Play Bomb Crypto with mobile. In this guide we will teach you to play Bomb Crypto both on Android and IoS for iPhone. Before you start playing, it's important to note that currently crypto bomb it doesn't have a mobile version, i.e. you can't go to the app stores and download the game and if you find any results, not on Apple Store or in Play Store indicating to be the game, flee, because it is a blow.

This means that there is no mobile version for the game to win money that has been successful among blockchain technology enthusiasts and gamers around the world. However, even though the game does not have a mobile version, it is still possible to play Bomb Crypto on your phone.

Also, players should be aware of various scams that pretend to be the official Bomb Crypto and end up ripping off users. A simple scam that made a lot of people lose money uses the name of the game with another extension.

Therefore, if you are going to play on mobile or computer, you must be aware, the official website of the game, which ends with the extension .io (, so do not click on sites that end with .like any other. a different extension.

Additionally, the developers of Bomb Crypto warn players, both on desktop and mobile, not to click on any ads about Bomb Crypto on Google.

They also warn you never to enter your wallet recovery phrase on any portal or platform and invite all players who find a malicious website or app to report it to the team via the link:

How to play Bomb Crypto with mobile: Android and iPhone

Playing Bomb Crypto on mobile is very simple. First of all, the user needs to download the MetaMask wallet on their mobile device. It will be used to connect your funds to the game and is also where your NFT heroes are stored.

However, it is important to note that Dappradar It should not be downloaded from app stores, such as the Play Store or the Apple Store, but as a Chrome browser extension, the same as it is done on the computer.

MetaMask page that the user must open through the Google Chorme browser to add the cryptocurrency wallet extension

So open (or download) the Google Chrome browser on your mobile device and then go to the metamask page ( and then download the version that is a browser extension.

Once done, set up (or recover) your MetaMask wallet and then you will need to add to your MetaMask wallet some BCoins to buy your NFT heroes to be used in the game.

With 10 BCOINS you can acquire a character with random rarity, which can vary between Common, Rare and Super Rare (although there is a limit of characters that can be purchased in this mode). Epics and Legends can only be purchased on the game's secondary market, where other players can also sell their Bombers.

After purchasing Bomber, the user can start playing the missions of the game. An estimate sign that by investing 10 BCOINS in the game and taking just one common person in a random rarity, it takes 30-40 days for the player to recover their initial investment in the game (BCOINS can only be removed after the user reaches a minimum of 40 BCOINS accumulated).

Crypto Bomb page that the user must open through the Google Chrome browser to start playing

Now, after installing the MetaMask wallet extension on your mobile browser and after purchasing your heroes in NFT from the game now, to play Bomb Crypto on mobile, simply open the official game page in Google Chrome and click “connect”. wallet" and That's it. You can start playing and earn your BCoins.

Play Bomb Crypto with mobile: Dicas

Only use 1 browser to play and don't use that browser to surf the web or click on weird links.

Put the official link of the game among your favorite sites:

Always be 100% alert to those who ask you to reveal the 12 phases of wallet recovery and never reveal this phrase to anyone.

These tips can help prevent unfortunate cases from happening for users because the cryptocurrency market is full of scams so be careful.

Google Chrome browser page with Bomb Crypto game played on mobile