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While browsing in GUÍASDIGITALES, small files called Cookies will be downloaded. These files allow us to reserve and retrieve information about your browsing data and the equipment you use, so that we can recognize you as a user.

Types of Cookies used

Our website uses:

(a) Own cookies: those that we are sending to your computer, smartphone or tablet from

(b) Third-party cookies: the files that domains or web pages not managed by us send to your terminal, with the aim of processing the data obtained through cookies. The website uses a plugin plugin cookie to exchange social content (interactive chat).

(c) Session cookies: designed to store data during your browsing on our website. They show you, for example, the products you have seen.

(d) Persistent cookies: they are stored in the terminal and are those that help us remember you for your next visits, making your visits faster and easier, since we keep your settings.

(e) Analysis cookies: uses Google Analytics for the sole purpose of performing statistical measurements and analysis of the use of our users, in order to improve our products. Likewise, it uses Zendesk to manage our chat.

(f) Advertising cookies: they allow us to efficiently manage the advertising on our website. In this way we will only show you what, based on your browsing habits, you find interesting.

Cookie Management

If you want, you can allow, block and delete the cookies that have been installed in your browser. All browsers, from their configuration section, allow these actions to be carried out. Do you need more info?

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