FIFA 2021 is a game that is attracting thousands and thousands of followers. represents a opportunity to revive the passion for one of the most appreciated sports and be a part of it.

This game can be enjoyed from the consoles, but you will also have the opportunity to do it using a computer or some other mobile device to which you have downloaded the authorized applications, and thus be able to manage your team in real time, and anywhere.

With FIFA 2021 you will have the opportunity to be part of the game, because your decisions will be the ones that will allow you to obtain or lose the coveted coins, that's why I invite you to know some tips that have been very useful for many players.

Beat FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Objectives

With each new season of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), a series of new objectives emerge, with which there are many opportunities to obtain rewards.

There are different types of objectives, and each of them offers the possibility of winning the precious coins.

team event

The first is check that the tab is available Specialized Team from the goal screen. Here it is possible to appreciate which template has the advantage to align with your favorite.

If this tab is not visible, there is no active team event at that time.

When you choose a team in this type of event, and you complete an objective, you receive the corresponding reward. In case of not completing any goal, then it will not be possible to obtain prizes.

community event

These types of events offer rewards that are the same for everyone. An active event, you will see its progress in the Community tab of the goals screen.

As with team events, if you can't see the Community tab, it's because there isn't an active event at the moment.

Daily goals

They are the ones that arise daily, with valid for 24 hours, every time one of them is completed, you will accumulate experience for the seasonal rewards.

weekly goals

These they are made up of individual objectives, and you receive a greater reward for completing the set.

They are objectives that are active until the last week of the stage, which expire at the end of the season.

Season Objectives

They are those goals that once activated, they remain available until the end of the season.

dynamic targets

These are considered special objectives, and are only available for a finite amount of time. It is not possible to predict when one will appear, nor how long it will last active.

However, some users have found that these types of objectives are frequently linked to FUT campaigns.

As an interesting fact, every time the player gains enough experience, the reward level of the season will increase. In some levels it is even possible to choose the prize among several options, of course, once the choice has been made, the other alternatives cannot be selected.

Evaluate market behavior

This aspect is related to the signing, because to form a good squad, it is necessary to fulfill the function of a sports director, loan or sign some star players to create a truly competitive team.

The process can be carried out offline way, it is done in Career mode, you just choose a team to start playing and trading, you will also pay attention and wait for the transfer windows to arise and thus take advantage of the opportunity to form the perfect group.

Other option is online, also known as the competitive way. This allows you to form a fantasy team for FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

With this last option you will be able to choose the soccer players that will play for you, only using the resources that you have obtained in game, or with any other means of legal investment.

Tips for buying and selling players

It is recommended the daily market review, because it is the best way to be able to find the perfect moment to have the opportunity to acquire a letter at a good price.

On the official website of EA SPORTS FIFA you will find valuable data in this regard, but You can also visit social networks, at Twitter, Instagram y YouTube in which there is a lot of information.

In the same way, it is ideal to know which are the best valued players of the moment, and if they are part of your squad, it is the opportunity to sell a card at a high price, to obtain a profit.

A strategy can be to detect those players with a rating that oscillates in the 80 points, and is classified as a medium / low range. Avoid spending your entire budget when shopping.

Evaluate the performance of the player, and if his position in the market improves, you can sell him for a higher price than the initial one.

Get player cards

In FIFA 2021 you can find a wide variety of envelopes, which are divided into categories, through them you can receive players, club items and consumables. Among them we find

common envelopes

These types of envelopes can be purchased at the store at any time of the year, and are classified in the colors bronze, silver and gold, each of which has a Premium option.

promotional envelopes

They are packs that are available at specific times of the year, and you can find a wide variety of them.


  • About Unique Gold. 12 gold items, all unique.
  • Mega envelope. 30 Items, at least 26 gold and 18 unique.
  • Unique Mega Pack. 30 gold items, all unique.
  • About Ultimate. 30 Gold Players, all unique.

of players. They are envelopes that contain 12 players, each. They are classified in the traditional, Bronze, Silver and Gold, as well as their Premium options, in addition to the Electro classification (Premium, Prime and Unique), the Gold Top and the maximum value envelope, that of the unique players.

jumbo. They are envelopes that contain 24 items, they can be players, consumables or club items. They are classified as Jumbo Bronze, Jumbo Silver and Jumbo Gold, their Premium variants and the Unique Gold Players Jumbo.

Of leagues. These are classified into three types, which are Premium League Gold envelopes, made up of 12 items, 3 of them unique.

The Premium League Players and TOP League Players packs are made up of 12 players, the difference is that in the first there are 3 unique ones, while in the second, all of them are unique.

consumables. There are gold contracts, consumables, and unique consumables.

free envelopes

These are all those envelopes that make up the gift packs, when a goal has been reached. There is a wide variety of them.

Envelopes can now be previewed

This is a novelty boosters are being replaced by pre-displayable packs.

This means that now you have the opportunity to know the contents of the envelope before spending coins or FIFA Points on your purchase.

In case the content is not to your liking and you decide not to make the purchase, those cards will remain in the store for a defined time. But if you buy the envelope, you will have the option to preview another one.

The new system will only be active for the duration of the Festival of FUTball, which ends on July 16, 2021. After this time it will not be possible to preview the packs, and it is unknown at this time if FUT will apply it again in the future.

Win FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) matches

This it is one of the most reliable ways to get the precious coins, in addition to the fact that this method does not negatively influence any other technique applied to receive the reward.

