Best Emule Servers

eMule is one of the applications that allows you to share and download content through a P2P system. And despite the fact that there are other alternatives today, you may be starting to use this platform to get different digital content; they can be, books, songs and much more. And if this is your case, we bring you the best eMule servers and how to load them.

Download best eMule servers

First of all, it is essential to know that this platform has a very interesting operation; It basically consists of sharing files and information through servers. To access them or download the best Emule servers, you will need an IP address, its port number and its respective name.

It should be noted that these have high safety standards. But even so, although it is very safe, you can never completely trust that you will find content free of viruses or malware that can affect your PC.

Best eMule servers in Spain

In the servers that we show you below you can find different content; from songs or music, to books. Now, among the 2022 eMule servers that are working as of today are:

NameIP adressPort number
GroupTS Server145.239.2.1344661
!! Sharing-Devils No.1!!
!! Sharing-Devils No.2!!
Sunrise Mule176.123.5.894725 385.204.50.1164232

How to load the best eMule servers

If you are new to using eMule, you probably won't know how to keep your pre-installed servers up to date, and you may also need help installing the best servers that we mentioned above.

Whatever the case, first we will guide you to install the eMule servers manually. You will only have to do the following:

Add a new server to Emule

  1. The first thing you have to do is open the application.
  2. Then place the pointer in the upper area of ​​the screen, right in the options bar, and press the icon that says: Servers.
  3. There will be a list of options on your right, you must choose the one that says: New server.
  4. Now alone enter the data requested, that these, we have left above previously; It will only ask for name, IP and port.
  5. When you have added the data you will only have to click where it says: Add to list. And ready!

Additionally, we recommend that you review the following settings:

Emule Settings

Within “Preferences” > “Server” we recommend you activate these fields:

  • Update server list on startup
  • Smart ID control when connected
  • use priority system
  • Assign highest priority to added servers

With this configuration the servers will work well for you.

How to update Emule servers

Now that you know how to add the best servers to eMule, you also need to know how to update them. Read on to learn how to do it.

Update Emule servers
  1. Once inside the app, you should look for the box that says Preferences and look for the option of: Server.
  2. Once this is done, an extensive list of activatable functions will be displayed. there you must check 2 boxes that say: Auto-update server list on startup and Assign high priority to manually added servers.
  3. within the same area, find and press the button that says: Edit.
  4. Notepad on your PC will open without any recorded data. You will need to paste the following without the quotes: “”
  5. Then, click on save document, and set the following name: addresses.dat.
  6. close notepad that was executed.
  7. Head over to eMule once again, and press the button that says “Apply” and then “OK” located in the Preferences > Server area.

How to choose the best server for eMule

To choose the best server for eMule, only simple data should be evaluated. In principle, we suggest take into account the number of active users in the same, since, this means that there will be greater possibilities of finding more variety of files.

In addition, it is essential to take into account the ping or response time; the lower, the faster the downloads. And finally, let's remember that large servers tend to have greater stability than those with a low number of active users.

However, the fact of entering a server with a high number of users, also causes longer wait times to access files. Therefore, you will have to try and change servers until you find the one that best suits what you need; but always taking into account the aspects explained.

What is the best eMule server to download books, movies and series?

On eMule servers you can find all kinds of content, however, some of them may have better content in terms of music, books, movies or series refers.

It is worth noting, that the material you will find will be subject to availability. Since, let's remember that it is a P2P platform that allows content sharing, so, if a user decides to stop sharing a movie, series or other, this file will simply disappear from the server. For this reason, the servers with the best entertainment content tend to vary, even so, in this 2022 the most used for entertainment purposes are:

NameIP adressPort number
GroupTS Server145.239.2.1344661
!! Sharing-Devils No.1!!
!! Sharing-Devils No.2!!
Sunrise Mule176.123.5.894725 385.204.50.1164232

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