Many times when you are listening to your favorite songs, they are interrupted by an annoying sound. That's why today we teach you How to deactivate or remove notifications from AirPods?

How to disable or remove AirPods notifications caused by sound?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Apple is in charge of manufacturing all its products looking for comfort for its users, but it is also careful not to affect their health.

This is why, in most cases the notifications appear because you are listening to songs with a volume that the AirPods system considers harmful to your Health.

Also, according to health experts, listening to music at a very high level and for a long period of time does cause damage to your hearing.

An example, where notifications may appear, is when you have been listening to music with 80 Decibels for more than seven days, or even more. If this happens, the system will immediately notify you that you must lower the volume to avoid damaging your Health.

With the notification, the system seeks to raise awareness, and that you decrease the volume of the music. after you receive it, immediately when you pair your AirPods with your device a proper sound volume is set, however, it is your decision to adjust it back to the values ​​of your preference.

Please note that the limit is only set when you exceed more than 40 hours and 7 days in media content. So, in the case of phone calls, no change happens.

If you want to know the audio level that your AirPods have in real time, and verify that it is the right one for you without harming your health, you can do the following depending on the device you are using:

  • iPhone: Swipe the screen from the right side down, and select the audio icon.
  • Apple Watch: Access the control center, for this, you must swipe up and select the audio icon.

How can I see the notifications?

Before knowing the way to remove notifications from AirPods, it is important to identify which ones are active. If you have an iPhone, you just have to do the following:

  • Enter the application "Salud".
  • Once there, select the option "Explore".
  • Look for the icon audio, and press.
  • A new menu appears, where you must select »Audio notifications».

When you have already identified all the notifications that are active from the AirPods, it is time for you to deactivate some, it should not be all if you do not want to. But generally when they appear it is usually a bit uncomfortable and you will want to eliminate them.

How to remove notifications from AirPods?

It is very easy to eliminate annoying notifications, and you only have to carry out three steps, in addition, with these you can also activate them:

  • You need to open the iPhone settings.
  • Once there, look for the option to »Sounds and vibration».
  • Now, you must select »Hearing aid safety».

The different notification options will appear on the screen of your phone and you must select whether you want to activate or deactivate any of them. Another option you have is »sound reduction» so you will have automatic volume control in case you exceed it.

You should know that, depending on where you are located, there are other security parameters that often do not allow notifications to be deactivated.

Can you turn off Siri notifications on your AirPods?

One of the functions of AirPods is to link with the Siri assistant, which is why many times when you are listening to music or your favorite videos, the content is interrupted by that voice and makes you uncomfortable.

In this case, the most likely thing is that you want to deactivate Siri notifications from your AirPods, and that is if you are one of the people who constantly receives messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, or the different social networks, Siri will take care of letting you know at any time of the day.

At this time Siri instead of being a positive function that helps you to know some important information, it can become a bit annoying; and, for this reason, you want to disable their notifications. The steps are very simple, you must do the following:

  • With the iOS 15 system update on the device, the chances are that the Siri functions on your AirPods will automatically be activated.
  • So, the first thing you should do is enter the mobile settings.
  • In the Siri options, you must choose »Announce notifications».
  • Once there, you must press the option »Ad notification».
  • And, voila they will be deactivated.

Remember that, only in the iOS 15 version these notifications are automatically active, in case your device has a minor system, you save all these steps.

reconnection notifications

Reconnection notifications are others that are generally active, however, it is an option that is only automatically active in those who have an updated Firmware. Where in addition, there are some chips with some improvements that are responsible for offering excellent sound quality to all users.

The AirPods that have this new Firmware are the Pro, the second generation, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, and those that are only Pro.

Annoying notifications begin to appear the moment the mobile is unlocked, in order to notify you that a reconnection is taking place with your hearing aids.

How can you turn off AirPods reconnect notifications?

  • First you need to establish the connection of your AirPods and iPhone.
  • Now, you must enter the menu »Bluetooth settings».
  • Continue selecting the option "I" that is located next to the headphones that appear connected.
  • Select option »CONN. TO THIS IPHONE."
  • And, press to turn off the automatic last connection option.
  • In this way, the connection notifications will already be eliminated, and they will not appear when you change the reproduction of the headphones from one device to another.