Before considering this option, you should know that It is a strategy to capture currencies in a medium to long-term period of time., so you won't get the reward right away.

The objective of this game is to form a good squad, to achieve this it is necessary to play for many hours or invest an amount of money in the purchase of envelopes in which you will receive players.

At this point it should be noted that two important terms are used in the game, FIFA Points, which refers to the money invested to buy envelopes, and FIFA Coins, which are the coins you want to win.

With the latter you can acquire both packs and players in the transfer market. 

Remember that according to the regulation, you can buy FIFA Points with real money, but you can never convert these into FIFA Coins.

In case you are starting in FUT, you should know some tips to get the maximum benefit in this mode.

Template creation

This step is essential for FUT. In FIFA Ultimate Team you will find all the necessary items so you can build your own team with players from different categories.

To create an effective team, it is necessary to consider some factors, one of them is chemistry, so it is advisable to choose players who have characteristics in common, such as belonging to the same club or being of the same nationality.

The more qualities in common, the greater the chemical bond between team members., and thus the attributes of the players will be enhanced.

The rest is to try different formations, try to establish links between the players, replace the manager, because the goal is to achieve perfect chemistry and create a team armored on all sides.

Pay attention to rewards

As mentioned before, every time a goal is reached or you complete challenges, you will have the possibility of obtaining rewards, which can be coins, packs, stadium items, among others.

Remember that in FUT you can buy packs, sign new players in the Transfer Market.

At this point, the advice is that pay attention to the new objectives, to be able to advance each week in the leaderboards of Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Champions, to receive the rewards.

The transfer market

When you have some coins available, you will have the opportunity to start a search in the Transfer Market.

In this market players have the opportunity to sell their players or items for coins. It is a good alternative to find a good prospect with whom you could improve your squad.

For this you must enter the Transfers tab and you will be able to enter the Transfer Market.

You can make the choice of a specific player, or apply filters such as nationality, position or rarity, a list will appear with the players that match the filter criteria.

As in any other trade, there is the auction system, where the best offer is the one destined to keep the auctioned item. You can also carry out a direct purchase in the option Buy rignt now, and thus obtain a new talent without so much protocol.

The recommendation regarding the use of the Transfer Market is that before an acquisition, analyze the market conditions well so you can get the best benefits from the coins.

Choose your way to play

Once you have formed your squad, it is time to take the team to the field. In FUT there are different ways to play, so you can choose between these options.

Lonely. This option is Squad Battle, and it consists of facing teams of players controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and in the same way you can climb positions every week.

This will allow you to evaluate your template, if you need to modify the alignment or any changes.

Team play. There is an option known as FUT Friendlies, it is a very relaxed way to play FUT, you can do it against your friends online, the AI, or team up with them and the opposite side is the AI.

It's a way to unlock rewards in Squad Battles and Division Rivals with a little help. mutual among friends.

Play against the world. It's the Rivals Division, where you'll have the opportunity to face off against other online players who have a similar skill level to you, to compete fairly for rewards.

In search of the No. 1 spot of the week. The best players will face each other one by one, until deciding who will get the precious recognition. This level includes all the participants in the world.

FUTDraft. To be part of this special game and get great rewards, you must have a squad of 23 players. The goal is to win four straight games against other Draft rosters..

Tips to get more coins in FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM 2021

The applications that you can install on your devices will allow you to manage your FUT team in real time.

You can download the Web Application, or the Official EA Sports FIFA Companion App which are available for free from the device stores. iOS y Android.

At this point you must remember that obtaining coins through illegitimate channels can cause negative consequences that would even lead to you being banned from FIFA Mobile.

This bounding is done, because chances of being scammed or receiving malware infection is higher when running in Android games.

Once this aspect has been clarified, I invite you to learn some recommendations to obtain free coins, from the comfort of your mobile.

Avoid losing the opportunity to participate in direct events

On a daily basis, EA Games offers a number of free events for any player to participate in, and considering your performance, you will have the opportunity to get a valuable coin gain that will extend your profits.

To familiarize yourself with this game mode, you can start with a test event, and access to tournaments will begin to appear in which you can participate, depending on your region and level.

After level 8 you will notice the difference

Like most games, as you gain skill, you level up. In this game, when you reach 8 you will notice a difference in rewards, which is well worth it.

The first thing you will notice is that the system will assign you 400 coins for each tie, and 800 for victories. In addition, you can participate in the league of your choice.

Starting from issue 15, you will have the ability to create your leagues. It is worth noting that, as in any game, leveling up means that each game will be more complex than the previous one, so winning or drawing will eventually become a challenge.

Not recommended methods to get coins

Avoid breaking the rules

Before learning how to get the rewards in FIFA 2021, it is ideal to know the ways to lose the privileges of your game or even the possibility of your account being suspended, is the best way to protect your coins and continue earning.

Solo you must follow the EA Sports FIFA rules, some of the most important are the following.

The distribution of coins is prohibited

When someone distributes or buys coins, it negatively affects the FIFA economy, therefore also the legal and safe buying and selling process of the players.

So, before sending FIFA coins to a friend, even with the intention of helping them, it is considered a form of coin distribution and is an act that violates the rules.

Similarly, if a player or a website offers coins in exchange for any subscription or any other action, it is also considered an illegal distribution of them.

Avoid using third-party apps

The legal ways to access this virtual sport are through the official version of EA SPORTS FIFAIn addition, the console or the computer must not have any program installed that modifies the game or its interactions.

This is to ensure your security, third-party applications as well as browser extensions could remember passwords and hijack your account.

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