When you are old, photos begin to be a problem for many people, however, currently there are many programs that exist so that you can show off the face you want so much. For this reason, today you are going to know the 10 best apps to look younger.


It is the first application that you should think about if you want to look younger in your photos, because even if you want to know how your face will look when you get older, you can do it too.

Best of all, the quality of the images and the filters allow you to live a unique experience. 

Faceapp It should be one of your first options, and it is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

The quality of the image, and all the filters it has to offer, will make your photos the best on your social networks. 

Because it is one of the best, to this day it has more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store application store, and with more than 4 million positive comments. Which confirms that, for all users, it is one of their first options for editing photos.

And, it is that, it is an application that you can download on your mobile phone, but that, at the same time, offers you a very advanced and professional technology with which you can carry out large editions. 

One of its main features is that you can change the hairstyle with which you appear in your photos. 

FaceLab Animated Photo Editor & Face Editor

It is another of the applications that has different features that allow you to modify and edit your photos until your face looks completely rejuvenated or even add a cartoon effect if you wish.

With face lab Photo editing is done in a few seconds, and all its functions are really easy to use. 

Just like FaceApp, if what you want is for your face to look older, you can also do it, you just have to select the aging option, and that's it.

One of the most striking features of this application is that you can change gender. Therefore, if you are a woman and want to test how your face would look if you were of the opposite sex, you can do it. 

Also, if you want to edit the photo and make it funnier, you can edit it as a caricature or cartoon. 

Also, what may be the most incredible thing for many users is that you can add the zombie effect to all your photos.

All the features it has to offer you are made with incredible Artificial Intelligence, therefore, the precision they have when processing the images is one of the highest and best. 

PixL-Edit and retouch face photo editor

PixL-Edit and retouch face photo editor, is another of the applications that you can use to eliminate all those annoying details, such as wrinkles. It even allows you to whiten your teeth, and perfect all the features of your face, even reducing the size of your pores, for example. 

It is an application that you can download on both the Android operating system and iOS. That is why, PixL-Edit and retouch face photo editor, It should be one of your first choices when you are going to edit photos. 

The processing unit used by this application is one of the best in the world. And that is why, so far, it has more than a million downloads by users, because it is available in the application store for free.

The best thing is that once it is downloaded and installed, you can see different ads or make purchases if you want to fully unlock all the features. However, please note that it is only compatible with devices running Android OS above 5.0.

FaceTrix- AI Face Editor

It is a face editor that allows you to make your face younger in just seconds if you want to. In addition, all functions can be used perfectly without problems. 

The best thing is that it allows you to take a selfie and you can immediately edit it by adding all the details you want, or removing the imperfections. 

The Artificial Intelligence that uses FaceTrix-AI Face Editor to make these types of changes is the same as the one used in FaceApp, and even with many improvements.

It is a simple application to use, and when it comes to speed it is also one of the best currently. For this reason, it is one of the favorites of all users. 

It constantly receives different updates, even one of the latest is that you can remove impurities from your photos, add accessories, or even have longer hair. 

Baby Filter

It is an application with which you can edit both your face and that of your friends to turn them into a baby. In addition to this, you can also capture photos and immediately edit them. 

If you want to edit your face easily and quickly Baby Filter It must be one of your options. It is one of the simplest applications currently available for mobile devices. 

In addition to this, you also have the option to share all the images on any of the social networks including WhatsApp. 

Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

It is another of the applications that you can use to edit your face, you can improve your photos and make them the best, applying different makeup. Every detail you want to modify you can do it with Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor. 

If makeup is your thing, you cannot stop downloading this application, we assure you that you will have fun with each of its functions, and you will create incredible designs, with color combinations that you would never have thought of.

The best thing is that its interface and structure is very simple, you can also share your creation with all your friends, or through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. 

magic face

magic face It is characterized by being another of the applications used to see how your face will be in the future, or also to rejuvenate the skin a bit, even until you become a baby. This process is carried out progressively, first small features begin to appear, then in the middle of the face, and so on until the edition is complete.

While that happens, in the lower part you will see different options with objects so that you can cut the silhouette of it.

You can also carry out great ghost makeup, change the expression on your face or even your gender. It even gives you the option that you can improve any imperfection that bothers you.

It is available in the app store for Android mobile devices. 

Young face maker 

It is one of the best applications so that you can show off a much younger face, although you can also turn it into an older one to see how you will be in the future. 

The most important of young face maker, is that its use is very simple, you just have to take a selfie, and apply any of the filters within the application. 

Young face maker It is one of the applications that works very quickly, in addition, you can take a selfie in which you compare your age with 15 or 20 years less. Or, you can also use the different filters that it has to offer, and thus achieve a good photo.

Old to Young Filter 

Applications to edit your face, without a doubt, have become one of the best options to look like you really want. You can make the modification of any detail without problems.

Your face can be rejuvenated thanks to this application, but it also allows you to add any sticker or effect you want. 

Application old to young filter It will help you so that your photos on social networks can be seen in a magnificent way. However, according to what has been stated by some users, the appearance of this application is not as polished as in the case of the others. 

Old to young photo editor

With the Old to young photo editor, Not only can you make changes to your face to look younger, you can also eliminate any detail that is not to your liking until you achieve the image you want. 

Best of all, you just have to upload the image you want to edit, and click the rejuvenate button. In this way, you can enjoy a fun time with your families and friends. 

Even if you are one of the people who doubts whether to get a piercing or not, this application allows you to test it and make sure how your face would look with any of these accessories.

Also, with this application you can change your age, and see how your features will be in the future.