The most frequent mistakes in Bomb Crypto they are those errors that end up impacting a wide range of game users who, in turn, due to these errors end up losing time and the possibility of earning money with the game.

It is very important to note that the game had its first version released on September 30, 2021 and with only one game mode, the treasure hunt mode. Then, crypto bomb can still be considered a Beta game.

Like all Beta games, it has bugs that will be identified by the community, which by communicating them to the developers will help the game grow and develop without bugs and with maximum playability.

A second game mode, Adventure Mode, was released in January 2021. Along with this new mode, many bugs and errors reported by users have also been fixed.

But the most important thing to find and describe bugs is to note that the game's support team has always tried to solve community problems and improve the game.

Screenshot of a frequent error in Bomb Crypto that can be easily resolved by the user

Most frequent errors in Bomb Crypto and how to fix them

Here we will list some of the most frequent errors in Bomb Crypto and we will give some tips on how users can fix the problem without having to call the development team and thus save time and earn more BCoins.

The game is «freezes«

One of the most common bugs occurs in Treasure Hunt mode. As this mode is automatic and random, the crypto bomb heroes often end up stuck in a certain part of the map where they can't move or throw their bombs to destroy the blocks.

In this way, it seems that the game freezes even though everything works normally. A tip to resolve this quickly is return to home menu then back to treasure hunt mode, with this, since where the heroes spawn is random, probably by going back to the start menu and then back to the treasury. hunting mode again, your heroes will be in another point of the map and will go back to break blocks and discover BCoins.

Heroes standing on the map

Another frequent error is that the heroes are standing on the map, even though they have blocks to mine and even though they are 'unhindered', that is, without barriers that prevent them from moving. This type of error has been reported by several users and it is also very easy to solve, just go back to home menu then back to treasure hunt mode. If that doesn't work, try logging out and back into the game using the Metamask wallet.

"Unknown error"

Many players also report having suffered a "UNKNOWN ERROR“, which appears every time they try to open Bomb Crypto. This is often because the user's connection is weak and the platform tries to access the game server and fails. This is an error that ends up hurting many users and occurs not only when trying to open the game but also at other times before opening the treasure hunt mode.

A simple and fast way is press the F5 key to refresh the page, this will allow the user to establish a new connection to the game server. Another way is to close the other tabs that are open in your browser, as they can be consuming a lot of memory in the background and this ends up affecting the connectivity to the game.

Another tip is check which network is enabled in your Metamask wallet. Users often play Bomb Crypto and browse other cryptocurrency linked sites and end up having to change the Metamask wallet network to access these sites, as is the case with OpenSea which uses the Ethereum network.

So many times when the user changes networks (Bomb Crypto needs MetaMask to be on the Binance Smart Chain network), the game crashes because it cannot connect with the correct user wallet.

So check which network your Metamask wallet is on and if it is not Binance Smart Chain, you will need to switch to this network, close Bomb Crypto and try to connect again.

Screenshot of a frequent error in Bomb Crypto that can be resolved by pressing f5 or reconnecting the Meta Mask wallet

The hero is not received when buying it

Another frequent error reported by users occurs when buying a hero or redeeming it in Treasure Hunt mode. In these cases, users report that they do not receive the hero at the time of purchase. This is because Bomb Crypto uses cash space within your browser, saving certain information in your browser's temporary memory so that the game loads faster.

When this happens, try press the F5 key in your browser and then do click on the Chest icon inside Bomb Crypto and your hero will probably be there. If it still doesn't show up, go to your browser settings, click on history and go to “clear cash”. After that, open Bomb Crypto again and everything should be resolved.

Another error that can be fixed by clearing the browser cache is when the game 'hangs' on load. Many users complain that the game often crashes at 10%, 40%, and even 96%. To resolve this, simply clear your browser cache and then try loading again and the game should work.

It also 'hangs' sometimes because the server is too full, so the advice is that after clearing the cache, keep pressing f5 until the game loads completely. If after about 5 minutes nothing happens, it is better to wait a while, because the problem may be greater.