La license key or serial to activate Malwarebytes It is one of the best options you can find if you want to keep your operating system protected.

What is the license key or serial to activate Malwarebytes?

The Malwarebytes license key is currently known as one of the best and most powerful you can use. Even computer experts often recommend it to all users who want to keep their computers completely safe.

For all this, it is one of the most downloaded because, in addition, it has its free version, and also a premium version, to activate it you must place the keys or the license serial number. However, either of the two versions is excellent, only the first one allows you to use it without a time limit, but you can only enable the analyzer and cleaner.

Despite the fact that the free version offers you the basic functions, there are others that you cannot enjoy if you do not have the premium one. For this reason, many users make the decision to start using the license key to activate Malwarebytes, and thus get better security for their computer.

It is important to mention that, currently, a license is also available that works as "proof", and with it you can enjoy all the functions of the program for 14 days. In this way, you decide whether or not it is worth it to install it on your computer.

However, it is best to use the license key to activate Malwarebytes, and thus enjoy a complete scan to detect any threat or computer worm on your computer. Also, with this program you have access to the memory, and you check the autorun elements within the system.

What is Malwarebytes?

Now, but what exactly is Malwarebytes? It is known by users as an excellent and powerful antivirus, which, according to its functions, has become one of the most popular in computing.

This program originally started as an antivirus with very basic functions, and was in charge of detecting any malware on your computer. However, since these functions were obviously not enough, it is necessary to complete their installation in order to obtain better system security.

The best thing about this program is that, if you have the premium version, you can be totally sure that there is no type of threat or program on your computer that could negatively influence the operation of the system. Because, with this version, malware can even be detected before it starts acting on the files.


What are the features of Malwarebytes Premium?

Malwarebytes Premium is considered a very powerful and complete antivirus, because it includes different tasks that help your operating system to be free of any type of threat.

And, this is why it becomes one of the most popular, in addition, its characteristics are incredible. They are mentioned below in case you have any doubts about their effectiveness.

Analysis and deep cleaning

Its powerful action makes it one of the best, because it is an antivirus that performs a complete analysis to detect any type of virus. In this way, it also manages to neutralize files that are dangerous to the computer.

Offer security to your computer

One of the functions of the premium version is that, at any time of the day, your computer and system are completely protected from threats, because it is capable of quickly detecting them and eliminating them even before they start to damage files.

Protect your system from deceptive sites

Its great power of protection helps you even when using different Web browsers, and thus, it is in charge of protecting your computer, but also the data that you are entering in the pages, because it detects any false Web, links that contain files damaged, among others.

instant scan

This aspect covers the verification of two important areas of the computer, RAM and autorun. Meanwhile, the second is in charge of checking the status while the computer starts, which is often the moment that viruses take advantage of to attack.


Protect your computer from unreliable sites

Currently, the number of websites that are full of viruses is unimaginable, and with this Malwarebytes Premium feature, you should not worry, because you can browse any website and the antivirus will detect threats, risks, and any malicious program.

Quarantine files and scan logs

If you get the paid version, or are using the program license instead of a Malwarebytes Key Premium Crack, you have the option to easily save and find files that are in quarantine mode, and also view scan logs.

soluble agent

The tool that is responsible for repairing any damaged file also includes a solvable element; and in this way, the repair is completed, in addition, all Malwarebytes files used during the process are deleted. Therefore, they do not interfere with your computer's storage space either.

How to install and activate the Malwarebytes Premium key?

Once you install the premium version of the Malwarebytes key on your computer, the next thing you need to do is add the license key. Therefore, below, we leave you all the steps that you must carry out:

  • Download Malwarebytes from its platform, and then install it on your computer.
  • While installing, it will most likely ask you for the Malwarebytes or license key. You have the option to add them, or enjoy the 14-day free trial, to be absolutely sure that you want the antivirus.
  • When you add the license, Malwarebytes must be opened in order to activate the license.
  • If you only have the license key, you must place it in the place where it is requested, and click on "Activate".
  • If you have the license key accompanied by an ID, the option to select is to »My license comes with an ID». In this way, you must add all the information, and then click on "Activate".
  • If all the steps are carried out correctly, the program will be activated and immediately it will be updated, and thus, enjoy all its functions.

What are Malwarebytes Premium license keys?

The list of keys is extensive, and this is the safest way that you can carry out the activation of the Malwarebytes Premium key. You can find the keys on any Web page, however, to facilitate the process, they are mentioned below:

License keys for Malwarebytes Premium

  • FVCR-C426-PP7U-3E1J RRPGX.
  • A9P7-DVJZ-G1HO-MN3I A3B5D.
  • UDFK-KE7D-MVNI-V5X1 4861N.
  • UTYG-V4T1-PJ17-UWH8 X2AFT.
  • DU3F-LAFD-BPRB-H958 2XW9M.

Malwarebytes Premium Key Activation Series

  • SP2Q-SLP5-K4C2-Y399 BSQ7U.
  • WA95-E20D-1BJE-2MJN O66RL.
  • QG1I-HWO0-ZQL1-8KON GK3J7.
  • JQPN-UQ79-OZEI-FR47 31HC3.
  • Z9LV-CWEP-D4UA-2GRY 3406T.
  • RBOF-1Q5T-R7OD-O6UL 43QRD.
  • COBP-I1R8-2GJP-C6CT U3W90.
  • DPRL-POO9-W0L3-ZQ06 M81EW.

Malwarebytes Premium Product Keys

  • ZK52-UV50-Z3QJ-KTLJ VT19W.
  • 8FJN-V7Z0-Z1N8-S438 9GERD.
  • F1SS-J3KD-8G4J-UJU6 75HTG.
  • AOBP-D270-8JHH-15SC 2PHYP.
  • 4HE7-EAT5-I4RY-TT3W GB4CF.
  • 4ZV2-O1RC-M77U-AT26 U6X3L.
  • 7IE1-76MD-NJQO-D4OS 5VBPI.

It is recommended that, in the event that one of the keys does not work, you continue trying with the others, since they are unique, and should work perfectly.


Malwarebytes antivius has been available for a few years, however, as mentioned, at the beginning it only included very basic functions that were not enough for users. For this reason, it is currently in charge of blocking and eliminating any threat found on your computer, but it has also improved its efficiency without a doubt.