In the digital age we live in, more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy the most popular movies from the comfort of their homes, so we will tell you how to watch free movies from the internet on your android tablet.

The best online movie websites

Enjoying a wide variety of audiovisual content with total comfort is, without a doubt, one of the most notable advantages that our tablet offers these days. This device presents itself as an extremely convenient option to use relaxed in bed or comfortably on the sofa. However, it can sometimes be challenging to quickly and efficiently locate the desired content. Today we present an application that will allow you to watch the latest movie releases and that should not be missing from any Android tablet of a true movie lover: MoviesDroid S o SeriesDroid S.

The most outstanding attraction of PelisDroid S is its speed, with a decent WiFi connection and a tablet with the app installed, you can be enjoying a premiere in a matter of seconds. The downside is that some links can disappear quickly and not all movies are always available to you, which might make you consider alternatives.

However, the interface is simple and the application will not confuse you with an endless search for links among a sea of ​​advertisements, nor will it force you to wait long seconds or solve captchas that are impossible to decipher, but will notify you directly if a content is not available. accessible.

SeriesDroid S uses some of the best known online movie sites such as Películas Pepito, Pelis Pototo and Oranline. Therefore, you might not find certain titles on one platform, but on another, giving you options if you have a particular interest in a specific movie. However, if you are less selective and simply want to have a good time watching any movie, we assure you that in less than a minute you can be enjoying a movie.

How to use SeriesDroid S

Using SeriesDroid S is very easy, you just have to start the application, select the movie platform you want to browse and opt for 'premieres' or 'search'. As you can imagine, the first option will present you with the latest titles, many of which are still in theaters, while the second option will allow you to search for specific movies.

Once you have found what you are looking for, the next thing is to test the links. The system shows them quickly, as long as they are working. If they're not, it alerts you just as quickly. You usually have several options: subtitles and English version, dubbing into Latin Spanish or Spanish from Spain, among others. At this point, what you decide will depend on your personal tastes.

The app then lets you select how you want to play the movie. We can recommend you MX Player, which has a free version. It's extremely fast and its integration with SeriesDroid S is flawless, so I can't help but recommend downloading it and using it as your favorite video playback app (and not just in this case).

Adding Chromecast

Finally, if you have the incredible Google device that transforms your TV into a mirror screen, and you like the idea of ​​enjoying your movies and series on a larger screen, you should know that this application also integrates perfectly with Chromecast.

Imagine the convenience of playing your favorite content on the big screen of your TV, all controlled from your tablet. Undoubtedly, this functionality expands the entertainment possibilities offered by the application and becomes an ideal complement for your home theater sessions.