Best pedometer apps to count steps, calories and kilometers for free

The current generation, much more concerned about their health than the previous ones, has an extraordinary tool in mobile phones to know their physical condition. Through applications installed on these devices, it is possible to collect values ​​such as steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled.

Such information It can be collected thanks to the movement sensors and GPS that these teams have. Find out below which are the best pedometer applications on the market. 

Apps to count steps Android

The catalog of Android sports applications to count steps is very extensive, so we will review some of the most popular below:

Google Fit

This application It allows you to keep track of the steps that a person takes, even if they do not have a smartwatch or a similar device. To offer its results, Google Fit takes as a reference the minutes of activity and the cardio points.

In addition to the step count, the application also provides other data such as calories burned and kilometers traveled. The information provided by Google Fit will be increasingly precise, since it will be based on the analysis of the history of activities.

ASICS Run Keeper

Although designed for runners, it has features to track other activities such as walking, cycling, and hiking. It provides statistics of the steps taken, as well as the pace, distance and time. Allows you to share achievements through social networks.

Runtastic Steps

It is one of the most popular applications for recording exercise activities, one of the main functions of which is to count steps. It presents the statistics and history of weekly, monthly and yearly walks with a very visual and colorful design.

Keep records of distance, time, pace, calories expended, speed, altitude, etc. It also allows you to manually add workouts and set goals and personal records.

Samsung health

Samsung Health offers the same features as Google Fit. It allows you to record measurements and health data, from exercise sessions to the amount of water ingested. This application can be installed on devices of any brand.

Sports tracker

It allows you to monitor a whole day of activities regardless of whether you are a runner, cyclist or walker. It keeps track of the steps taken, as well as heart rate, calories expended and average speed, data that can be easily shared through social networks.

pacer pedometer

Thanks to its design focused on the pedometer function, you can easily verify the record of the steps taken every hour of every day, throughout the month and on average.

Pacer can work in the background, and still keep track of steps. This information can be consulted when opening the application, and it is also possible to review the calories expended, distance traveled and active time.


This is one of the best applications to count steps. You must start by defining the objectives to be achieved and then immediately start walking since the application works as a virtual pedometer. Report calories burned, distance traveled, activity time, and steps taken. 

Accupedo Pedometer

Through this virtual pedometer you can keep track of the steps taken and compare them with the proposed goal. Accupedo also records average speed, calories burned, active time, and kilometers traveled, which information is presented graphically by day, week, month, and year. 

Simple Design Pedometer

Unlike most of the apps mentioned so far, all Simple Design Pedometer does is count steps. This makes it a very simple and easy to use application, since it does not offer many functions. Track steps taken, calories burned, active time, and distance traveled.

Apps to count steps Xiaomi

In addition to their bracelets to count steps We Band o xiaomi smartband, Xiaomi has developed two mobile applications for the same purpose: 

Mi Health

Using the Mi Health app you can keep track of the steps taken without requiring any additional accessories. It is a very basic application, even so, it collects the data of our activities, proposes a goal of daily steps and summarizes what we exercised during the day and analyzes our sleep. 

Since it is not yet available on Google Play, you must download the APK to install it. 

Zeep Life

Zeep Life (formerly Mi Fit) records movements, analyzes sleep and issues a diagnosis of training. its functionality it is similar to that of Mi Health, although it differs in that it can be connected to a wearable to synchronize data.

It is software that usually comes pre-installed, although it can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Apps to count Huawei steps

All Huawei mobile phones have an option to count steps built into their operating system. This tool usually goes unnoticed and must be activated in the section Screen settings for it to come into operation.

Huawei Health

Despite not having as many functions as Samsung Health or Google Fit, Huawei Health has an automatic step record, despite not having a bracelet or smartwatch to perform the measurement. 

Similar to Samsung Health, this app can be installed on mobile devices from other manufacturers. Through this application, mobiles from other brands can manage Huawei bracelets and smartwatches.

Apps to count steps on iPhone

Although Apple has the Apple Watch to monitor daily activity, multiple applications have been developed for its iPhone mobiles to count steps taken. Some of them are:  

Activity Tracker

It has a modern and intuitive interface that is easy to get familiar with. Allows you to count the steps taken, floors climbed, distance traveled, total active time and calories expended. It also allows you to set a weekly goal and tells you the daily goal based on that goal. 

Pedometer ++

Step counter that invites you to move more. It uses the motion processor that minimizes battery consumption. Simple interface and focused on the number of steps. You can set a daily step goal, participate in monthly challenges and rewards for reaching certain milestones.

α pedometer

Easy to use, once the Start button is pressed, the activity begins to be recorded, indicating the progress achieved on a daily basis. It allows you to view the steps taken, activity time, calories burned and average speed.

A personal step goal can be set and progress can be monitored via graphical reports. The application interface can be customized and you can choose between 19 different types of themes.


accupedo it is designed to automatically monitor daily activity and offers many levels of detail. It can be used as a classic pedometer, although it is also possible to activate the GPS and follow the planned route using a map.

There are several parameters that can be followed, from the number of steps to the kilometers traveled and speed. It is possible to obtain from a daily record to analyze weekly, monthly and yearly data. 


It is an application with a simple design and easy to use. The number of steps walked is clearly highlighted in the main menu, while in its lower part you can see the missing percentage to reach the daily goal.

Information is also provided on the kilometers traveled, calories expended and active time. It also provides summaries of your physical activity and gives you the ability to share your entire story. 

Step Up

If you are one of those who like to share the results achieved, StepUp is the application for you. the app allows you to invite friends to various competitions, compare your walking records and see who leads the leaderboard. For this it is essential to have a Facebook account.

Thanks to the fact that it has a built-in movement coprocessor, StepUp automatically records the steps taken, the activity time, the distance traveled, the floors climbed and the caloric expenditure. It is possible to synchronize the steps with devices such as the Apple Watch, Jawbone or Withings.

Step Counter Maipo

This virtual pedometer for iPhone is very easy to use and set up. You can choose from nine colors for the theme. One of its most important advantages is that can present the steps taken in the form of a calendar where the daily movement is highlighted with colorful graphics.

Step Counter Maipo also records the distance traveled, the duration of the walks and the total calories expended. Since Step Counter Maipo has built-in motion sensors, its use does not have a major impact on the iPhone's battery consumption. 


It is an application that offers numerous statistics. It allows you to monitor hourly activity for any day, as well as totals for the week, month and year. Navigating through its interface is something that can be somewhat complicated, since it can be seen as overloaded when compared to similar applications.

After you set a daily goal for the number of steps or calories expended, Steps+ displays your daily progress toward that goal and notifies you when you've reached it. 

pedometer lite

Pedometer Lite also incorporates movement sensors, like other apps already mentioned, which reduces battery consumption. Is a Extraordinary option if you are looking for a simple application to monitor your daily physical movement. 

It allows you to set several daily goals: number of steps, kilometers traveled, caloric expenditure or activity time and sends reports on the progress achieved. You can choose between six colors for the theme and three different styles for the widget. 


It is an extremely basic virtual pedometer which uses the motion processor to track three fitness parameters throughout the day: number of steps, distance traveled, and floors climbed.

The app allows you to set a daily goal and check your progress towards the goal in the Notification Center widget. It is possible to consult the activity of the last week and view certain statistics, such as the greatest number of steps taken, the longest distance or the greatest number of floors climbed in the same day.

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