Updating a program is very important, because it is the only way to get all the improvements of it. For this reason we teach youHow to update a Snap package?


How to update a Snap package easily?

Snap refers to a series of Software packages created by Ubuntu, and it can also be installed on any other system, if you have support.

When you think of Software managers, we immediately associate them with the Play Store, or the Apple Store, however, for some years GNU/Linux packages have been organized in open repositories that allow them to be installed through a line command line, or using the graphical interface.

Updating a Snap package is very simple, it's just like any other, and can be done from a terminal or using the Ubuntu Software center, Kubuntu Discover, etc. Also, you can list all the updates that are available to install.

Taking the above into account, it is time to mention everything related to managing Snap package updates, and also to list the updates without being installed. However, the first thing you should know is how to install Snap?

How is Snap installed?

If you want to use snap, the first step is to install it, and the process is very simple, you just have to make sure to put the following command:

  • sudo apt-get install snapd

This way, all the components needed to manage Snap package updates will be installed without using a graphical interface.


How to manage Snap package updates?

The first thing you should do is verify if there really is a new application update in order to install it, and you should type the following command:

  • sudo snap refresh APP.

Making reference, that the word "Application" represents the program you want to update. And, make sure you place the command correctly.

Now, in case you want to update all the packages, and not one by one, you should write the following:

  • sudo snap refresh.

Since the package you want to update is not being specified, the system takes care of locating all the installed Snaps, and checks the ones that need updating.

List updates without installing them

To install the packages you want, you should know that it is also using the command line, and for this, you have to write the following:

  • sudo snap refresh --list.

This way, you can see what updates are available, without having to install them right away. Besides, you can also install any app you want.

How to install packages?

Snap can be used with different applications, and you will surely want to use it with a Software package. In addition, with the help of the command line you can also find any application you want, colo you must place:

  • sudo apt-get istall snapd.

Immediately, the results of the package appear, and thus, you have access to the entire catalog in a simple way, you just have to write the command to install it:

  • sudo snap install snap-store.

When all the packages are installed, you have access to the Software catalog, and thus, know all the applications, with their instructions for use.