Kobo Clear 2E is an electronic book brand that is also part of Rakuten, and since its creation it has competed with Amazon's Kindles. This eREAder is the last to appear on the market.

What is Kobo Clara 2E?

Kobo Clear 2E it is the latest brand of e-books available to compete with the Amazon-developed Kindles. The technical specifications are its most relevant characteristics, and are the following:

  • Dimensions and weight: 112.05 x 159.02 x 8.66mm | 171g
  • Display: 1200-inch HD E Ink Carta 6 | Resolution 1448 x 1072 | 300 pp Dark mode.
  • Storage: 16 GB.
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Battery: 1.500 mAh.
  • Connectivity and Ports: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n | Bluetooth | USB-C.
  • Waterproof: IPX8.
  • Others: TypeGenius | Comfort Light PRO | Optional cover.
  • Supported formats: eBooks: EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, FlePub and MOBI Audiobooks: Kobo Audiobooks Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, AND TIFF Text: TXT, HTML and RTF Comic Book: CBZ and CBR.

What are the changes to the eReader?

There are not many modifications that have been made to this eReader, at least not on the outside. It has a 6-inch screen, covered in black plastic on the front and on the frames. Its back is a carbon copy equal to that of the Kobo Nia.

However, this small modification has a detail, and that is that it complicates the use of the button for left-handed people. But, it is so light that you can even use it with one hand, without bothering yourself in any way.

The best thing is that, thanks to the texture of blue waves found on the back of the device, it will never slip out of your hands at any time.

The space for reading is standard, and it also includes a small LED indicator that is responsible for notifying you when it is charging. However, when it is in standby mode, it does not turn on.

Since the button is located on the back, the two sides of the device are frees, the only thing you find on the outside is the port to charge it, located at the bottom. This can be a bit uncomfortable depending on the position in which you use it, especially if you need to charge it while enjoying its functions.

One aspect that makes it one of the best is that it is IPX8 waterproof, so you can travel with it to the pool, beach, or even your bathtub.

In addition, it includes different types of connections, such as Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi, enough for you to update the device's software whenever necessary.

Display Options

If you are one of the users who is attracted to regular screens, that is, neither so big nor small, this is the ideal one for you. The Kobo Clara 2E's screen is perfect, its size is six inches, 300pp resolution, and the brightness is incredible.


You can even read any of your books while you're outdoors, and sunlight won't interfere with the screen because it's anti-glare.

You have the option to modify the color temperature, as well as the brightness level, too Kobo Clear 2E It is in charge of adjusting them automatically, according to the light it receives, and this is thanks to ComfortLight PRO.

In the settings you can also find a night mode, which is activated once you select the time you want.

Is autonomy a problem?

When it comes to an eReader there is no problem with the issue of autonomy. Despite the fact that the brand was in charge of including a USB-C, there are many users, if not the majority, who do not require this cable, but after two weeks, even when it has been used at maximum brightness and for several hours.

However, if you want to save a lot of energy, you have the option to wake the reader from sleep, or turn off the screen after a few minutes. Also, you can adjust security, and set an unlock PIN.

Why fix the Software?

It's important to fix the software because this way you can download any book you want, and set it up with the eReader, regardless of your operating system, it can be Windows, Mac, iPhone, or even Android, You just have to enter your application store, connect the Kobo Clara 2E, and transmit the information.

Also, you can do it directly from the device, with WiFi to make the process faster. And the best thing is that you find a variety of more than five million books in 100 different languages.

There is no problem in relation to space, since Kobo Clara 2E only takes up 16 GB of storage.

Kobo Clear 2E It is an excellent eReader that any user can use, and it is also that it can be introduced to the entire world of electronic ink.