best telegram bots
best telegram bots

Without a doubt, bots are one of the most relevant and differentiating features of a platform as important as Telegram. For this reason, today we will tell you what are the best Telegram bots in 2022. If you wanted to take your experience with this application to another level never reached, then you have come to the right place.

There are Telegram bots for everything you can imagine (and also for things you can't even imagine). Of all the immensity of functions that Telegram offers, bots are the ones that will allow you to take full advantage of it.

What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots are called a series of third-party applications that are used within the messaging app. You do not need to install anything, these are integrated into the platform as if it were a real person you are chatting with. In addition, you can use them in the version of Telegram of the operating system that you want.

How to use Telegram bots

Best bots for Telegram that work well
BotFather is a bot for Telegram that will allow you to create other bots to perform automations.

To use a Telegram bot, you have to control it by sending them messages with certain commands or instructions that they understand to react. Of course, the commands, instructions or the words you have to write to be able to use them depends on each bot.

You must be clear that these applications are fully automated. That is, there is no one behind them but they are configured to give different types of responses depending on the command you type.

There are several types of bots, from the simplest ones that simply show basic content and some focused on specific tasks with which they can help you. It all depends on your needs!

Where are the Telegram bots

Telegram bots are very easy to find. Why? because you should only enter the app and search for them in the search box. The best thing is when you already know one beforehand, since you only write its name and you go directly to the bot to start testing it.

Where to find bots for Telegram
You can find bots in Telegram's own user search engine.

Don't want to look for it in the app? You can also do it from the desktop browser. Just write the web address y add bot name after last slash.

Best Telegram bots

We bring you a compilation with the best Telegram bots in 2022. Whatever the reason you want to use bots on this platform, rest assured that you will find the most effective ones here. There is something for everyone!

What are the best bots to earn money?

  • Vote Bot: a bot that allows you to create surveys and percentages of corporations or channels. Through this bot, you will be able to answer different surveys to earn some money. Although they are not very high figures, it is about a simple way to earn.
  • BCH ClickBot: This bot grants you the possibility to earn bitcoins simply by visiting affiliate sites. In a few words, all you have to do is enter the websites that it indicates, and little by little you will earn money with the Telegram application.
  • Crypto Airdrop Bot: a bot for earn cryptocurrencies without the need to invest a single euro, you just have to follow the instructions that it indicates.

What are the best safe cryptocurrency bots that do pay?

  • LTC ClickBot: this Telegram bot to earn cryptocurrencies presents you with advertising or advertisements (Mostly linked to tokens or crypto assets) that you can see to collect fractions of litoshis. The virtual monetary unit of Litecoin is called litoshis and with that the bot pays you after seeing the ads.
  • Doge Click Bot: a bot similar to LTC Click Bot but with Doge Coin and the only thing that changes is the minimum withdrawal requirement. That is, you must have at least 3 Doge Coin to be able to withdraw and send them to your wallet.
  • Bitcoin Click Bot: a bot that follows the same way of earning cryptocurrencies, one of those who pays at the time of meeting the requirements. If you want to withdraw the necessary satoshis, you must meet the goal of 5.000 or 0.00005 Bitcoin fractions.

What are the best bots to play on Telegram?

Game bots for Telegram
  • gamebot: a good one collection of minigames that you can play directly on Telegram without having to download anything at all. Ideal for hanging out!
  • game: Gamee is perhaps the best Telegram bot that you can use to play alone. This one stands out for its nostalgic air typical of the arcade games of the 80s, but it doesn't matter if you don't belong to this generation. We are talking about fairly simple games that come with instructions so you can play them with ease.
  • triviabot: a bot that will test your general knowledge while you play a fun Trivia from Telegram. Start the conversation and the bot will start sending you questions, choose the correct answer among the four different options (ABCD). After you answer them, it will tell you if you got it right and keep asking you about everything. Add him in a group and play with friends!

What are the best bots to read books on Telegram?

