Is it possible to play Axie Infinity for free without investing?

Since the birth of Axie Infinity, the rise of NFT games has grown remarkably in a very short time. However, there is still a lot of ignorance about both this popular game and other alternatives that can also make you earn money. For this very reason, today we will tell you if it is possible to play Axie Infinity for free without investing anything.

Axie Infinity, without wishing to fall into exaggerations, is considered to be the father of NFT games. Why? Because despite the ups and downs that its currency (SLP) has had, it has always been profitable and has been able to reward its players unlike other emerging titles such as Cryptomines or Cryptoblades. In a nutshell, we are talking about the most stable NFT game that has been created so far.

Can Axie Infinity be played without investing?

There is a way to play Axie Infinity without investing and it is through the popular “scholarships”. In Axie Infinity, scholarships (also called scholarships) consist of lending 3 Axies to a person (called a scholarship recipient) so that they can play without having to invest a single euro. The winnings that are obtained will be shared between the owner of the Axies and the person who plays it.

Scholarship givers require a minimum number of hours of work or in-game achievements in exchange for a percentage of profits. Usually, Axies owner takes most of SLP percentage and the scholarship holder between 20% and 50% depending on the case.

How to get an Axie Infinity scholarship?

Within the vastness of the internet, there are many places where you can get Axie Infinity scholarships. Nevertheless, the safest way to search for them is through the game's official Discord. Here you will find a specific section on scholarships, but you must bear in mind that the supply is much lower than the demand. As you may be imagining, there are far more people looking for scholarships than there are players offering them.

Although there are a huge number of sites that offer scholarships in Spanish from Axie Infinity, you must be very careful about accepting deals from people you do not know. Be sure to inform you about the conditions granted before accepting the scholarship.

As much as it is a game with beautiful graphics and attractive creatures, never forget that Axie Infinity requires investment of money/time and does not offer guarantees of recovering the investment. So if you're considering accepting a scholarship, we recommend that it be from someone you trust if you don't have experience in the game. Otherwise, the experience of playing Axie infinity will be conditioned by your lack of experience and the pressure of a person who invested money from her pocket. 

What Not To Do With An Axie Infinity Scholarship

If you got a scholarship from Axie Infinity, there are certain things that you should not do because they break the rules of the game and cause permanent bans. Don't worry, we'll tell you exactly what they are so you can play and make money without worrying about anything other than getting victories with your Axies.

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