legendary that is very difficult to use if you don't have a deep understanding of the game.

You may be wondering how to level up heroes. The level is raised with the Power Point (PP) that we get as we win our games

Another thing to talk about is the ThetanBox. This is a box system that you can purchase within the Thetan Arena Marketplace.

Owning a box costs THC and THG, depending on the type of box. In the following table you have the prices:

If you are wondering about the percentages of 'drop rate', that is, the chances you have of getting something good or something bad, take a look at the following table:

As you have seen throughout the article, the economic gains inside Thetan Arena depend a lot on the kind of hero what do you use, the skin that you use and if you decide to try your luck with the boxes.

By Manuel Garrido

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