Best PDF editors for Ubuntu

PDF documents are a vital part of all of us. Presentations, letters, books and even documents with some type of legality are presented under this format. However, not all people use Windows or Mac, that is why today we present you the best PDF editors for Ubuntu.

What are the best PDF editors for Ubuntu

It is normal that there are differences or limitations with respect to famous applications or programs that are designed for -logically- what is more commercial. However, today we explain one of the best solutions so you can manage the documents in PDF format as you like and edit them.

Then top 10 shows that you can download and use to edit to your liking all the documents in PDF format that you want:

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice is the tool that Ubuntu offers you to replace the well-known Microsoft Office of Windows. The good thing about this program is that already has an option to read and edit PDF documents. Generally, computers with Ubuntu operating system already come with Libre Office, but if not, install it on your PC to be able to edit PDF in Ubuntu.


Have you heard the phrase is the exact copy? Well Inkscape is just that. It is a tool very similar to LibreOffice Draw. Especially functional with graphics and vector editing, as well as PDF editing. You can add a signature, insert an image, delete or create text and more.

The only detail of Inkscape is that when editing PDF documents forces you to import all the files in the document page by page and not in a unique way. So we recommend you to have a little patience with this tool.

Qoppa PDF Studio

If we talk about exclusivity, we talk about Qoppa PDF Studio. East is a unique program exclusively designed for Linux Ubuntu. It is a great tool for editing PDF documents professionally as you can not only modify them but also create them from scratch. The modifications go through: modifying the text, shapes, inserted images, adding notes, text boxes, watermarks, adding footers, headers and more.

Although Qoppa PDF Studio is not a free program, you can download its trial version -with all its active tools- which is totally free. Although if you're looking for a program to edit professionally for a job, don't hesitate to get hold of Qoppa PDF Studio.


Okular is one of the most famous PDF editing tools for Ubuntu. The reason? Easy, it is free and easy to use. It is designed for those little novices who are looking for easy editing without much professionalism.

Within basic tasks that Okular offers you, you will find- Add inline notes, draw freehand, generate a watermark, create pop-up notes, underline sentences, paragraphs, etc. Also, you can save the PDF as an image.

Master PDF Editor

If we talk about the major leagues, it is impossible not to talk about Master PDF Editor. This is the most famous Linux Ubuntu PDF editor commercially speaking. It offers you endless functions so that you can work with the editing of PDF documents like a professional, from creating PDF files to editing them, such as scanned signatures.

Master PDF Editor allows you to: add and edit text, images and notes within the PDF document. You can generate notes, edit forms and more. Although Master PDF Editor is a paid tool, you can get the free version which offers you many of the basic editing tasks.

PDF Exhaust

If you are looking for speed, PDF Escape is the perfect option for you, since it is not a downloadable PDF file editing tool, but rather you will find it on the web. Which means that you do not need to download or install any programs. You just need to upload the PDF document to the website and start working on it.


PDFEdit is a free and open source PDF editor and viewer for Linux Ubuntu operating system. Its main virtues are: very easy to use, it is a free tool. The only thing that PDEdit has against is that they haven't released updates for years, so you won't find a current version of the program.

However, PDFEdit is still a very good option for those newbies who are venturing into the world of Ubuntu and need to edit PDF documents. Another positive point of this program is that allows you to easily add or edit text, images and other objects within PDF files.

PDF String

Another option to edit PDF that you will find is PDF Chain. You can add backgrounds, watermarks, edit the text of the PDF document, include form data in a PDF and more. It's an hcompletely free tool, as long as the PDF document does not exceed 100 pages or weighs more than 10 MB.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is one of the most famous PDF viewers of all. Not only can you use it on Linux, but it is also available for Windows and MacOS. Going back to Ubuntu, Foxit Reader will will provide security and speed when using your PDF editor.

Apache OpenOfficeDraw

Apache OpenOffice Draw is one of the best PDF editors you'll get on Ubuntu. Why? The reason in simple, this tool is like the brother of the already mentioned LibreOffice Draw. You can use Apache OpenOffice Draw both to view PDF documents and to edit them.

Among the things you can do with the editor is: insert images, generate text forms and more. If you are going to opt for OpenOffice Draw, we recommend that you uninstall the LibreOffice office suite.

By Hector Romero

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