How to put a caption in Google Docs? It is one of the questions that users frequently ask, and it is that this is one of the ways in which you can place the details of your images.

How to put a caption in Google Docs with simple steps?

Google Docs is one of the best features you can enjoy with your email, because it allows you to upload any document you want to the cloud. Also, for many people it is an alternative to Microsoft Word, especially if you want to do shared editing.

One of the aspects that most interests users is that, in the documents, you can also add and upload images. However, a doubt arises and it is How to put a caption in Google Docs? For this reason, below, we leave you some simple steps that you must follow to know the information.

1) Upload the image

The first step you must do is upload the photo or image that you want to use in your document, to later add a brief "description". You have the option to upload the image by dragging it to the document, or insert it from the menu located at the top.

In that toolbar you will find an option called "insert", and you will be able to select the image from your computer or mobile. When it has already been uploaded, you can see it in the document, and you already have the option of enjoying the different alternatives to add the caption in Google Docs.


2) Add the caption in Google Docs

As you already know, Google Docs does not have any function with which you can add a caption. But, there are different options in the toolbar with which you can add the caption, or also known as a title.

However, it is not a complicated process, and so far there are three known methods that you can use to add the caption to your document, and they are mentioned below:

Online text

This is the first method with which you can add a caption to your documents in Google Docs, and also, according to the opinion of the users, it is also the best.

The Online Text option allows you to add the description you want, just below the photo of a document and it can be visually noted as a caption, which is what you want. To carry out this process, you just have to do the following:

  • Upload the image of your choice in the document, using any of the steps mentioned above.
  • Now, select the image you uploaded.
  • In the toolbar you must click on the option "online", or, »Online».
  • Continue by hovering under the image.
  • The next thing you should do is write the text that you want to place as a caption.
  • Then, select the text and modify its size, font or even the alignment, with the help of the toolbar that is located at the top of the document.
  • Done, your document already has a photo, which includes a caption.

This process is very simple and fast, it is the most recommended by many users, in addition, the caption looks exactly how you want it. Keep in mind that it is better to use this alternative if you are no longer going to make any changes or modifications to the document, this to ensure that the data does not move from place.

Title to image as a drawing

This method is a little more difficult than the previous one, however, it is not impossible to achieve either, it is just important that you carry out all the steps that are mentioned.

For many users, this alternative is better than the previous one, because in this case, if the document receives any modification, there is no problem with the image or its title.

Now, to begin with the explanation of the steps, the first thing you should know is that you do not upload the image immediately, but you do the following:

  • Open the document on your computer or mobile.
  • Your mouse cursor should now be located in the part of the document where you want the image to be uploaded.
  • In the toolbar that is located at the top of the document, you have to select the option "Insert".
  • Then select the option "Drawing", and in the new menu that appears, click "New".
  • The next thing you should do is click on the option "Image" that appears in the toolbar and upload the photo you want. You can do it from your computer, search for it in the browser or add the URL.
  • If the image was uploaded as a drawing, you're ready to start the process.
  • In the text box that appears in the toolbar, you must click (it has a box icon with a T in the middle).
  • Now, the next thing is to draw the text box.
  • It's time to write your caption. You have the option to modify the text, using the toolbar.
  • Drag the box until it fits the position you want next to the photo.
  • Select the option "Keep", and then close so that the process is confirmed.
  • Done, you can now see the caption in the document.

The aspect that stands out the most about this alternative is that, even when you modify the document, the caption does not undergo any change, not even in its position.

Caption in Google Docs using a table

The idea of ​​this alternative is to create a table that can be placed just below the photo, where the text will be written. It is a good method, because the caption meets the image at all times, and they are not separated.

The process starts with creating a table, and then you continue by selecting the option to make it invisible within the document. However, to better detail the steps, we leave them below:

  • Your mouse cursor should be located in the part of the document where you want it to be uploaded.
  • Now, select the option "Insert" on the toolbar, and then on "Board".
  • Choose a table with the measurements 1 x 2, which means it will be a column with two cells.
  • Upload the photo in the cell at the top of the table. If the image is already in the document, you just have to drag it to the table.
  • Now, in the cell below you must write the caption text.
  • With the right button of your mouse you must click on the table.
  • The next thing you should do is enter the option »Table properties».
  • Enter the option »Edge of the Table».
  • Continue selecting 0 pt so that the table border will be completely removed.
  • And finally select "OKAY".

Done, with this last alternative you created the caption for your document in Google Docs, and, in case you want to make a change, this title will not undergo any change.