We know that not all people have the possibility to buy games, but this does not mean that they cannot play, for that reason today we bring you an incredible list, with The best free games you can find on Steam.

Our 10 favorite free games on Steam


runescape – MMORPG Zone

Runescape is the exact definition of an excellent free MMO, old-fashioned and with a great progression system, which allows you to improve your character without the need to put a penny in the game.

By playing Runescape you can enjoy great adventures, challenging missions, unforgettable battles, and all of this you can enjoy with your friends, or with members of one of the largest and most faithful communities in the world of MMOs.

What are you waiting to try it? – Download it now.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!: How to Get the Good Ending | hobbyconsoles

During the last years this has been one of the names most mentioned by the community of streamers around the world, and no wonder.

Doki Doki Literature Club! It is a visual novel like very few nowadays, with an immersive story, great character development and excellent graphics, which has nothing to envy other visual novels.

If what you want is to feel like inside an anime, learn a great story and have fun in the process, then we recommend you download Doki Doki Literature Club- Download it now.


Warframe | Nintendo Switch Downloadable Software | Games | Nintendo

The most played free shooter-hack and slash right now. Enjoy an adrenaline ride like you have never experienced before. 

Immerse yourself in an exciting story very well thought out by its developers Digital Extremes, a very intuitive gameplay, and an online mode that is the icing on the cake.

Customize your warrior, and join the most important battle of your life – Download it now.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Evasion presents the new island map in its latest trailer – MMORPG Zone

One of the most relevant Batle Royale of the moment, and without a doubt, one that is worth trying.

Join their fierce battles to see who is the best, discover a wide variety of selectable characters, all with unique and customizable abilities.

Prove your competitive skills in its incredible Multiplayer mode, and join a growing community that loves first-person shooters – Download it now.

Final Fantasy XIV (Trial)

Final Fantasy XV adds a new collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV. Your Comrades multiplayer is already sold separately

Although we know that we are talking about only the trial version, that does not mean that Final Fantasy XIV is an amazing game, and that we can try it for free through Steam.

Although you will not be able to enjoy the novelties that come in its constant updates and expansions, you will be able to play without a time limit in the main campaign until you reach level 60, but I tell you that after that, you will buy it without hesitation.

Join the largest MMO community in existence right now, and start enjoying everything this wonderful JRPG has in store for you – Download it now.

Eve Online

EVE Online - Tips to start your own adventure in space

Who has not ever heard of the famous EVE Online, gigantic management game set in a futuristic world and in space, in which many of the craziest stories in the world of video games have happened.

Although it is true that to play it completely it is necessary to pay a subscription of 10 euros per month, that does not mean that through Steam we can enjoy a free version, which has no waste.

Get your first ship and start forging the course of your own futuristic story within this amazing game – Download it now.

Dota 2

Dota 2: what is Dota? History, champions, esports, origin, name, developers and everything from the Valve video game | IceFrog | eul | Source 2 | The International | SPORT-PLAY | SPORT

Direct competition from the famous PC moba League of Legends, this game has nothing to envy its competition.

With more than 100 different heroes and varied game modes, enjoy a competitive experience like few others.

Complete the tutorial, pick a lane and start climbing the ladder in a competitive mode with huge impact on the Esporst world, who knows, one day we might see you competing for the World Championship. –Download it now.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark presents a new preview this time focused on its world – La Tercera

The most notorious MMO in this last year, since after being successful in South Korea, it was finally released in Europe and America.

Now that we have a server totally dedicated to our continent, all that remains is to immerse yourself in the gigantic world of Arkesia and start enjoying a game that never disappoints.

A gigantic economy system based on bartering and buying materials, a wide variety of missions and thousands of places to explore, are some of the things you will find during your stay in Lost Ark – Download it now.

fate 2

3 things to know if you're going to play Destiny 2 but didn't play the first part

From the creators of the famous Halo, comes their most recent science fiction shooter, with which they have been able to leave players with an incredible taste in their mouths.

Enjoy the free version of the most played ShoterMMO in the world. Experience a commendable competitive system, or just spend a few hours playing its awesome solo mode.

 Don't wait any longer, and play the ShoterMMO that is on everyone's lips –Download it now.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive would receive a mode in the purest PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds style

Last but not least, the much-loved and well-known Counter-Strike.

Recognized throughout the world, and with a great place in the competitive scene of video games, is this wonderful first-person shooter, which has not known how to do anything other than give us countless hours of fun over the years.

If what you want is to enjoy a more traditional shooter experience, but not for that of lower quality- Download it now.

free scary games on steam

As we know that Horror games are the favorite genre of many of the users who read us, below, we will focus on some of them, which for us are the best of the best that can be found on Steam, right now:

We went back

We Went Back on SteamFeel the terror in your own flesh once you wake up in an abandoned space station, and you have to find an alternative escape route, as you must flee from a strange presence that is chasing you.

