The world of eBooks has evolved in recent years, with a multitude of options available on the market, it can be difficult to determine what the best are. best eBook readers in EPUB format. In this article, we'll explore a variety of readers, their functionality, ease of use, compatibility, and overall performance.

best ebook readers

We present a selection of the best ebook readers available for the EPUB format. These devices stand out for their compatibility with an increasingly popular open e-book format, the EPUB. This format is establishing itself as a strong competitor to Amazon and its MOBI format, rapidly gaining ground among eBook stores.

In general, most of these readers are free, though there are some exceptions that might have a cost associated with them due to unique additional features or functionality. However, we've rounded up the top ones here so you can make an informed decision.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that The EPUB format offers fluid and adaptable reading, allowing the content to automatically adjust to the size of the reader's screen, which contributes to a better reading experience. Readers that support this format are often very versatile, with the ability to adjust text size, spacing, margins, and other aspects to the user's preference. This customization contributes to its growing popularity among lovers of digital reading.


Sumatra initially emerged as a means of viewing PDF files and soon expanded its ability to support other formats, including EPUB. It stands out for being an independent application, which does not need any other to work and can be easily obtained from its official site. It is an ideal option for those teams that do not have much power. Besides, Sumatra offers the ability to open EPUB files for free, without requiring any additional licenses.

Despite its advantages, it is not without its limitations. Unlike other ebook readers that we will see, Sumatra It is only compatible with the Windows operating system. This means that you will not be able to use it on your mobile phone or on computers with other operating systems.

It is important to note that while Sumatra is quite basic in terms of additional features, its simplicity can be a great advantage for those users looking for a distraction-free reading experience. The ease of use and efficiency of this software make it a good choice for those looking for a simple and functional ebook reader.


Caliber is more than just an ebook reader, it is a comprehensive ebook manager that allows you to organize and transfer your digital books to your eReader efficiently. Recently, Caliber has added two valuable new features. The first is a complete ebook editor for the creation and modification of electronic books, and the second is an ebook viewer, both extremely useful for the user.

It can process virtually any type of ebook file, either directly or through its plugins. It offers full-screen reading capabilities, with options to customize line spacing, font, and navigation through chapters.

A prominent advantage over other apps is its cross-platform compatibility, It is available for Gnu/Linux, Mac OS, Windows and even has a portable version to use from a flash drive. Caliber is one of the best options if you plan to read ebooks from a desktop or laptop computer. However, it may not be the most optimal option for reading on tablets or mobile phones.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions, more than a simple ebook reader, is presented as a creation and editing tool, similar to Calibre. Nonetheless, offers the ability to read ebooks in various formats, including the EPUB format. It is a product of Adobe, and although it is free to use, some features and services come at an additional cost.

It is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS, providing not only the ability to create and read ebooks, but also to share them between users, a feature that is not common in other applications. However, this functionality involves the use of DRM, which may further limit the use of the ebooks within the application.

Although Adobe Digital Editions It may not be the best choice for reading EPUB files, Adobe's long history in publishing and reputation make it an important ebook program worth considering. You can get it directly from its official site.

It is important to mention that Adobe Digital Editions, like other Adobe products, offers a clean and easy to use user interface. It allows you to organize your eBooks into personalized virtual bookshelves and is compatible with most eReaders, which can make it easy to transfer books between your device and your digital library.


FBReader supports multiple platforms, which frees us from worrying about whether our device, be it a tablet, desktop or laptop, is compatible with the program.

Allows access to cloud storage and online libraries, so you can read EPUB ebooks stored anywhere, not just on your device. Also You can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. The application offers the possibility of adding plugins and add-ons to customize it to your liking.

Although FBReader does not have the same popularity as Caliber as an ebook reader for Windows, it is an excellent option for mobile devices such as tablets or phablets, since its package is lighter and does not consume as many resources as other reading applications. Different versions for different platforms can be found on their official website.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an application that has gained great popularity among ebook readers thanks to its flexibility. It is a self-contained and easy-to-use tool, although its functions may be somewhat limited. Mainly, it allows you to customize reading elements such as font types and size, spacing between lines, among others. Its reputation is largely due to the fact that the application has been adapted for eReaders, allowing devices like Kindle to be able to read ebooks in EPUB format thanks to Cool Reader.

