Find out below some of the best tricks that every player of Township must know to earn rewards and advance levels.

Like any other game of this type, the player can reach new levels by playing conservatively. But if you really want move fast and have fun you will need to explore and take advantage of the multiple facilities or tricks that the game incorporates.

Get creative and play without pressure

Township is a game whose sole and great mission is to grow the city that the player has dreamed of. Since you are not running against time, It has to be played without pressure and making use of creativity. It begins by defining the areas where it is going to be built, and each of them must have a different treatment.

Nothing more practical than starting with the farm, where you must invest in the essentials. By continuing to advance in the development of constructions, you will be able to access special rewards such as Premium coins, recognition given to vibrant cities.  

Make your city grow from the first moment

It is considered as one of the key tricks of the game., since if you can grow the city faster from day one, it will be much cheaper than trying to do it in the more advanced levels. 

This stems from the fact that at the beginning of the game you have plenty of space to build, as well as a huge inventory of materials and supplies. The player will also have easier access to these resources, which will allow him to advance more quickly. 

spend a lot of time farming

Since agriculture is one of the sectors that contributes the most to the growth of a city, it is convenient to invest a lot of time in it. That is why it is essential to plant many varieties of crops if you want to have a city full of agriculture.  

As you progress through the game, you can unlock crops and select the plants you want or need at any given time. Although many players dismiss this trick, it is possible to progress faster if you pay attention to it.

Gain experience growing and harvesting wheat

Within the agriculture sector, the cultivation and harvesting of wheat is one of the most productive activities. It is a free, fast-growing product that can be cultivated with few coins. Growing wheat is the easiest way to gain experience.

In Township there is a great demand for this product since it can be used to feed the animals that are available and sell to the other stables to get coins. Its use is recommended from the beginning of the game.

Collect coins by completing orders

Although income can be generated in Township in a number of ways, completing orders is the most effective, so you have to get the most out of it. Gold coins can be earned by completing orders placed by residents of the city. They can be orders for a single product or complex orders where you have to collect multiple items.

Order management is carried out in the area where the helicopters land. There you can choose which ones you want to complete or request the shipment of more orders. It is best to only accept orders that offer higher rewards and get rid of those that have no value. 

Reach achievements and earn valuables

When a player has made significant progress in the game and ascends from one level to another, then it is rewarded with valuables and many bonuses. You can earn from amounts of the primary currency (T-cash), experience points (XP), and secondary currencies, as well as unlock items by clearing milestones.

With the secondary currencies you can buy ffactories, decorations and residential buildings. With XP you can level up and they can help block more factories, crops, decorations and residential buildings. With T-cash you can do almost anything, but earning this type of currency is not easy at all.

It should be kept in mind that the factories are for the processing of crops and the houses and residential buildings allow more citizens to live in the city. These citizens will become more customers for the products and more labor for the factories.

Try to collect the building materials you need

Materials are transported to the city in trains for the player to collect, after which the train must be returned to bring new materials. A player cannot know what type of building material he is going to get, so you will have to determine if it will be useful for building the city. 

Obtaining the right material is not an easy task, which is why it is necessary to constantly send trains in search of new materials. In this way, there will be greater opportunities to obtain the materials that are required to quickly build the city.

Expand your property

As you progress in the game, you will notice that with the constant construction the space of land that is free is less and less. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to verify which of the surrounding properties the city can expand to.

Expansions obviously have a cost in coins, but they can only be accessed if the city has attracted a significant number of citizens to it. As the population of the city grows, it must be checked if any new expansion is available. 

To continue building you must get citizens

To grow a city there must be citizens who inhabit the buildings that are built, people who make items in factories and farmers for agricultural areas. The attainment of citizens is another of the vital tasks that contribute to the growth of the city.

In addition to the cost in coins involved in building a building, a factory or a farm, you must have enough citizens to occupy them. Each construction produces experiences. You can start with residential houses, and then move forward based on production, work, basic services and whatever is essential to meet the needs of the new settlers.

Login for 5 consecutive days to earn bonuses

When a player logs in for 5 days in a row, they earn daily rewards whose value will increase. The bonuses for the first 4 days are large amounts of coins to spend, while on the fifth day the player will receive a great gift.

The coins have a duration of 5 days and must be claimed, even if you are not going to continue playing. They can be saved if you want to use them at any other time. These coins will be a great help to improve the city.

Optimizes the execution time of activities

Since Township is a real-time game, sufficient time is required to complete the activities. It can take a little longer than a day to build a building, so several can be built at once before moving on. 

The trick is to configure the game so that the build process doesn't stop, even if the user has logged off to work or go to sleep. 

Likewise, any activity can be advanced using coins, however, investing in it is not feasible for most players. The player who wants to move quickly can invest to speed up construction, but it would be very expensive to invest in speeding up tasks such as production or agriculture. 

Ask your friends for help on social networks

Township allows its players to interact with their friends on Facebook. With your help they will be able to advance much faster, especially in the first levels. To the same extent, each player must help their friends to complete their orders, which will allow them to earn their trust.

By interacting in this way both will be able to exchange different things such as planes or trains for other types of materials or constructions that you have in surplus. Building a community inside and outside of the game, in this case, social networks, has many advantages.

What is Township?

Township is a video game where you can build farms and cities, and it is available for multiple platforms. The purpose of the game is develop a small town, for this the player must grow various plants, build buildings and factories and sell products. 

By executing different types of activities, the player can earn experience points (XP) and coins.. These can be used to buy factories, buildings, decorations while the XP is used to level up. 

By advancing in level you will be able to access great advantages. From level 5 the first train is unlocked. At level 17 you can get the plane and the other 2 trains. At level 24, you can build a zoo and at level 29, you can travel to the islands, as soon as the port is unlocked. 

To play Township you will need to be a farmer, an engineer, an economist and even a mayor of the city.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.