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Wiseplay is a completely free and secure multimedia player for Android. Apart from providing various good quality playlists, it also supports external links for streaming playback. For this very reason, today we bring the best updated Wiseplay lists that work for free (Updated 2022).

Thanks to Wiseplay, you can view transmissions of any theme you can imagine, from anywhere and without the need to download anything else. Do you want more information? Then read on and draw your own conclusions.

Compilation of the best Wiseplay lists

This list has NOT been prepared by Guias Digitales but is a compilation of the best lists we have found, we cannot be held responsible for its operation or maintenance:

Please, before continuing, bear in mind that the lists wiseplay that we are going to provide below have NOT been developed by Androidsis, but are the result of the work of other people, so we cannot be held responsible for their correct operation or maintenance. And now yes, get ready for this incredible compilation of Wiseplay lists.

How to install Wiseplay lists correctly

Installing Wiseplay lists correctly is easy, you just have to make the browser open the downloaded list or copy the file to the path /Wiseplay. You just have to follow in detail the steps that we will explain below:

  • Open the browser of your choice on your smartphone.
  • Click on the Wiseplay list link that you want to download.
  • Toca Open in Wiseplay when the new window appears.
Add Wiseplay lists

Done! The Wiseplay list will be automatically added to the app and you can start enjoying its contents.

You can also install Wiseplay lists by doing the following:

  • Copy the URL of the list you want to add keeping your finger on the download link until the copy option appears.
  • Open the Wiseplay app on your mobile.
  • Tap the “+” symbol inside the red circle at the bottom right of the screen, where it says Click here to start adding lists.
  • When the popup appears, tap Add List from URL.
  • Paste the URL from the list and touch OK.
Add WisePlay lists within the APP

When you do this, the list will be added in such a way that it will be ready to be played. This way you can watch all pay TV channels for free, including Movistar +, the best soccer matches, foreign channels, thematic channels, platforms and much more.

What are the best Wiseplay lists?

There is a lot of Wiseplay lists with content of all kinds and for all tastes, review and play the one you like the most:

Sports Wiseplay Lists

There are many sites where you can find Wiseplay sports lists, but The Internet Manual has the most up-to-date ones. Ideal for sports lovers in general.

Visit the Wiseplay sports list by clicking here

Wiseplay lists to watch football (League, Copa del Rey and Champions)

If you are a follower of the king of sports and you have this application, it is most likely that you are looking for Wiseplay lists to watch football. Whether the liga, the Copa del Rey or the Champions League, everything you want to see is found in this list.

Visit the Wiseplay list to watch football

Wiseplay lists to watch Formula 1

Through Wiseplay you have the opportunity to see the channels that broadcast Formula 1, since this application allows you to upload playlists, be it audio, video or live TV broadcasts. If you want enjoy this exciting motor sport to the fullest, do it with this Wiseplay list to watch Formula 1.

Visit the Wiseplay list to watch Formula 1

Wiseplay lists to watch MotoGP

Experience the best of motorcycling with this Wiseplay list to watch MotoGP. Do not miss a single race of the best competition in the world, enjoy it in the front row with the following lists:

Visit the Wiseplay list to watch MotoGP

Wiseplay lists to watch Basketball

And if what you want is follow basketball closely, we have the perfect Wiseplay list for you. Take a look at this list so you can see the NBA, NCAA, the Basketball Champions League or any basketball competition you can imagine:

Visit Wiseplay list to watch basketball

Wiseplay lists to see the bulls

Quiet, you will never miss a bullfight again regardless of where you are. Why? Because you can see them through your mobile with these Wiseplay lists to see the bulls.

Visit the Wiseplay list to see the bulls

Wiseplay lists to see platforms

Here you will find all movies and series, from different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney +. Without a doubt, it is a great solution for those who want enjoy the best of these platforms without having to subscribe to them. Take a look at the list and draw your own conclusions:

Visit the Wiseplay list to see platforms

Wiseplay lists to watch DAZN

DAZN is a streaming service that belongs to Perform Group and is dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand event broadcasts from various properties. If you want to take advantage of everything that DAZN has for you, from the comfort of your mobile, take a look at this list.

Visit Wiseplay list to watch DAZN

Wiseplay lists to watch Movistar+

Movistar+ is a Spanish payment platform, owned by Telefónica, that transmits through fiber, ADSL and via satellite. This is also available as an application for mobile devices, but although many do not know it, it can be see Movistar + through the mobile with the following Wiseplay lists.

Visit Wiseplay list to see Movistar+

Wiseplay lists to watch HBO series

In addition to Game of Thrones, HBO has a wide catalog of series to please all kinds of tastes. If you want to make the most of it, check out this Wiseplay list to watch HBO series.

Visit Wiseplay list to watch HBO series

Other Wiseplay Lists

The universe of Wiseplay is full of lists of any theme you can imagine. Leaving aside the conventional, we also compiled these other lists for you:

Adult Wiseplay Lists

check this Wiseplay p listfor adults with explicit content:

Visit Wiseplay list for adults

Wiseplay lists to watch live TV

Did you want to watch live TV from your mobile? Well, do it through these Wiseplay lists:

Visit Wiseplay list to watch live TV

Wiseplay lists to watch movies

If you feel like a movie marathon, do it with the help of these Wiseplay lists. There are titles of all genres and for each type of taste, it's up to you to choose which of all the movies you want to watch to distract yourself this time:

Visit Wiseplay list to watch movies

Telegram channels with Wiseplay lists

Telegram channels are a tool to transmit data to many people at once. These allow the dissemination of public messages to large groups of people, since it is not limited to the number of members. In Telegram there are channels of all kinds and many of them are dedicated to sharing Wiseplay lists, but we will share with you the best two:

Wiseplay playlists for iPhone and iPad

Wiseplay is undoubtedly the number one application to enjoy free streaming, one that leads the multimedia playback sector and that you can download for iOS for free. With Wiseplay, you will be able to reproduce your lists of your TV channels, series or movies, sports, easily on your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is download and install the app on your device from the App Store.

