[toc] First of all we want to do a series of CLARIFICATIONS for people who don't have a lot of time and don't feel like reading the entire page:

  • Currently it is possible to get paVos carrying out missions in the mode "Save the world", but we tell you from now on that it is not a fast system at all.
  • You must complete all temporary or daily missions before time runs out or you won't be able to get your reward later.
  • Epic Games makes money by selling V-Bucks in-game, so it's common sense that really there is no system to obtain many paVos very quickly.
  • Avoid the “free V-Bucks generators” that you will find on some websites and “hacks to get free V-Bucks”. We recommend that you do not leave anything official that is not contemplated by Epic Games.

During this article we are going to see the safe and legal methods to get turkeys in Fortnite online, without the need to use any generator, for free:

How to get real free paVos in Battle Royale Season 5 Chapter 2

Next we are going to see all the options that we have available, important, this is valid for both the Xbox One and the PS4:

How to get paVos with the "Save the world" mode

With the "Save the world" mode It is possible to get paVos completely free. Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that the mode costs 39'99 € and there is no way to play for free, so you have to consider your purchase enough for this purpose.

In the event that you already have this mode, to start earning free paVos without much effort it is essential to connect at least once every day. In this way, thanks to the daily rewards, you can get an acceptable amount of free V-Bucks without having to do anything at all.

If your goal is to get even more V-Bucks, it is possible to get them by completing Save the World story missions. By completing all the missions we can receive up to 50 paVos totally free.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to get more free paVos completing side quests and challenges in the "Battle Royale" mode.

Complete the Stonewood quests

This is the best way to earn V-Bucks early on.

To get the coveted paVos We will have to complete missions from Rank 1 to 19 in the Stonewood area. The missions consist only of taking down waves of enemies while defending a specific area.

Today this is the most efficient way to get paVos until reaching level 70.

Complete Twine Peaks missions

In order to complete the Twine Peaks quests It is mandatory to have reached at least level 70. However, if you are not level 70 but there is a member of your party who is, you can still play.

Twine Peaks quests do not offer any type of reward that is more difficult or different than Stonewood quests, that is, both the previous system and this one they are based on killing enemies, defending your area and thus completing the missions.

Starting at level 70, this is the most efficient way to get free paVos within Fortnite.

Complete the Storm Shield missions.

When you have progressed far enough in Save the World mode, you will unlock the missions of Storm Shield.

There are currently a total of 10 Storm Shield missions with which you can get up to 100 paVos for completing each of them, except with the tenth that you can get up to 150 paVos.

BE VERY CAREFUL with SCAMS, hacks and FRAUDULENT methods to get paVos

What we have just told you is ALL the most RELIABLE methods we know to this day to get paVos completely free in Fortnite.

Our only intention behind all this is that do not fall into the clutches of many scams and fraudulent methods that lately infest the networks.

One of the most current examples is a website that makes free turkey generator for Fornite, which It's just an old trick to try to get as much money out of us as possible. and infect our computer with all the viruses it contains.

From here we want you to be VERY clear that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE Get paVos through something other than the official modes of the Fortnite game itself, unless other companies buy it and give it to us later, as some companies do for filling out surveys and Google itself with its reward system.

rewards apps

There are certain Apps that in exchange for us performing some actions can pay us the V-Bucks, we have to say that it is not a highly recommended method since you are going to spend a lot of time to get it, but it is another option.

The best known apps are:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: Google reward system that by filling in surveys about the company's own services we can opt for different rewards.
  • Cash4Apps: One of the most popular apps.
  • AppsKarma: Another app that is going to buy us V-Bucks through surveys.

There are some alternative APPs like gamehag, which allows us to play online games and win coins with which we can then exchange them for cards to get free V-Bucks.

Earn free V-Bucks with the Battle Pass

If you have the Fortnite battle pass you will be able to win free V-Bucks, in batches of 100 by 100, as you already know this battle pass you will be able to buy it in coins or in V-Bucks.

Depending on the level you have, you can earn more or less V-Bucks, being able to win up to 1500 extra V-Bucks at higher levels. In addition to of course being able to get other things like cosmetics or save what you earn to buy the next battle pass.

Epic Games Events

Events are a great way to earn free V-Bucks, the bad part is that you can't plan them as they are random, and they happen about 2 times a year.

Attention with other methods

You can find other methods on other websites that say that they make you win many V-Bucks for free or "V-Bucks generators" or "Hacks to get V-Bucks", these are scams, we recommend that you do not stray from what we have mentioned in this article and if you really want more V-Bucks we recommend that you buy them officially.

Any attempt to tamper or attempt to illegally add V-Bucks to your Fortnite account may lead to your account being suspended, so we recommend that you stay away from these methods.

There are other methods like GenQuick that allow us to have free V-Bucks but these platforms have not passed the verification process so we cannot recommend them.

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Actualización: We don't trust acco.live, rbx.best, thebetter.club to be a safe place to get Robux, so we recommend you stay away from acco.live and thebetter.club. There is no magic trick to earn free Robux you will have to pay them either in money or time spent on other apps and games.

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