How Arena Mode works in Axie Infinity

The first thing anyone should know about Axie Infinity (besides that you earn money) is that there are two game types available: Adventure and Arena. Each mode has its own features and ways of awarding rewards. So this time, we will explain How does Arena Mode work in Axie Infinity?.

In Adventure Mode you face the environment of Axie Infinity (PVE) through various levels, each with increasing difficulty. On the other hand, Arena Mode is based on player versus player (PVP), so it puts you at fight face to face against people from all over the world.   

How is the Arena Mode of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Arena Mode requires energy to gain SLP and experience points. Instead, in Adventure Mode players can get SLP without energy (although you need energy to gain experience points).

While in Arena Mode players gain experience points with their Axies by winning a match, in Adventure Mode are earned for each completed level.

You can play as many Arena Mode matches as you want, but you will only earn SLP and experience while you have energy. Nevertheless, by playing without energy you can win or lose cups depending on whether or not you win the battle.

Your cup/SLP reward at the end of each battle (as well as the number of cups lost) will depend on the number of cups you have at the time. That is depending on the number of cups your Axies are in you will earn more or less money in Adventure Mode. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of ​​how much SLP you could earn in each match.

Is it recommended to play Arena Mode when you are a beginner?

Although many people want to start playing Arena Mode when they are just starting out in the world of Axie Infinity, the most recommended for inexperienced users is to start in Adventure Mode. Without a doubt, this is something that many people ask themselves when they first enter the game. 

It is best to start at Adventure Mode to meet and train your Axies, so you will be able to adapt to the game in a more adequate way. Just like in Arena Mode, the higher your rank, the more rewards you can get in Adventure Mode.

In short, Axie Infinity's Arena Mode works like the most competitive part of this popular NFT game. There are currently a large number of people in the world whose main source of income comes specifically from this Axie Infinity game mode.

Arena Mode is a universe with several unwritten rules that you can follow to get better profits, some strategies that you can put into practice to advance faster in the game. You must understand the advantages and disadvantages of the types of Axies, get to know each of your NFTs well and understand what all the cards do that they put at your disposal. Do you want to reach another level? Then take a look at this article with the best Axie Infinity tricks to win your Arenas. To win!

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