If you are one of the book lovers, surely you know the best reading programs, however, many times the computers do not recognize them; If this is your case and you wonder why My PC doesn't recognize the Kindle? Next, we leave you solutions.

What to do if my PC doesn't recognize the Kindle?

Kindle is considered one of the most popular book readers in the world, and this is because it provides users with hours of entertainment, learning, and even a lot of culture.

Its launch took place in 2007, and since then its popularity has not stopped increasing, and its updates are incredible. Its latest version was released in 2019, and a warm light is added to the wallpapers to avoid visual disturbances when reading.

There are many situations for which you would like to use Kindle on your computer, one of them may be to add new books to the application, and that is, it only allows them to be in .mobi format. To convert them you need to use a PC, and if it doesn't recognize Kindle there is a problem.

Normally, when you connect the Kindle to your computer, the e-reader screen should the USB drive mode icon will appear, while, at the same time, the explorer for the files found in the internal memory appears on the PC.

In this way all the books that you saved in Kindle appear, but in case this is not the case, you can carry out one of the following solutions:

Use a different USB port

Many times the problem is occurring because the USB port does not work, this is something that can happen frequently. But the easiest way to check if it works or not is to see if the computer automatically recognizes the new device; if so, this is not the problem.

We recommend you try connecting the Kindle to any other USB port, and thus also determine if the problem that is being generated is directly from the Kindle cable.


Uninstall and reinstall USB controls

Taking the above into account, it is important to also have other types of solutions, such as uninstalling and reinstalling USB controls. Perhaps the connection problem between the PC and the Kindle is due to a driver failure. To carry out the process, you must follow these steps:

  • Press the arrow keys Windows + R, and in the window that appears on the screen, you need to write the command: devmgmt.msc., and continue pressing »Enter».
  • Now, in the device manager, look for the option of »Universal Serial Bus Controllers».
  • The next thing is to select one of the devices that appears in the list of devices, and then with your mouse click on the option »uninstall». You must repeat this process with each one.
  • After the whole process is done you must restart the computer.
  • Done, the connection problem should no longer exist.

Disable USB selective suspend

USB selective suspension is what allows the controller to have the option of suspending a port individually without affecting the others.

In the case of portable devices, the function is enabled automatically, this is because there is more energy saving, and therefore, the battery life is longer. To disable the suspension, you just have to do the following:

  • The first step is to press the Windows + R, and thus the application will be running on your computer.
  • Then you must write in the "Control Panel", and press the key »Enter».
  • Now, a new menu appears, where you must select »Hardware and sound», and search "Energy options".
  • A new window appears where you can see all the power plans for your device. All you have to do is select the one you are using, and with your mouse choose »Change plan settings».
  • In the new menu look for »Change advanced power settings», and there appears a list where you must select »USB Settings».
  • The next thing to do is select the option "USB Selective Suspend Settings."
  • Continue clicking "Disabled", on battery, and also on connected.
  • Finally, »Save changes», and ready.

Completely reset the Kindle

Kindle is very similar to devices such as tablets, or mobile phones, plus Amazon's e-reader has a built-in reset function. In this way, any type of information can be deleted, and the operating system can be completely restarted.

Generally, this option allows you to solve any software problem, you just have to make sure to carry out the steps, which we leave you with, below:

  • Keep the device connected to the computer at all times during the process. Whereas, you also need to press the power button for about 40 seconds, or as long as necessary, to reboot the device.
  • When you're done with the first step, your Kindle will restart, and if it doesn't, you'll need to press the power button again.

Connect Kindle as a Camera

After trying the different solutions, and none of them work, there is another idea. Connect the Kindle to your computer as a camera, and not as an e-book reader, to achieve this, you must do the following:

  • The moment you connect the Kindle to the computer, you should look at the bottom of the screen for a sliding menu.
  • Once there, you must select in the notification bar »Connection Options».
  • Now, you must configure the option »Connect as camera».
  • Many times the option cannot be seen in the list, so you must select »Settings and storage of the device».

Install the Kindle driver on the computer

In the event that your computer does not recognize Kindler, it is best to install a Windows 10 Kindle driver. In this way, you can determine if the problem is being caused by this, in addition, an icon appears on the screen with a yellow exclamation point.


If you go to the option »Portable devices in device manager», you may also see an MTP or USB driver. So, the connection failure may be because a new installation is necessary, and you do it as follows:

  • The first thing you should do is open the "Device administrator", and then enter the option "Portable devices", and you will be able to see a Kindle, or an MTP device.
  • Now, you must click with the right button of your mouse, on Kindle, or MTP device, and select »Update Driver Software».
  • Once the menu appears, you must select the option "Browse my computer for driver software."
  • Then select the last option, which allows you to choose from a long list of device drivers one for your computer.
  • Note the type of hardware supported, and the correct model. The next thing is to click on »USB TP Devices», and click on "Following".
  • In the warning window, you must select the option of »Update driver», and click on "Yeah".
  • After all this, Windows will fully install the device necessary for Kindle support.