In this article we will show you the all overwatch characters and heroes. By learning more about each of them, you will have a more complete vision of the game and you will know what to expect from each hero when you decide to immerse yourself in the games of this exceptional video game.

Overwatch characters in each category

Today, Overwatch features 32 unique characters, grouped into three different categories. In each category there are various roles. The current outline of characters and heroes is presented as follows:


D.Va: This skilled professional gamer and mech pilot possesses agility and strength. Her Fusion Cannons rage at point blank range, while her Thrusters allow her to overcome opponents and barriers, as well as absorb projectiles with her Defense Matrix.

Orisa: Works as a central hub for his team, protecting his teammates. Her ability to attack from a distance, strengthen her defenses, and move and slow her opponents with her graviton charges makes her indispensable.

Reinhardt: Equipped with powerful armor and his hammer, Reinhartd is capable of launching charges across the battlefield and protecting his allies with a large protective field.

Roadhog: He uses his hook to drag enemies towards him, destroying them with his junk weapon. His sturdiness allows him to withstand a considerable amount of damage and he has the ability to regenerate his health through a portable inhaler.

Sigma: This flamboyant astrophysicist drives an unstable tank that acquired the ability to control gravity during a failed astronomical experiment.

Winston: With brute strength and a series of prodigious inventions, Winston is a great ally on the battlefield.

Wrecking Ball: Capable of rolling across the battlefield, he uses his arsenal of weapons and his mechanical body to crush his opponents.

Zarya: His valuable presence in battle is due to his personal barriers that transform damage into energy.

To further understand each character has unique abilities that suit different playstyles and strategies. The tanks, as their name indicates, are in charge of absorb as much damage as possible to protect your allies.


Ashe: He wields his assault rifle with dexterity, capable of inflicting considerable damage on his opponents. He can use dynamite to launch opponents into the air, and his sawed-off shotgun has such power that it propels her out of harm's way.

Bastion: This character is distinguished by his repair protocols and his ability to assume static assault postures that contribute to achieving victory.

doomfist: This battle-hardened vanguard combatant is agile and robust. He can deal damage to enemies from a distance, smash the ground with his fist, or launch opponents into the air. In addition, he has the ability to disappear from the enemy's sight, which provides a strategic plus.

Echo: It is an evolutionary robot with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence that gives it the versatility to perform various roles on the battlefield.

Genji: This character is an expert at throwing shuriken at his enemies and uses his katana to deflect projectiles or make quick cuts that cause his opponents to bleed.

Hanzo: Equipped with arrows that fragment to attack multiple targets at once, he has the ability to scale walls to shoot from high positions or summon the spirit of a dragon.

Junkrat: This character is armed with a grenade launcher that fires projectiles, concussion mines, and traps that completely immobilize their enemies.

McCree: It has a peacemaker revolver characterized by its deadly precision and can evade danger at high speed.

Mei: Its weather manipulation technology allows slowing down opponents and guarding locations. In addition, he can go into cryostasis to protect himself from attacks or block the opposing team's advance with walls of ice.

pharah: Outfitted in combat armor, she flies through the skies while firing high-explosive missiles that cause a loud roar.

Reaper: He is one of the deadliest characters in Overwatch, thanks to his shotguns from hell, his ability to become invulnerable to damage, and his ability to move through shadows.

Soldier: 76: This experienced combatant has high-tech equipment and is fast and skilled on the battlefield.

Shade: He has the ability to become invisible and his attacks can weaken his enemies. His hacking ability can disrupt the strategy of the opposing team.

Symmetra: Use your photon projector to eliminate your opponents, provide shields for your allies, build teleporters and deploy turrets that fire particle beams.

Torbjorn: This character is notable for his vast arsenal of weapons, which can inflict huge damage on enemies during Overwatch clashes.

Tracer- With dual pulse guns and bombs, Tracer brings her own touch of humor to the game, along with her ability to move at lightning speed from location to location.