It is available for Windows, Android and Gnu/Linux and it is free to download. However, it does not yet have versions for Mac OS or for iOS users. As compensation, it offers versions for tablets and smartphones with Android, transforming our mobile devices into powerful eReaders.

It is important to mention that despite its limitations, Cool Reader also offers useful features such as bookmarks, text search, screen brightness adjustment, and night mode. These features, along with its ability to transform Android devices into ebook readers, make Cool Reader a worthwhile option for lovers of digital reading.

Epub Reader for Firefox

Increasingly, web browsers are becoming an attractive option for reading ebooks on computers, laptops, and other devices. One of the positive aspects of this option is the universality of access: we can read ebooks in EPUB format on any platform, since all operating systems have a web browser.

In the specific case of the complement epubreader for Firefox, this extension transforms the Mozilla Firefox browser into an ebook reader in EPUB format. To install it, you just need to search for it in the Mozilla Add-ons repository within Firefox and add it. It should be noted that it is limited only to reading in EPUB format, without offering support for other ebook formats.

One downside to this plugin is that, being specifically for Firefox, the Android or mobile versions of the browser do not support this feature, which means there is noor we can read ebooks from these mobile devices.

In addition, it offers features such as bookmarks, text resizing, and easy navigation through the table of contents. This extra functionality, along with the ease of installation and use, make EpubReader a solid choice for reading EPUB ebooks directly from your browser.

Readium for Chrome

Readium is an extension for Chrome that is ideal for reading ebooks in epub format. It is a consortium dedicated to developing the epub format. This translates into a great advantage of this extension: its very high compatibility with the epub format, which could be higher than other extensions. Certainly, Readium might be the plugin that best adheres to the standard specifications of the epub format.

This extension for Chrome is completely free, but it has a notable disadvantage: its operation depends on one of the heaviest web browsers in terms of resource usage. Chrome is a great tool, but its resource-intensive use can be problematic for underperforming or outdated computers, like those running Windows XP, for example.

Still, Readium can be a great option for those looking for a smooth and reliable epub reading experience. Additionally, offers customization options for the reading experience, allowing you to adjust the size of the text, the background color and the type of font for a reading experience tailored to the user.


Although in the Gnu/Linux universe, the best-known programs to read epub files are FbReader and Calibre, there are other applications that have also gained popularity thanks to the Open Source principle. An example of these is Lucidor, a free program that can be installed on any Gnu/Linux distribution.

Lucidor acts as an eBook reader that has the ability to connect to OPDS repositories, making it easy to download eBooks for free. Perhaps the most attractive feature, however, is its ability to turn our news and web articles into e-books, which can be extremely useful for gathering all our interesting reading in one place. Furthermore, Lucidor's interface is intuitive and friendly.

In addition, Lucidor is also available for Windows and Mac operating systems, which extends its usability. If you are interested in trying this program, you can find Lucidor in your Official Site.


Freda emerges as another compelling alternative to ebook reading. This free software, designed for Windows systems, offers the ability to read books in EPUB format, as well as other formats such as FB2, MOBI, HTML and TXT. In addition to reading, Freda lets you customize controls, fonts, and colors, and even gives you the ability to annotate and bookmark your favorite pages. But it doesn't stop there, this application is also responsible for organizing, cataloging and searching your entire digital library.

In addition, it gives us the option to download books directly, providing the sources from which to obtain them. However, it is important to mention that the Spanish translation of the program is not completely complete and book download sources do not usually offer titles in Spanish. Freda is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and can be downloaded for free (ads included) from the Microsoft online store.

To expand its functions, Freda allows the synchronization of your library through cloud storage services such as Google Drive and OneDrive, allowing you to access your books on different devices.


Azardi is one of those versatile applications which, despite being multiplatform, stands out especially in the Gnu/Linux ecosystem. This tool offers full compatibility with Epub version 3, a format that few readers can handle. azardi is a creation of Infogrid Pacific, where you can get a version of this e-book reader, although it is free software and suitable for all Gnu/Linux distributions.

It comes in two forms, a desktop version and an online version. The online version works in any web browser, while the desktop version can be installed on any desktop or laptop computer. If you have eBooks in Epub3 format or you like rich ebooks, Azardi is a great option.

Moon + Reader

Moon+ Reader is an application that has been gaining ground in the Android world, capturing the attention of avid readers on this platform. This tool has two versions: one free and one paid. The paid version offers additional features compared to the free one, but both allow the reading of ebooks in epub format, the modification of the spacing between lines, the font, the activation of dark mode, among other functions.

