Day after day, Apple is in charge of carrying out updates to improve the service offered to all users, which is why you should know The best features coming with iOS 16.1.

What are the best features of iOS 16.1?

Apple is one of the companies that is characterized by providing excellent service to its users, and in each of its models it develops new functions that you can easily use.

The latest update that has been carried out is that of iOS 16.1 and with it you can get different functions, which we mention below:

Customize the wallpaper

If you are one of the users who constantly has problems choosing the wallpaper, in version 16.1 this is no longer a problem, because it includes a simpler and more user-friendly interface.

It is a new feature specially developed for users who are using this operating system for the first time, and have trouble performing activities, such as changing the wallpaper.


With this tool you can easily change your wallpaper, just by entering the option »Settings», without entering the editor on the lock screen. Then search in "wallpaper" And that's it, modify the list of funds.

Improve battery percentage

One of the features that most attracts the attention of users is the new design of the battery percentage. And, it is that this has always been a problem, because the bar did not decrease at the same time as the numerical value that was displayed on the screen.

This is why Apple made the decision to make a small correction, and developed a new battery animation, which now correctly matches the percentage and the icon.

This new function became one of the favorites, because it was one of the errors that frequently appeared on the screens of mobile phones and devices.

Pre-download content on the App Store

The App Store application store is well known, because it is thanks to it that you can download apps, games, among other things. You can even get different upgrade packages, which despite being small undoubtedly improve the functions and features of the devices.

If you are a user who is interested automatically download the applications, you must make a modification in the settings, and you do this in the following way: Enter the »Settings» from the App Store. In this way, you can enable pre-downloads of apps or any other content.

Release of the Live Activities API

In this way, it is possible to receive any data in real time, of all the events of a day that are considered as highlights and will appear on the lock screen of your mobile, or on the Dynamic Island.

In this way, any prominent information can be added seamlessly on the lock screen, including football matches, or any other important events.


Charge iPhone with clean, smart power

One of the improvements with this new version is that you have the possibility of choosing the exact moment during the process, where you must reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

In other words, your phone will charge at times when it is detected that the electrical network is using clean energy.

You can delete the Wallet app

The Wallet application previously could not be removed, however, with this new version this is possible. It is an app that allows you to save tickets, tickets, plane tickets, credit cards to use them in Apple Play, among others.

Deleting this application is a way to free up some space on your mobile, since it is not an app that most users use so frequently.

Add new icons to Apple Music

The new update includes an icon that relates directly to the headset you're using. Previously, it showed an AirPlay icon at the bottom only when playing music. In this way you will see the icon of the AirPods Pro, the Beats or whatever you are using.

Apple Fitness Plus without Apple Watch

Previously, it was necessary to have an Apple Watch to enjoy all this service, however, with the new version this is no longer necessary, you just have to sign up for wearable and that's it.

Sharing keys via Apple Wallet

If you are using the Wallet app to enter your car, or any other place, you can also use it to share the keys, or also known as keys through another application, such as WhatsApp, for example.


iCloud Shared Photo Library

This new version also makes it easy to share photos and videos with anyone you want using iCloud Photo Library Sharing. It even has a capacity for six people in the same library, and each user has the option to view, edit or delete any file they want.