Why not use Safari on Windows

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple for its macOS and iOS operating systems. However, this you can use used quietly on any Windows computer.

Why is it not recommended to use Safari on Windows?

Te We will show several very important reasons for why it is not recommended to use Safari in Windows. Remember that not all that glitters is gold and sometimes there are tools that work much better than others, even if you are very used to their style. Test yourself and draw your own conclusions!

The browser no longer updates

Previously, the apple company offered a version of Safari for Windows that was constantly updated. But in 2011, Apple decided to restrict the use of its browser only to branded devices. In case you did not know, the latest version of Safari for Windows is 5.1.7 released in 2011.

As you might be guessing, the biggest problem with Safari on Windows is that is not supported by Apple. Sometimes this may not be relevant, but it is a full browser risk. Why? Because this generates security problems, vulnerabilities and gaps that could affect your personal information or the data you put on the web.

Development level stagnation

On the other hand, web development techniques have come a long way and Safari for Windows has become obsolete. If, for example, you visit a simple HTML web page, you may not experience problems and have the ease of browsing without problems, but the latest versions of JavaScript, CSS and other programming languages ​​are no longer available for this version of the browser. Because of that, many of the websites will be broken and with functions that Safari is not capable of interpreting.

A browser that crashes

Unfortunately, Safari does not integrate well with Windows in 2022. There are many crashes when adding bookmarks, the browser pretends that you use many Apple applications in the same installer and does not provide you with the web security that you need at this point in life. Also, you don't have to be a techie to realize that it's not very good idea to install an app from 2011 some eleven years later.

Much slower than Chrome and other browsers

Right now, Safari turns out to be one of the slowest browsers for Windows users. Today, there are much faster browsers for this operating system such as Opera, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Even the little used Microsoft EDGE is better than Safari on Windows. So as you may be imagining, Safari is not synonymous with speed in Windows and it will never be again in this operating system.

Multimedia content is no longer Safari's forte

Several years ago, Safari was commonly installed in all parts of the world because it allowed you to play more content than other browsers. But now, the situation has changed and you can view video, audio or image files without any problem from any browser. that all websites adapt their content to current technologies.

Safari may even give you a hard time trying to use formats like .vp9 or .ogg to upload video or audio to websites. Well the latest version of Safari for Windows does not support these extensions, so it is not able to play the content.

Difference with Google Chrome

Perhaps the only difference that Safari has with Google Chrome is the use of iCloud, the only interesting use that can be given to Safari currently in Windows. When you sign in with an Apple ID in Safari, all history and bookmarks stay in sync across brand devices. Thanks to this, you will be able to see the websites that you have saved without problem, even if you have used another browser.

This aside, there are no other good reasons to use Safari on Windows. Chrome is faster, receives constant updates and offers greater compatibility with today's web pages. Undoubtedly, Safari is not the best option to use on Windows in 2022 if you want to browse the vastness of the Internet.

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