  • thelibraryLibrebot: This is one of the best bots to read books on Telegram, gives you access to great content from classic books. In the free library, books on philosophy, science, stories and many more stand out.
  • classical reading: this Telegram bot to read books allows you to view books shared by multiple users. Most of the titles are related to studies or essays on certain topics.
  • secret library: one of the most used Telegram bots to find and read books, because it is simply one of the best that offers books and texts in Spanish and Spanish (many only have books in English or other languages). It is necessary to point out that this bot has more than 92 thousand electronic books ready to download and view on mobile, tablet or computer.

What are the best funny bots?

Text to Speech Bot allows you to automatically convert your texts to text in many languages, including Spanish.
  • Text to speech bot: this fun Telegram bot used to convert a text message to audio, and is available in multiple languages. It is a very easy tool in which you only have to send a message within the bot channel, so that an audio is generated that reads what we write.
  • Hear for you: another fun Telegram bot that takes care of listen to the audios you send and convert them to text to return your written message. Of course, its effectiveness depends on the vocalization and diction of the person who emits the audio. Ideal for transcribing when you don't feel like typing!
  • fancychars: this is a Telegram bot that shows you the text you send in different types of fonts so you can take only the one that interests you and use it wherever you want.

What are the best bots for groups?

  • CHANNELS2RSS BOT: Telegram is impressive for its bots and this group bot is a clear example of that. The bot generates an RSS feed from any channel or group of your choice, making it easy for non-Telegram users to at least follow the discussion happening on the platform. An ideal tool to keep a group of people informed.
  • moonkeybot: Telegram is the home of cryptocurrencies, since almost all of them have their official group within this platform. And this amazing bot, what it does is notify your group of important movements made by a cryptocurrency so that people can invest and earn money.
  • spotybot- If your party members love listening to music, this is the perfect bot for that. East allows you to search for different artists or songs on Spotify and put an audio clip it will last 30 seconds. Also, the best part is that it brings a link to the full song on Spotify.

What are the best bots for organizing groups?

  • pollbot: Pollbot allows you to create poll bots that you can then send to your friends. It is unobtrusive and greatly simplifies collaborative workflows . The ideal solution for large groups that need to reach a consensus.
  • Combot: When you have a large group, this bot can help you like no other. Why? Because Combot can manage it efficiently automatically deleting all spam messagesas well as the content. It can also provide you with different stats.
  • Dr. Web: the ideal bot if you have a study group, or for other purposes, in which members must share files with each other. Just add this bot so it can scan those files automatically and ensure they are all virus free.

What are the best image bots on Telegram?

  • imagebot: This Telegram bot is used to search for Images, photos or gifs through the Bing search engine easily and quickly. One of the most effective image bots of the entire platform.
  • gifbot: Do you need a GIF to express yourself? Well, with this Telegram bot you will get it in the blink of an eye. The name speaks for itself!
  • TenorGIFSearch: In case you did not know, Tenor is one of the most popular GIF image banks and where you can find all kinds of these animated images. However, their Telegram allows you to find them much faster. After starting the bot, you can go to the conversation you want and type @gif followed by what you want to search for. You will see the recommendations of that theme, to be able to choose the one you like the most and send it.

You have realized? There are plenty of bots for everyone to please all kinds of tastes and needs. As you just saw, it is one of the features of Telegram that allows you to make the most of this platform. And you, which of all the ones we mentioned was the one you liked the most?


Si you have doubts about the operation of the bots, this FAQ section will be able to clear them:

Frequently asked questions about bots on Telegram

Are bots free?

Mostly yes, but there are some bots to make money where you will have to make a small investment to take advantage of them. Nevertheless, almost all of them are completely free.

Are Telegram bots easy to use?

If only just type the indicated words or commands to make them work. Nothing special!

What are Telegram bots for?

Well, for practically everything.. There are those with simple and complex functions, there are to earn money, to download music, to bet, to play, to read books and others.  

Is it easy to create a Telegram bot?

It all depends on the bot, but there are some that are created in a matter of two clicks.

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