Is MOBOX a reliable game?

The NFT games have stood out in 2021 and MOBOX is one of them. Reason for which, many question whether they can really trust it. Above all, due to the number of scams that have been generated in this type of project, so having a professional opinion about it could be useful. And for the same reason, we bring a MOBOX review this time.

Opinions: Is MOBOX a reliable game?

MOBOX is a reliable game

Between the blockchain video games Different cases of scam have been presented, and therefore it is difficult to trust a project of this type. Since, although everything may go as expected and earn tokens with the game, it is possible that everything turns out to be a scam and you lose a lot of money.

MOBOX is an NFT game that stands out from others due to the high levels of transparency it possesses. In addition, they clarify each aspect that may be of interest to the user in their White Paper; This is reason enough to trust.

Nor should we forget that there is no “fine print” in the White Paper; as happened, for example, in the video game based on Netflix's "Squid Game" series, which prevented investors from withdrawing money for "security reasons." And soon after, their DEVs disappeared completely and all investors' capital was lost.

However, like any current project based on this technology, it is important to bear in mind that are exposed to being hacked or suffer attacks where part of the liquidity is stolen.

Therefore, it is important to take precautions in this regard. Since, even though MOBOX can be a reliable NFT game, this factor will always be present.

In addition, it is important to know that this type of "games" It should be viewed with a greater focus on the investment sector, than on the gaming sector. Because, the risk or loss factor is present for being part of the crypto market.

Arguments and companies that support the game

Companies that support MOBOX

First of all, it is necessary to point out that behind the blockchain video game there are important companies or projects that support you; Among them stands out the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Coin Gecko, CoinMarketCap, DappRadar, among others.

This may be a positive sign for many, and perhaps enough to invest in MOBOX. Also, during the August 20, 2021 Binance ad that users could stake MBOX, and needless to say, that this exchange evaluates each project in detail before integrating it into its platform; There is another reason to trust the NFT game.


It is considered essential to take into account that behind every investment there will always be risks. Therefore, it is suggested not to invest capital that you are not willing to lose. Since, in the event of a drop in the price of the token, they find faults in the server or simply an attack, it is possible that part of the investment will be lost.

However, omitting these factors, and emphasizing their foundations, we can say that MOBOX, under any concept, is a reliable game; which in fact has already generated profits of thousands of dollars to multiple users.

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