Soccer games are one of the most popular in the world, for this reason, you should know best left backs in fifa 23 according to their potential, and thus plan your plays.

Which are best left backs in fifa 23?

FIFA 2023 is one of the most purchased games currently, and that is, who does not like to live the experience of being on the playing field? However, if you want to be the winning team, you need to know the best left-backs in FIFA 23, and we have listed them below:

1) João Cancelo - 88

João Cancelo is a player of Portuguese origin who is currently at Manchester City, and is also part of the Portugal team. He has a score of 88, which without a doubt makes him one of the best.


The value for him to belong to another team is 65 million euros, and he works as a left back, although he can also execute plays as a midfielder. In addition to this, he has a total of three assists in two Champions League games.

He is also a player who can play as a right back. He has excellent ball skills, he makes incredible passes, his physical and mental aspects contribute to all of his activities, and they make him a good option. His stats are as follows:

  • Energy: 90
  • Centers: 88
  • short pass: 88
  • Curve: 88

2) Andrew Robertson-87

Andrew Robertson is a Briton who plays for Liverpool as a defender, and has received a number of both national and international trophies throughout his career. He is worth 65 million euros thanks to all his skills.


In relation to the player in FIFA 23, he is one of the best, for this reason, he is second in this great list. He excels in passing, but with his skills he doesn't forget to defend at all times. His stats are as follows:

  • Center: 88
  • sprint speed: 85
  • Energy: 95
  • Reactions: 85

3) Jordi Alba – 86

Jordi Alba is a player from the well-known Barcelona club, he is currently 34 years old, and has been champion of different awards. Also, he plays for his country's team, and is currently worth nine million dollars.


Despite his age, and the fact that many consider him to be a somewhat older footballer, he has excellent physical performance, and for this reason, his statistics are:

  • Agility: 87
  • Energy: 84
  • Centers: 84
  • Acceleration: 86

4) Theo Hernandez- 84

Theo Hernández is known for playing as a defender on the field of play, in addition, the Frenchman currently became champion with the AC Milan team in the previous season in Serie A.


At just 25 years old, he is worth 55 million euros, and has a rating of 84, highlighting some of his skills such as sweeping, clean tackle, reactions. However, his highest score is due to his physical appearance, and his stats are as follows:

  • sprint speed: 94
  • Energy: 90
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Centers: 84

5) Alfonso Davies – 82

Alphonso is Canadian, and is currently one of the most important figures at Bayern Munich, in which, since he joined until now, he has won almost all the awards. In addition, he had the opportunity to experience the first World Cup with his country's team.

Currently, he is worth 70 million euros, and within the game he has a score of 82 thanks to his skills with the ball, the excellent passes he makes, and also the physical performance he maintains throughout the game. His stats are as follows:

  • Agility: 86
  • sprint speed: 95
  • Acceleration: 96
  • Dribbling: 87

6) Leonardo Spinazzolla -82

Spinazzola is an Italian left-back who has been playing for Roma since 2019, and previously was for Juventus. He also plays in his country section, playing as a left midfielder or right back. Currently, he has a value of 20 million euros.

The player is 30 years old, and his in-game rating is 83, he is considered a very fast dribbler, but he is at high risk of injury, and his greatest characteristics are acceleration and speed.

  • sprint speed: 91
  • Acceleration: 94
  • Dribbling: 83
  • Centers: 84

7) Renan Lodi – 81

He is a 25-year-old Brazilian who currently plays for Nottingham Forest after being loaned out by Atlético Madrid, he is also an international selection with La Canarinha. The value of it is 25 million euros.

Lodi in the video game has a card of 81 thanks to all his skills, however, he has good opportunities to raise his potential to 86. His best marks are in his ability with the ball, in his physical performance, agility and in the acceleration:

  • Agility: 85
  • Energy: 84
  • Acceleration: 85
  • sprint speed: 83

8) Kieran Tierney-81

Tierney is a 26-year-old Scotsman, who is currently in charge of playing for Arsenal, and is also part of the Scotland team. He works as a left interior or also as a central defender, for this reason, and his skills are worth 32 million euros.

The in-game card is 81, however, it has every chance to go up to 87 thanks to its potential. In addition, he has a high aggressiveness, he is good in centers, acceleration and also in energy.

  • Energy: 86
  • Aggressiveness: 84
  • Acceleration: 86
  • Centers: 83

9) Nuno Mendes – 80

Mendes is a player who works as a left back, he is Portuguese and currently plays for PSG, after passing through Sporting Lisboa. He is worth 50 million euros, and works perfectly as an inside and left winger.

The in-game rating is 80, but, he is capable of going as high as 88 with his potential. The aspect that stands out the most about this player is related to his physical performance, and that is that his speed, acceleration and strength are incredible.

  • Acceleration: 91
  • Sprint Speed: 90
  • Balance: 84
  • Agility: 83