Do you want to improve the quality of your stories on Instagram? In this article we will tell you how to do it. Instagram It has become one of the favorite social networks for young people and adults. However, it has a problem that has persisted for a long time: the low quality of the photos and videos that we upload in the stories.

In search of a solution, we usually turn to third-party applications, but the improvements we get are almost unnoticeable. Next, we will tell you why this happens and how you can improve the quality of your stories with a few simple tricks.

Why do Instagram Stories look worse on Android?

The low quality in instagram stories This is mainly due to the large volume of videos and photos uploaded daily by its users. This makes the servers of the social network manage a huge load of information, they have to be processed in a few seconds.

To facilitate the process, every time we capture an image or video with the application, it is compressed so that it uses less space on the servers. In addition, being less heavy also reduces the data consumption necessary both to upload it and to play it.

A lower weight goes hand in hand with a lower resolution of the content you publish in your instagram stories. As if that were not enough, due to certain scheduling conditions, the problem is more accentuated when we use Android devices.

Trick: Improve the quality by uploading the stories from the gallery

Let's be honest: we all like to share the special moments of our day to day on Instagram, but we want to make them look their best. However, on many occasions we have been victims of the application's native compression algorithm, bringing us a disappointment by seeing the stories we share.

The Instagram development team has always been aware of this situation, so one of their updates improved its algorithm. Thanks to this, the application is able to handle quite well videos recorded at 60 FPS, significantly improving the quality of shared videos.

However, the details of the compression which applies the internal camera of the application, but we can avoid that inconvenience very easily. Instead of using the app's camera, you have to capture your photos and videos with native camera of your device.

Then when you want to share your stories on Instagram, you select the images and videos from the gallery. To conclude, we recommend that you configure the camera to work with the highest possible quality, including the HDR function if you have it available.

As we have already said, using the device's native camera instead of the app's camera greatly increases the quality of your stories. However, there is another trick you can apply to make your images and videos even better.

Once you have the images you want to share in the gallery, you can take advantage your editing tools for truly amazing images. For this, you can adjust different parameters such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, add some filters and much more.

When you get the desired result, you can now go to Instagram to publish your story, selecting the image previously edited from your gallery. In the case of videos, make sure to set the camera to 60 FPS before starting the recording and you will have spectacular results.

Solutions to improve the quality of Instagram stories

Until now, we have been talking about the best known solutions to improve your stories on Instagram, but these are not the only tricks that exist. On the contrary, there is a whole series of tips that we can follow to minimize the loss of quality in our stories.

Use the native Instagram app

Instagram offers a wide variety of filters with which you can create original and very striking stories. Thanks to this function, you can edit your image live, adding special effects, stickers, different color filters, frames and much more.

Although the results are very funny, we must remember that using the application's camera does not solve the problem of the quality of the images. So, if you decide to use these tools, the changes you make will be cosmetic, but you won't get better quality results.

Use the Google camera

Usually, the camera Google has more options available than the native camera of our device. Thanks to this, the images captured with it are much better, which is convenient if we want to improve the quality of our stories on Instagram.

Use the Venlow app to maintain the quality of the videos

In case you don't know her, venlow is an application used to share videos on Instagram, minimizing the loss of quality due to compression. To achieve this, Venlow takes the video from your gallery and compresses it while maintaining the best possible quality in the process.

In this way, when uploading the video to Instagram, the application detects that the video is already compressed and does not process it again. The result: the videos published in your stories have a better quality than those uploaded directly from the application. 

Turn off data saver

One of the options offered by Instagram is the mobile data saving. As long as you have this setting enabled, the app will drastically reduce the quality of the images and videos we see in our feed. 

Although the option itself is not bad, since it allows us to save our precious megabytes, it harms us when it comes to sharing our stories. A good idea is to use this function only as much as necessary, turning it off when sharing your story or when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Check that you have a stable internet connection

Believe it or not, the quality of our internet connection directly affects our user experience in the application. A bad data connection causes multimedia files to be downloaded with lower quality, in order to make our interaction more fluid.

It is better not to directly use the Instagram camera

We have already discussed this point several times. The app's camera compresses the images and videos it captures to decrease their weight and process them faster on their servers.

For this reason, it is preferable to use the native camera of our device or even third-party camera applications such as Google Camera, Open Camera, etc.

Configure the camera of your smartphone well

Using an external camera does not guarantee that the results obtained will be the best. For that, it is necessary configure properly each option and parameter offered, which will give us incredible results.

Lower the resolution of the image

One of the most common mistakes when sharing our stories on Instagram it is not respecting the formats that the application handles. If we upload an image that is too large, Instagram will reduce it to adapt it to its format, which results in loss of quality of the file.

Is it possible to improve the quality on any Android mobile?

Each of the tips we have given you can be applied on any mobile device you use. This means that if it is possible to improve the quality of our stories on Instagram, regardless of the Android model you are using.

How do these tricks affect the iPhone? They are needed?

Unlike Android, iOS is a highly optimized operating system and its devices are generally high-end. This makes Instagram interact better with the mobile and the quality of the uploaded images is higher.

However, each of the tricks we mentioned can also be used on iPhones. In the end, only you will know if it is worth using them or not.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.