Thanks to the current NFT and cryptocurrency craze, a plethora of games have emerged that allow you to generate income. However, not all of them are trustworthy and some end up being scams. For this same reason, today we will tell you what they are top 10 NFT games to make money that you can try right now.

No one disputes that NFT games have changed the way many people view video games. If you want to be part of this global trend that also allows you to improve your economy, then you have come to the right place.

10 NFT games for you to start making money right now

We bring you a list with top 10 NFT games to make money right now. It only remains for you to choose the one you like the most, invest and start earning new income. eye! Keep in mind that you should only invest money that you are willing to lose and that we are not responsible for what happens in the game, as we simply give recommendations of the titles that are most profitable at the moment.

Axie Infinity

play axie infinty android

Es impossible to talk about NFT games to earn money without mentioning Axie Infinity, so much so that it could be said that it is the most important of the NFT games. Axie Infinity is a very Pokémon-like NFT game that uses the Ethereum blockchain technology. Here you can earn real money by fighting battles with your three Axies, either in Adventure Mode (fighting against the computer) or Arena Mode (fighting real people).

Do you want to make a safe investment in NFT games? Then Axie Infinity could be the best option for you. It is a game that has been active since 2018 and so far it is still profitable (despite its ups and downs). If you like card games or turn-based strategies and the concept of Pokémon, then you'll love Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity official website

crypto bomb

bomb crypt

crypto bomb is an NFT game to earn money that is inspired by the classic Bomberman. So you will see several characters trapped in a maze as they must break blocks to move around the place.

Everything happens in Bomberland, a planet far from Earth where the inhabitants live in peace and happiness. However, one day, the land was invaded by an evil force that burned forests, destroyed houses, and stole BCOIN (the property of the town). Yes, just as you must be imagining BCOIN is the currency that is earned in this NFT game.

For this very reason, the kingdom's scientists created the Bombers who are the heroes responsible for destroy the forces of evil and rescue the BCOIN.

Crypto Bomb Official Website


Cryptocars is an NFT game to earn money inspired by Need for Speed ​​(although you don't drive the cars, the races are done automatically). Here you will have the opportunity to race NFT cars to earn real money. Cars vary in size and type, so you can have from a taxi, to a van or a luxurious sports car to start the races.

To start playing, you can choose to get common, rare, classic and super cars. Depending on what yours is, you will have more chances to win a race and get the Crypto Cars token called (CARS).

Crypto Cars official website


CryptoPlanes is an NFT game from the CryptoCity metaverse (of which Cryptocars also belongs) in which you will become the owner of an NFT plane. As its name suggests, it is a game very similar to the Cryptocars that we mentioned earlier only that you use airplanes. If you were looking for games that allow you to earn money without having to try too hard, this could be the perfect alternative for you.

CryptoPlanes official website


Binamon is an NFT game based on Pokémon-style creatures. This one stands out because its economy is supported by three tokens (BMON, BMON-Z1 and BNRG) and each one has different prices and is used for different things.

In Binamon, each monster is destroyed using a specific combination of items which you must enter yourself with speed. When a monster dies the player receives a reward and these are exchanged for real money. As you progress through the game, you earn better and more rewards. The stronger your Binamon, the greater your rewards.

Binamon official website


DeRace is an NFT game inspired by horse racing, mainly horse racing betting, its token is the DERC (DeRace Coins) and it is the only currency with which the game is handled. The main way to generate income is by betting on races. However, this is not the only one, since you can buy racetracks and get a percentage of the income from the races or you can also focus on breeding (breeding and selling horses) because it is another way that you can enter profits.

DeRace official website.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a Minecraft-style virtual metaverse where you can play for profit. Its main token is SAND, but there are also two more in the game: GEM and CATALYST. In Sandbox, in addition to playing various internal game modes, players will be able to create their characters, own lands, and even build their own universes. Collect items and even contribute to the metaverse with decisions that can improve the game.

The Sandbox official website.

meta soccer

MetaSoccer is another football inspired metaverse in which you will have to be a true leader and manager, because you have to manage your team perfectly to generate income. Find new talents, get the best sponsorships and improve your players to market them in the future.

The MetaSoccer token is the MSU and as you gain experience as a player you will get rewards in MSU, as well as you will have the opportunity to make decisions in the MetaSoccer ecosystem. Thus obtaining benefits such as: participating in game votes, trying new MetaSoccer functions or having exclusive access to other NFTs:

MetaSoccer official website.

Alien Words

Following the list of metaverses we introduce you to Alien Worlds, an NFT game consisting of 7 planets where the main idea is to mine the Trilium (TLM). This is achieved through spaceships that will carry out missions in each of the worlds. At the end of each mission you will be rewarded for TLM, although you also have the possibility of obtaining NFT from the game. This is important because the Alien Worlds NFTs can be traded freely on the marketplace and thus generate money.

Alien Worlds website.

thetan arena

Thetan Arena is a Brawl Stars style NFT game. This is considered an e-Sports (electronic sport) and you can play it on your Android mobile, iPhone or PC. Thetan Arena is a MOBA where you will have to fight in a team of 5 people against another equal. However, this is not the only game mode, since you also have a Battle Arena where you will have to demonstrate your skills, since you will be alone against everyone else.

Importantly Thetan Arena is a completely free game, you can enter and play without having to pay anything at all. However, there are paid crates that give you a chance to get a random hero. These allow you to get THG (Thetan Arena token) per game win, which means a higher amount of money generated.

Thetan Arena official website.

And you, which one did you like the most?

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