One of the great challenges that users face when making purchases through a mobile phone is the security of the application to be used.

Vinted is an application that serves as virtual space through which sellers and buyers can trade second-hand clothes.

It is possible to sell or buy all kinds of clothes, accessories and shoes. Something that is attractive about this platform is that, given the cyclical nature of fashion, a garment that is not in demand today may be in demand next year or season.

What do users think about Vinted?

When consulting the opinions that users have left about Vinted in the Google Play Store, it will be possible to verify that the 5-star ratings openly exceed the lowest scores. It can be described as a very successful application given its average of 4.5 out of 5. 

The most recent comments are mostly negative in relation to the payment system and customer service. The operation of the latter is apparently extremely deficient, although it is rarely used, since the application is very easy to use.

Regarding the payment system, the problems that have generated the most negative opinions have their origin in bugs or failures of the application.

Most of the opinions about Vinted are very positive, particularly those that highlight the security of its shipping system. It cannot be neglected to mention that this system is much more efficient when the user is a seller, not when he is a buyer. 

What are the advantages of using Vinted?

Vinted is rated as one of the best apps to buy and sell used clothes. The practical and useful aspects of the application can be summarized in the following lines: 

  • By offering or lowering low-movement items, you can capture the attention of buyers.
  • In contrast to most similar apps, Vinted does not charge commission for the use of the platform, since its income comes from advertisements.
  • Vinted does not charge a commission on the sale price, it applies a service charge to buyers. Said charge is for publishing the offer of the garment and becomes effective when it is sold. Vinted charges 0,70 euros and 5% of the value of the item.
  • Let the seller can choose the courier service of his preference. 
  • Vinted is an application for international use, so it is possible to get in touch with customers from different countries.
  • Purchases can be paid by credit and debit card and also through PayPal.
  • Regarding the user experience, it has a very simple and intuitive design. Uploading articles or replying to messages are easy tasks to execute.

What are the negative opinions on Vinted due to?

There are many Vinted users who are delighted with the application, but there are many who are disappointed. That the number of detractors is significant is due to several reasons.

Something that detracts from Vinted is the fact that face-to-face transactions are not incorporated into the application.. By not contemplating this option, it is not possible to sell a product and deliver it quickly to make money in a short time.

Seller protection is Vinted's goal, which is why this option has not been enabled. Only used clothing and accessories can be sold through Vinted. 

By not allowing the sale of new items free riders are prevented from seeking to sell a used product in good condition as new in order to earn a good amount of money.

Lastly, most of the negative feedback on Vinted is due to poor customer service. Long waiting times, superficial answers and that do not solve the problem (in case they do answer), make the user live an unfortunate experience.

What's wrong with Vinted for users?

Let's review some of the top claims users have made about the app below: 

  • Su community is not very large, which decreases the number of potential buyers.  
  • By only allowing the sale of used items, you will not be able to sell a new one. So, if you want to sell a new item, you will surely need to use it at least once to be able to offer it on Vinted.
  • It is one of the applications for buying and selling second-hand items with the most limitations, since it is only possible to sell clothes and their accessories, as well as household objects, such as furniture or decoration.
  • It only makes deliveries through courier services.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.