If you want to download the best games for tablet free: iPad and Android, then we leave you a list with all the details you should know.

Why download tablet games for free?

If you are a fan of games, one of the best options is to download them from your Tablet, either with Android or Apple operating systems. And it is that, you can enjoy your favorite games from a screen larger than that of your mobile; In addition, you have a variety of titles to choose from.

In the different app stores you will find all kinds of games, from role-playing, trivia, sports, multiplayer, children's, among others. The way to download them is very simple, you just have to enter the name of the game you want, and click on the download or install button.

To help you choose the best 10 games, here is a list of the most downloaded by users so far:

1) Master Royale Infinity latest version

This latest version of Master Royale Infinity It is a mod with many improvements, which, in addition, you can run using the private server. Also, it is known as »Chinese Clash Royale», and this is because it is not a completely official option, but it is free, and it allows you to perform the same activities within the game.

In this case, to download the game, you cannot do it from the Play Store, because it is an unofficial version, for this, you must enter its official page, and click on "Discharge".

Once the game is installed on your Tablet, you must carry out some steps to be able to play, since it is downloaded as an APK:

  • The first step you must do to enter the option of »Settings» from your Tablet.
  • Then select, "Security options", and search "Unknown origins".
  • You must click for the option to activate.
  • When you activate it, you can immediately install the game, and thus search for the APK file you downloaded.

Finally, what is left to do is make the adjustments and modifications that you want for the game, and that's it.


However, this game can only be installed on Android's devices, because in the case of Apple devices, they have many security features that do not allow downloading an unofficial version.

2) Gartic phone

Gartic phone does not work directly as a game, but it is a platform that offers you different titles where you can interact with more people in real time. To enter the platform, you just have to have your own account, with a user and click accept.

The game consists of giving you a phrase or word to draw, and each player can also add any other word, to continue with the same game mode. You have the opportunity to modify and change any rule or condition within a game to make it more fun.

It is a game that it cannot be downloaded in any of the app stores, but, you only have to enter the page of Gartic phone, and that's it, you can start playing with whoever you want.

3) Pet Hotel

If in addition to being a fan you also love animals, Pet Hotel is one of the best games you can find to download for free on your Tablet.

It is a simulation game in which hotel guests are animals, and not people as we are used to seeing. Since you start the game, you must offer the best care to the dogs, and thus, you can receive a good payment, with which you also have the option of buying things to improve the experience.

In addition to being free, it is also very easy to download, just search the app store »Pet Hotel», and select "Install".


4) Rocky

If you like Boxing games, Rocky's is one of the best, and it is available for children and adults. It was even originally created so that the little ones in the house had the opportunity to play in a simpler way.

It is an incredible game, with which you can enjoy different game modes, from great races to areas that you cannot imagine.

However, you have to download it from the page because it is in the APK format, so type »Real Boxing 2 ROCKY» in your favorite browser and click on "Free download".

5) Cat Fishing & Mouse Game

Cat Fishing & Mouse Game is one of the most popular games on the Internet, and if you have a cat and want to keep it entertained for a long time, this is your best option.

In addition, inside the game you also have different mini-game options with which you can amuse your pet, while it is catching fish and mice through the screen of your Tablet.

To start playing, your cat only has to bring its paws closer to the screen of your Tablet, and that's it. You can even choose between chasing mice, fishing, laser tag, or hunting birds.

This game is available on the Play Store for you to download anytime you want.

6) Cooking Madness

In case your favorite games are cooking games, one of the best options is cooking madness, which offers you at the beginning a small room, and a kitchen with very basic elements. As you level up, the difficulty increases, and the dishes also improve.

It is an excellent game with which you can have fun and at the same time live the whole experience of a kitchen entrepreneur.

You can download it from the Play Store, you just have to write »Cooking Madness», and done, press "Install".

7) Drift Park

drift park It is one of the best recommendations if you like parking games. It is very simple to play, you just have to park your car in the indicated place. Keep in mind that it moves with the help of your finger, and you must avoid the obstacles that are placed in your way.

There are many levels, and you even have the option of modifying the vehicle to one of tourism, formula 1, vans, among others. As you beat the levels you can get new cars.

To download it, you just have to enter its name in the application store of your device, and that's it. It also has a premium version, which definitely enhances the entire experience.

8) Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular and most downloaded by users. It is about a young man who is in a race that he cannot stop, and along the way he finds surprise boxes where he can buy all kinds of gifts.

As the levels increase, so does the difficulty, and the game speeds up. At level 30 you find one of the best jack-in-the-boxes, but that's not all, the police are also chasing you and you must escape.

It is a fun game that also offers you different scenarios where you can enjoy an excellent experience.

It is available for Android and iOS devices, therefore, you can download it to the Tablet of your choice. Also, you just put the name in the app store, and that's it.

9) Mahjong

Mahjong is a game that takes place in China, mainly, in the XNUMXth century, and it is about using tiles. There must be four players, and the objective is to find the tiles that fit in the hand with the Mahjong cards, which are published every year thanks to two leagues.

Then, the first person who can match the tiles to the determined National Mah-Jong League hand of cards wins. In case none of the players can do it, the winner will be the one who asks »Mahjong», or when you run out of tiles to draw.

It is a game that is also available for different devices, therefore, you just type its name in the application store to download it, and that's it.


10) Delicious World

Another important game that should not go unmentioned is Delicious World. It has excellent graphics which makes it one of the best for users.

The objective is to serve the tables of the business, with all the orders requested. If you meet everything, it's time for you to level up, and also the difficulty increases a bit.

It is available in the application store, and to download it you just have to write its name, select "Install", and ready.