Best bots to play music on Discord

Discord bots are without a doubt one of the best tools that you can include in your server. It should be noted that there are dozens of bots that you can use, but not all of them will be able to play music, therefore, below we bring you a TOP of the best bots to put music on Discord.

Best bots to play music on Discord

Music bots have stood out among the user community for making a server on the social platform more fun. Since these they can search for music from different platforms, where the musical content is totally free; from YouTube, to going through Spotify.

Now, considering that there are hundreds of bots, it is possible that choosing one is quite complicated. Thus, In this article we have decided to show you the best in detail, and first we have:

1. Chips


This is one of the top Discord bots that we can recommend to you. As, chip includes a number of features that make it suitable for almost any server. In principle, this is because allows the playback of music from different platforms; being YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp some of them.

In addition to this, it also has support for more than 180 radio stations. And as if that were not enough, it is quite intuitive and easy to use; It has a set of easy-to-learn commands and the best thing about Chip is that it's totally free.



On the other hand, we have Ayana, which has a very special property, and that is that its operation and configuration is easier and more intuitive than the rest of the bots that we will mention in this TOP.

In addition to this, it offers users a series of fun features; such as reactions to songs, send memes, stickers, among others. Also, Ayana is one of the most preferred music bots on Discord for offering multi language support.



If you are one of those people who likes to experiment with new things, you may Hydra be the music bot for Discord you are looking for. Despite having little time in the sector, it has positioned itself quite well for offering multiple functions that make it the preferred option of many.

Among its functions, including features a server DJ option, which allows songs to be queued, make changes to the playlist, and more. It should be noted that its premium version offers much more, but from now on, with the free version you can enjoy the best features of this music bot.



Unlike other Discord music bots, MEE6 It has a very special property, and it is that it offers a visual panel with which you can control all the functions of the software. Whereas, in the other common bots you have to use commands.

This makes it very attractive, especially for those who have trouble memorizing commands. In addition, MEE6, like the rest of the bots, offers support for different music platforms; Among them, YouTube and Twitch stand out. like the main ones.



Fredboat is one of the most used Discord music bots on the platform; Today it is already used on more than 4 million servers, and all this is due to the fact that it allows access to the musical content found on the main Internet music platforms.

FredBoat is one of the best options for those looking for a free music bot for Discord. Above all, because it is easy to install and its commands are quite intuitive for the user in general.

6. See

will vex

In the same way as the other bots, will vex It has functions of music play, repeat, volume control, among others. However, its only limitation is that the free version is almost like a trial that will only help you test some of the software's functions.

However, its paid version is quite remarkable, especially since it is considered a multipurpose bot, which also offers support in more than one language.



On the other hand it is found Dyno, a bot that you can place on your Discord server to enjoy music while your community has fun. with dyno you can manage different functions; from volume, to playlist, repetitions, among others.

In addition to this, its commands will allow you to mute, to ban members who are doing spam or any unwanted activity. Also, it allows you to place warnings or parameters to follow users. It is like a moderator, but at the same time it offers the possibility of connecting to different platforms to post music.

8. 24 / 7

bot 24/7

This bot called 24/7 it is quite useful but in its paid version as its functions for the free version are quite limited. Even so, is a great option when you want to automate music playlists on your server on Discord.

We reached this conclusion, since it has a function that is called autoplay, which, is responsible for offering playlists similar to others already played; you can also apply it for musical genres.

9. JockieMusic

Jockie music

This is hands down one of the best music server bots on Discord. As, Jockie music offers simultaneous support to different channels; it can attend up to 4 channels independently, and without limiting itself with respect to music.

It is an excellent option when you have a more elaborate server or a community of users in different channels. Also, if 4 bots in 1 don't do the job, You can also purchase the paid version and have access to more than 100 bots in 1.  


bot dabbot

dabbot It is a type of bot to play music that we can consider “premium”. Since most of its functions, as in others mentioned, are limited in the free version.

Although in the same way, this free version will fulfill what is necessary; access to different music platforms, broadcasting of radio stations and support for managing playlists. If you are more demanding, you should purchase the paid version, which will unlock a large number of features and commands.

How to install bots to put music on a Discord server

Installing bots to put music on Discord is easier than it seems. Since, most of these offer an automated installation process, and today we will show you how to do the installation easily and quickly.

  1. First of all, you must open the official page of the bot you are interested in install on Discord server.
  2. Some websites show a button that says “Install” or “Invite”. You must press this.
  3. Now you will have to log in to your Discord; If you already have your account open, you will see a button that says “add a bot to a server” that you must press.
  4. Now you must choose the server where you want to place the bot and then press the button that says: Authorize. And ready!

What are Discord music bots?

If you haven't heard about bots that allow you to put music on Discord before, you'll be happy to know that they are a type of digital program or software that is installed on your server and works as a kind of automated app. Since, these work by commands and music selection patterns.

They are widely used by digital content creators who maintain active communities. Since, it allows them to put music on Discord while doing a live or stream. If you want to broadcast in maximum sound quality you should choose the flac music.

These are represented on your server as an additional chat participant; you can interact with them, give them commands and ask them to save playlists with your favorite songs.

Also, they offer many more functions, one of them is to automatically play music from links from YouTube, Spotify or another platform. They are without a doubt an excellent tool to maintain a pleasant and entertaining environment on the servers of a Discord community.

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