Along with these features, Moon + Reader it also provides support for the most popular cloud storage services, allowing you to read ebooks without having to take up space on your device.

Ebook Offline Reader

Ebook Offline Reader is an e-book reader that works like an extension for the Chrome browser. This program allows you to enjoy an e-book viewer on Chrome OS, Google's Linux system. Once added to the browser, the extension can run in offline mode, functioning as a regular application.

It is a tool that you can use on your Chrome OS system or directly in your web browser. While it's not the most comprehensive eBook reader, it's a great option for emergencies or for those who have Chrome OS as their primary operating system.


While there are a number of applications available for Mac OS, Apple's iBooks is the undisputed leader on this platform. This apple ebook manager not only makes it easy to send ebooks in any format (including epub) to devices like the iPhone or iPad, but also allows reading these on Apple computers.

iBooks is a free application that it is included by default in MacOS for users. If you don't have it installed, you can get it from iTunes or from the Apple website. This wide availability makes it a very popular application. One drawback, however, is that iBooks conforms to Apple's guidelines, meaning there are limitations on what the user can do if Apple doesn't allow it, while free alternatives like Caliber allow a wide range of modifications and support any ebook. .

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is an EPUB reader that works on multiple platforms and stores all your EPUB books in the cloud. It is available for free for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. It also offers an excellent online EPUB reader, which means you don't need to download or install desktop software. Simply visit their website in the browser and you can read your epub book online.

The free version meets your basic epub ebook reading needs. There is also a premium version that provides cloud storage, syncing, and a few other customizable features.


Aldiko is a free application that can be used both in Android as in iOS, although it is particularly recognized in the Android universe. This is a very versatile application that allows you to read files in the most widely used and popular formats today. While you read your ebook in Aldiko, you can enjoy all the comforts that an eReader offers, but on your mobile or tablet.

Plus the ability to read epub files, Periodically it allows you to purchase ebooks from any online store, and even offers a night mode for reading in low-light environments, among other features. It can be downloaded from the official stores, but it is better to visit its official website where all the versions and downloads are available.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the official platform of the Google ebooks library, it allows you to upload your own ebooks or any other privately. Your reader is adaptable with practically all existing ebook formats, which means that you can read ebooks from almost any device. The advantage of this reader over others is the ability to buy an ebook directly from the app and start reading it right away, a feature that not all readers have.

It is an excellent application as it integrates very well with other Google apps and services. However, it requires you to subscribe to this ecosystem and prevents you from using other online ebook stores that might have the book you are looking for or at a more affordable price. You can find Google Play Books in the Play Store of Google.

Lithium Epub Reader

Lithium Epub Reader is a simple reading app that is limited to ebooks in epub format. It stands out for its simple operation, which can sometimes be a great advantage. It is a free application that, unlike others, does not contain ads or advertising. Lithium Epub Reader allows you to modify the type of font, the size, the line spacing, activate the night mode or simply adjust the ebook to the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. You can find Lithium Epub Reader in the Android store.


Marvin is an application that allows reading almost any ebook in almost any format, including epub and mobi. It allows you to adjust different parameters of the ebook, such as the font, its size, the line spacing, etc. It syncs with iCloud accounts, uses TouchID technology to protect our readings, and also connects with online stores to buy and download ebooks.

If you are looking for an ebook reader for your iPad that is not restricted by the rules imposed by iBooks, Marvin is definitely your best option. It is available on the App Store, but you can also find it on your official website, where you will also find other applications for iOS.

Which ebook reader to choose?

These are the most recognized and versatile applications or platforms to read ebooks that exist for reading digital books in epub format. Of course, there are other ebook readers that we have not included for various reasons. Some of these readers may be expensive and may not have optimal compatibility with the epub format. Others may not be up to date with the latest versions of the format or may simply be ebook readers who haven't received updates in a long time.

You are probably wondering what is the best epub reader? This is a complex question because it depends on our reading preferences, but the most recommended are Aldiko for mobile devices and Caliber for computers and laptops, these are the most complete options, allowing us not only to read ebooks in epub format, but also to export notes, access books related to the subject, among other things.

These are options that might be of interest to readers. However, the choice of these applications is very subjective and a good strategy to identify which is the best is to try them and choose your favourite.