Doubts you may have

At the moment of entering the Wiseplay universe, many doubts could arise in your mind. However, the information on this app is very clear and this time we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is Wiseplay?

Wiseplay is an application as a multimedia player that will allow you to play different types of content directly online through lists. Using Wiseplay is quite easy, since you start viewing your favorite lists from any device without any inconvenience. Without a doubt, it is the perfect tool for those who want to watch sports or movies in a comfortable and simple way.

It is common that when using a tool with all the options that Wiseplay has, you feel a little doubtful about its legality. Why? Because the contents belong to different sources that surely did not give their authorization to create the lists. However, it is necessary to point out that these are created by the same users and that Wiseplay is only a player.

Then, using Wiseplay is legal in Spain and anywhere in the world. We are talking about a multimedia player that you can use with confidence without fear of doing something illegal.

Where can I download Wiseplay? Can I on PC and Mobile?

You can Download Wiseplay on Malavida, the alternative application market to the Google Play Store when you want to start in this world. You have the possibility to do it on your PC or on your mobile, but if you want to use Wiseplay from the computer you will have to download an Android emulator since the app is specially designed for the mobile operating system.

Do I need a high-end mobile?

No, you do not need a high-end mobile to use Wiseplay. eye! You should keep in mind that the more powerful the device the better the experience. However, it is not mandatory to have a high-end mobile to start viewing your favorite lists.

What can I watch with Wiseplay?

In the Wiseplay Android app you can see movies, TV shows, concerts and live sports when you insert the playlists. Of course, you must bear in mind that the app is not responsible for the use of soccer lists or any other topic. But be that as it may, Wiseplay is an application in which you can watch content of all kinds on your mobile and without paying a penny.  

Is Wiseplay free?

In addition to its simplicity, the success of Wiseplay lies fundamentally in the fact that it is a totally free application. Without a doubt, both factors make it possible for Wiseplay to have more users every day. Why? Because you don't need to invest a single euro to have access to an infinite number of lists with channels of all kinds.

How Wiseplay works?

When you install the Wiseplay app and log in for the first time, everything will be blank. This is normal because you do not have any type of information loaded in the app. It's up to you search for playlists that are compatible with this tool.

Wiseplay is divided into three parts which are the lists (where the ones you incorporate will be), videos (where the videos of your device appear) and a web browser.

Do you already have the URL, a file or a QR code ready? Then you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Opens wiseplay.
  • Press the “+” button that appears in a pink circle In the bottom right.
  • Choose the way you want to include the list. If you have a URL, for example, select "Add list from URL".
  • Paste or copy the address from the list and press ok. Clever! There you will see how said list is loaded automatically and you will be able to enjoy all the content without problems.  

How much data does Wiseplay consume?

The amount of data that Wiseplay consumes is variable. When you play content in the lowest possible quality, you would consume approx. about 0.3 GB per hour. When playing in medium quality, the consumption increases up to 0.7 GB per hour. It all depends on how long you use the app and where you use it from, because on mobile it consumes those 0.7 GB per hour but on a tablet the figure reaches almost one gigabyte.  

Is Wiseplay compatible with Chromecast?

Yes, because one of the greatest benefits of Wiseplay is its ability to play content via Chromecast. This allows you to watch any channel, series or movie on your TV without the need for cables.

Just as you must imagine this is the best to see something with friends or family. It also saves you the hassle of holding your phone for a long period of time and your hands going numb. Of course, before transmitting Wiseplay content through Chromecast you must be connected to the same WiFi network because otherwise the transmission may not work.  

When your mobile is connected with Chromecast, an icon will appear on the top bar. Now just open Wiseplay and go to one of your added lists or channels. Next, the same icon will appear at the top, you will have to press it to select the device where you want to transmit.

When connecting, you will only have to open a Wiseplay channel or list and a menu will be displayed. Select Chromecast and right after that the broadcast will start.

Wiseplay doesn't work for me, what can I do?

Wiseplay stopped, can't see, cuts off or crashes? Well, you are neither the first nor the last to have had a bad time when this application does not work. It is very cumbersome to open your online content playback app and have it stop constantly. However, these inconveniences can be solved in an easier way than you imagine.

When Wiseplay doesn't it works probably because it is not updated, because of the application cache or because it does not open. Because of this, make sure that the version of Wiseplay you have installed is the most current. Also clear the application cache from your Android settings in the applications section, the process is identical on almost all devices.

If none of this works for you, then the best thing to do is uninstall the app and find another way to install it. A good idea may be looking at alternative application markets to the Play Store, such as Malavida for example.

How to enjoy Wiseplay with an Android TV device

I box
Promotional image of Xiaomi Mi TV Box

If you have an Android TV device like Xiaomi Mi TV Box, you can enjoy all your Wiseplay lists easily. How? Well, by connecting the device with Android TV on your TV and then going to Google Play to search for Wiseplay. In case the application does not appear on Google Play, you will have to go to another alternative where you can download Wiseplay such as APK Pure, Malavida or Uptodown.  

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