Widowmaker: She is equipped with all the necessary resources to eliminate targets, including poisonous mines, an infrared scope to track enemies and a powerful sniper rifle.

Overwatch characters in each category


Ana: Possesses a set of tools that give him the ability to heal and strengthen his comrades from a distance, while his biotic bullets, darts, and grenades neutralize those adversaries that may pose a threat to his team.

Baptiste: It has a compendium of experimental artifacts designed to protect its allies and neutralize dangers. His ability to preserve lives is as powerful as his ability to take them.

Brigitte: His strength lies in his armor, capable of automatically healing his teammates while dealing damage to enemies. This shield offers robust protection against attacks, constantly dealing damage to your opponents.

Lucio: He uses his sonic amplifier to attack his enemies with projectiles and repel competitors with sound pulses. His melodies act as a healing balm for his team in all circumstances.

Mercy: Her Valkyrie suit allows her to stay in close proximity to her team, providing healing, resurrecting, or buffing as needed.

Moira: It has abilities that allow it to adapt to the battlefield, alternating between healing and damage roles. This makes her one of the most dynamic and versatile characters in Overwatch.

Zenyatta: Use orbs of harmony to heal your comrades and weaken opponents. During his transcendental state, he is immune to damage, providing a significant advantage in battle.

Each of these characters has a unique role in the Overwatch game, where teamwork is essential to victory. By combining their skills, they can create effective strategies that increase their chances of success. The balance between offense and defense is key, as is the correct selection of characters that complement the abilities and playing styles of the rest of the team.

Hero Categories in Overwatch

Overwatch, is a shooting video game created by Blizzard, which has become a major phenomenon on all platforms since its launch. One of the factors that have driven its immense popularity are, without a doubt, its heroes, thanks to its diverse and attractive gallery of characters to choose from.

As you can see, we have three different classifications, each with its own set of characters. It is important to understand what each of these categories consists of in the game, since this will provide us with a clearer vision of the role played by every character in this vast universe. This knowledge is equally vital when preparing for battles in Overwatch.

Hurt: These characters stand out for their great agility and the ability to deal a significant amount of damage in a short period of time. Its potential to deal large amounts of damage usually comes at the cost of lower defense. Some are renowned for their ability to defend and control key areas of the map.

Tanks: The defenders or tanks, are those characters that have the highest defense and life index. The main task of these characters in Overwatch is to safeguard their allies from massive damage from enemies, which they do by intercepting attacks.

Support: Characters in this category are essential during encounters in the game. They provide various beneficial effects, such as healing, shields, or invulnerability of some kind to allied characters. In addition, they are able to weaken enemy characters through the use of their abilities, making it easier for allies to control enemies.

All the characters and heroes of Overwatch

Game modes

Overwatch is characterized by being a game full of intense battles. In each matchup, players have the ability to select one of multiple characters available to play in various modes. Within Overwatch, the game modes are varied and are detailed below:

  • Assault: In this mode, the offensive team is tasked with capturing strategic points, while the defensive team must protect these points until time runs out.
  • Shooting guard: Here, the attacking team's goal is to move a specific item to a drop point, while the defending team must stop their advance.
  • Control: In this mode, both teams compete to capture and hold a single objective. The team that wins two consecutive rounds is victorious.
  • Assault / Escort: Similar to escort mode, the attacking team must capture a load and then transport it to a drop point, while the defending team tries to block their advance.
  • Competitivo: This game mode encompasses all of the above, but incorporates a ranking system to reflect the skill level of the players. As players demonstrate superior skills, their level increases and they climb up the in-game rankings.
  • Arcade: This mode features a variety of match types that reward players with victories and additional experience points. In these games, there is always an element of surprise that adds an extra layer of challenge.
  • Custom game finder: This feature allows players to join matches with custom rules created by other players. It also allows Overwatch users to create their own custom matches and invite others to join.