Download it now.

SPC:Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory Cheats - Guide and tips for the noob - XGN.esStrange creatures from the SPC lab have escaped, their intentions unknown.

Experience the most vivid terror, in this online multiplayer scary game. In which you must choose whether to be part of the containment team, be part of the members of the laboratory or join the group of beings that have escaped from their safe confinements.

Download it now.

Another World

Interactive horror game inspired by Silent Hill, created by a single person, in which we must take the role of Steve, a worker who late at night receives a call that forces him to return to work.

What Steve didn't know is that a tragedy would happen tonight, and he would have to end it all.

Download it now.

Free Shooting Games on Steam

Shooting games are a classic within the Gamer communityFor this reason, now we will see a list of those that for us are the best within this great platform.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite (Campaign) on Steam

The new installment of Halo arrived on Steam with incredible force, and with an audience that couldn't wait another day to try it.

You can play this game completely free of charge on Steam, although some aspects, such as the season pass, must be paid for through small micro-payments.

Download it now.


PUBG Doubles Its Player Base With Free2Play Model, But There Are Criticisms - Global Esport News

Although in the past, this famous shooter had an exclusively paid version, in the current year 2022, that has changed and we can enjoy it freely. totally free via Steam.

Immerse yourself in this fun battleroyale where you can test your skills against a group of 99 other players.

Download it now.


Splitgate on Steam

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you joined the wonderful real-time combat system of Halo, with the incredible use of Portal portals, well imagine no more, well Splitgate made that possible.

Dive into an immersive futuristic shooter experience that you won't be able to put down.

Download it now..


Ironsight on Steam

You are looking for more realistic combat, without so much jumping, abilities and futuristic objects that unbalance the rhythm of the game, then Ironsight is what you've been looking for.

Enjoy a great Call of Duty style gun game, which is mainly focused on the immersion of the game, and making it as realistic as possible.

Download it now.

Games with low PC requirements

Not all of us have a state-of-the-art gaming PC, which is why this incredible list is here with some of the best low-requirement games for PC.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile will not be abandoned: it will receive 4 expansions in 2020

RPG game inspired by the Diablo saga, perfectly representing everything that Diablo 3 should have been.

Its requirements are the most accessible, and we are more than sure that you will be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of division thanks to this incredible title.

Path of Exile requirements:

  • Operating system Windows 7 onwards
  • 2.6GHz quad core processor
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Internet connection

Download it now.



Low Requirements Moba Game, which is has a large community that does not stop growing as time goes by.

Prove your skill against other players, and show off to your friends how far you've been able to go in this incredible competitive MOBA.

Smite Requirements:

  • Operating system Windows 7 onwards
  • 2.4GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Graphics card gt8800 onwards
  • Internet connection.

Download it now.

free anime games

anime games they are one of our guilty pleasures, for that reason we will recommend 2 below, which for us are the best available on the platform Steam.

 Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel

Most recent game in the franchise, in which the competitive currently plays, and which, to date, has the largest number of cards available in a game, ALL. As you hear it, you will be able to use any card seen in the series.

If what you want is to relive those afternoons with your friends playing Yu Gi Oh after school, or you are simply a fan and want to enjoy the best game made on this series, then this is the game you are looking for.

Download it now.


Yeah, we know we're cheating a bit in this post, as VR Chat isn't essentially an anime game, but it's just that in VR you can be the character you want.

Interact with a huge community that lives inside a video game in the most SAO style, and create your avatar according to the character you want.

Within VR you can be a character from Dragon ball, a ninja from Naruto or a magician from Fairy tail, within VR you will be whoever you want to be.

Download it now.

Free War Games on Steam

Wars are a very touchy subject, one that none of us wants to be involved in, but really, who doesn't love a good war game?

We all like war games, and for that reason today we bring you this list with the 2 best games on Steam:

War Thunder

War Thunder Free Steam

Get into a tank, and immerse yourself in the greatest war conflict of all time, the second world war.

In this game you will have at your disposal more than 1800 different military vehicles, dozens of maps and an incredible multiplayer mode, which will make you feel inside the war itself.

Download it now.


Crossout on Steam

Amazing war game where we can customize our vehicle, and launch directly into battle, to experience all the action of the conflict firsthand.


How to get any steam game for free

In order to download any free game from Steam, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the steam home page and register
  2. Download the Steam client
  3. Go to the search section in the games section
  4. Choose Free to Play
  5. Choose the game you like the most
  6. And click start game
  7. Once downloaded, all you have to do is start playing.

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