Best Apps to transcribe audio
Best Apps to transcribe audio

Tired of transcribing audio? We know that, although it is a very useful task, it can become very heavy. Stopping the audio, rewinding it or even forwarding it to the moment you are looking for is something that can take you hours. It is for this reason that using a transcription tool, in addition to helping you achieve this, can optimize your time. These are Top 10 apps to transcribe audio.

Although you will find many options on the internet, today we wanted to bring you the best tools you will find to transcribe audio. While some are applications that you can download on your mobile Android or iPhone, others are websites which you can access from your PC.

Best apps to transcribe audio on Android and iPhone

These are the best apps to transcribe audio on smartphone:

Google Instant Transcription to transcribe audios

Google App Instant Transcription

We start with the main course, Google Instant Transcription. One of the best applications, if not the best, to transcribe audio. This tool uses Google voice recognition to make transcripts of your conversations in real time.

The best of all? you can select between 80 languages ​​and save transcripts to use later. The secret to the success of this app is that it was developed for the hearing impaired, so it can identify external sounds like doorbells, alarms, and even a baby crying.

Otter AI app to transcribe audio to text

Otter AI app

Otter is the best app to transcribe audio to text in real time and it's available for Android, although you can also access it through its site. Is the perfect tool for meetings, conferences, interviews or classes. This allows you to pay 100% attention to the conversation without having to take notes by hand.

It has a comfortable interface that allows you to edit the text with phrases, words, terms or even highlight it to emphasize something that seems important to you. You can even share the text with other users and invite them to edit (perfect for classes). You can save the document and make a backup to upload it to the cloud.

Gboard app to transcribe audio

Gboard voice dictation

It is no secret to anyone that Gboard is the quintessential Google keyboard. As many keyboards as the customization layers of Android mobiles can provide, Gboard is still the king. This time he proves it again thanks to his automatic voice recognition that allows you to record audio and transcribe it.

Best of all, it is very easy to use, you just have to:

  • Click on the microphone icon (top right).
  • Dictate the words you want to transcribe.

Automatically, the text will start to appear on the mobile screen. The only thing you'll have to do is to copy the text and paste it into a note app. Even if you have Word installed on your smartphone, you can create a new document and paste the copied text there. Of course, make sure to save the document.

Speechnotes app to transcribe WhatsApp audio


Speechnotes is the tool that came to get you out of trouble or trouble. It is completely free and you do not need to register to use it. You just have to open the app, touch the microphone button and start dictating what you are going to transcribe from audio to text.

An incredible section of this application is the smart voice recognition. For example, even if you make long stops while speaking, Speechnotes will recognize this and won't stop transcribing. It also has automatic saving and the ability to share transcripts with other people.

Voice to text app to transcribe audio to text

voice to text app

Another tool designed for conferences, classes and meetings. Speech to Text is an audio to text app that uses speech recognition continuously and intelligently to capture words perfectly.

Once the audio is transcribed, you can edit the text, change it to another language and share the saved file to other people through other applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. It is a free and easy to use application.

Voice Notebook android app to transcribe audio to text

Voice Notebook app

Voice Notebook is another of the free applications that you can find in the Play Store to transcribe audio to text. Like the previous ones, it uses voice recognition to identify what you are saying and then transcribe it. What is your advantage? You can use it even if you don't have data or internet connection.

You can save the text as a document and store it on your mobile or, if you wish, upload it to the cloud so you don't lose it. It also has a premium version with which, in addition to removing ads, you have an "Always on screen" option with which you can dictate without having to stop.

Best Websites to Transcribe Audios Online

These are the websites that we recommend to transcribe audios online:

Bear File Converter website to record audio and transcribe

Bear File Converter

If you are from the computer, Bear File Converter is an excellent option for you. This website allows you transcribe audio previously saved in MP3 to text. Example: you recorded an entire class and saved the audio on your mobile or a recorder. You pass that audio to your PC, enter Bear File Converter and it will take care of transcribing it to text.

Note that it is also compatible with audio formats WAV, MWV and OGG, although the limitation is that the files must be a maximum of 3 MB, so you will not be able to transcribe long conversations or conferences.

Dictation website to transcribe audio into text

Dictation is another website that transcribes audio to text. It is much more visually pleasing than Bear File Converter and has an easy-to-use interface. Also has some commands which are very useful, as they help you know how to dictate commas, dot, hyphen and the other punctuation marks.

In addition, dictation It shows you on a sheet what it is transcribing in real time. This sheet has several options to order the text as you wish. You can highlight it, place bold, etc. You have the option to save the document on your PC, as well as to send it by mail, print it or even send it as a tweet.

Google Docs that transcribes audio to text

If you have Google Drive you also have Google Docs. This is Google's text tool or, in other words, Google's Microsoft Word. This allows you to create and edit text in the cloud and share it with other people in real time. The important thing here is that Google Docs has a dictation feature that can help you transcribe little things.

As you well know, this is a free tool, you don't have to pay to access Google Docs. Another advantage is that, being from Google, detect any language, so you won't have any problems if you want to transcribe in a language other than your own. It is a very basic option, but it will surely get you out of a jam.

Microsoft Speech to Text app for transcribing

Although few know it, Microsoft has a text transcription option within a service called Azure. Although it is a paid tool to work from the cloud, designed for companies and developers, you can use their free demo, without registering to be able to use it.

You just have to press the button «Speak» and start dictating the text you want to transcribe. Another option is to load an audio that you have previously saved, select the language and let the tool transcribe for you. It also has commands for punctuation marks.

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