Best Programs and Applications to Convert Photos to Drawings

Have you ever thought about what you would look like if you were a cartoon? This is something quite curious and even funny. There are millions of drawing styles and what you would have had to ask a professional before is now at your fingertips. That is why today we will tell you the best programs and applications to convert photos into drawings.

From now on we tell you that there is a great variety of programs to transform photos into drawings. You can find them on Android, iOS, PC and even websites. So to be a cartoon -or animated drawing- you can achieve it in a couple of simple steps.

Best apps to convert photos to drawing

The best thing about these apps is that you will find various styles of cartoons. you can go from transform a photo into a pencil drawing, even being a character from one of your favorite movies or animated series. It's just a matter of finding the style you like.


Painnt is one of the best apps to transform photos into drawings. Of the first and most recommended by users, Painnt is available in Android e iOS And it is absolutely free.

Here you can find over 90 filters that turn your best photos into drawings, but if you search deeply within the app you will find more than 2000 filters for other styles that are not only drawing.


Exclusive for lovers of iOS, Clip2Comic is a tool that will help you transform your photos into cartoons. It is a free tool and you can have fun with it.

It has a fairly comfortable and simple interface for users. Here you will find hundreds of photo effects, cartoon styles, image editing tools and a live cartoon camera option with which you can take your own photos.


Available Android e iOS, ToonMe, is one of the preferred options of users to transform your photo into drawing. It is a free app, but it also offers you to subscribe to it for 4,99 euros.

ToonMe makes use of the artificial intelligence to create realistic effects. In addition, you will find many styles of cartoons: from hand drawings, to being one more character from the Simpsons.

Best of all, ToonMe is an app that constantly updated, so you'll never run out of filters or new cartoon styles to try.


Photolab is a very professional tool, which is why, despite being free, it also offers you a subscription for 9,99 euros. Available in Android e iOS, Photolab is one of the best applications to transform a photo into a drawing.

Editing in these tools is essential and Photolab not only has filters, but you can also edit borders, frames and mounts to transform your best photos into that drawing you want so much.

It has over 800 possible effects, templates to facilitate your editing work and an interface so easy to use that you can share your masterpieces on social networks from the application itself.


Prisma is, without a doubt, one of the best apps to transform photos into drawings (if not the best). Is available in Android and free. And if you are a fan of art, this tool is for you.

It has more than 30 artistic filters different ones to choose from and you won't get tired of using them, since Prisma is constantly updated and offers you new filters. Best of all, you can not only transform your photos, but also your favorite videos.

Best programs for PC to convert photos into drawing

If you are a PC lover and like to edit in greater detail, the programs to transform photos into cartoons that you will see below are for you. They are easy to use and have a fairly comfortable interface. And no, we are not talking about Photoshop.

If you see enough similarity with Paint you are correct. Paint.Net is a program to transform photos into drawings free which was inspired by tools like Paint and Photoshop.

In Paint.Net you will find many tools and options that will help you to edit your photos in the best way. Also, you can draw on top of your own photos, giving them that special touch.

You can download paint net entering your Official website. In summary, it is an excellent option for all those editing beginners who are looking for a program to transform photos into drawings.


If you're looking for fast, simple and free program to transform photos into drawings, XnSketch is your best choice. This tool supports different types of photo formats and has very comfortable editing.

If you would like to download XnSketch you just have to enter your Official website, there you will find the direct download. Remember that XnSketch is ideal for those newbies looking for something quick and easy to use. If you are a professional looking for a pro tool, perhaps this program is not enough.

Photo Sketcher

Photo Sketcher is, without a doubt, the best program to transform photos into coloring pages. this tool it is ideal for children, since you can navigate its interface quickly and easily. You can download it from your Official website.

Accounts with various cartoon effects that allow you to draw your photos. Also, editing is quite user-friendly. While some effects can take a long time to complete (these are not HD photos), Foto Sketcher is one of the best programs for beginners.


Sketch Me! it's a free and exclusive program for users who have Windows 10 onwards. You can find it in the Microsoft official store. It is a fairly complete tool and there you can experiment with endless filters and editing options.

You can do the conversion from photo to drawing automatically or you can edit and convert it on your own. Sketch Me! It is a fairly complete program compared to the others, it is recommended for those who want to try the edition a little more.

Cartoon Generator

Cartoon Generation is a program to transform photos into drawings that you can download from your site for free. It is a basic and easy-to-use tool, it has more than 19 different effects that you can use in your photos.

In addition, Cartoon Generation supports image formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. As for editing, you don't have to worry, because thanks to the sliders that the interface has, it will be easy for you to retouch your photos.

Best websites to convert photos into drawing online

Although you have just seen the best applications and programs to convert photos into drawings, do not forget that there are also websites that offer you the same without having to download anything. Of all the possible options, these are the 5 best websites to convert photos into drawing online. The only thing that you have in disadvantage with these tools is that you depend on your internet connection to be able to use them.


PhotoCartoon is a completely online and free service that allows you to edit your photos and turn them into paintings, hand drawings, cartoons and much more. You can download the photos from the website itself without any hassle and without the annoying watermarks.

Best of all, PhotoCartoon is a very complete tool, since you can also download the application for Android or even install it on your Windows PC. Whatever your decision, you just have to enter your site to start editing your photos.

Be funky

BeFunkey is another online option that you can use to turn your photos into drawings. Designed for those detail-oriented and perfectionist people, BeFunky has a fairly complete image editor that will allow you to leave your photo as you really want. To start editing you just have to enter your site.


With a really simple interface and designed for all types of users, Cartoonizer is an excellent option for turn your favorite photos into cartoons. You can start editing by uploading the photo you want or even insert a URL of an image you saw on the internet and liked. To start editing you just have to enter your site.


Cartoonize is, without a doubt, the most complete website you can find for turn your photos into cartoons. It has tools that, if you are an editing professional, you will be able to take advantage of. It is completely free, although it also has a premium version where you can access a larger catalog of editing tools.

Best of all, you can download your photos in files such as JPG, PNG or PDF. To start editing you just have to enter your site.

Another online tool for turn photos into cartoons completely free. It is different from the others, since it has an option capable of editing the real emotions within a cartoon. This allows you to exaggerate the features of people in photos, one of the main characteristics of caricatures. You can start using entering your site.

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