Many times there are some details of your mobile that you surely have no idea why they appear. For this, today we teach youWhat do the green and orange dot mean? that appear on the screen of your iPhone?

What do the green and orange dot mean?

In the status bar of the mobile screen, different icons always appear, each of them with different meanings. Today, we will show you what the green and orange dot of your iPhone reflects.

The first thing you should know is that it is a new option that is incorporated into devices with the Apple operating system 14.

They are LED indicators, which are responsible for notifying different aspects of the privacy of your mobile, and in this way, know when they use any of the functions. However, to better detail its meaning, its objectives are mentioned below:

Privacy for the iOS user

Generally, when the orange or green indicators appear on the screen of an iOS 14, or its higher versions, it is because one of the apps is using the microphone or camera of the mobile, and it is notifying you through the status bar.

The purpose of these indicators is to grant more privacy to all its users, however, Apple did not spend much time talking about it, but the official support website did.

So, these indicators are part of a new update and progress by Apple, in offering privacy to its users. And, from its appearance it was a success, so much so that it is still valid in later versions, iOS 15 and iOS 16.

You can identify this point because it appears in the status bar at the top of the mobile screen, just on the right side, and depending on the situation it can be seen in orange or green.

Also, if you try to slide the control center down a bit, this point increases its size a bit and a small text appears where they teach you its meaning.

For Apple, it is important to keep all its users informed about the actions that are carried out with their applications, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

What is the orange dot?

The orange indicator means that one of the applications is using the microphone of your mobile. It doesn't detail what it's being used for, but it does notify you in case you're not aware.

An example of this can be, in a call, an application where you are making recordings with the microphone, sending audio via WhatsApp or Telegram, among others.

Every time the operating system detects that one of the applications is using and having access to the microphone, the dot will turn orange to notify you.


There is also an important detail with the orange dot, and that is that on many occasions it usually appears as a square. This is so, to help people who cannot differentiate colors.

That way, the square icon is notifying them of the same information that some app is accessing their microphone. If this is your case, it is very easy to make the change of figure, you just have to do the following:

  • To activate the function »Differentiate without color»The first thing you should do is enter the »Settings» from your iPhone.
  • Once inside, select the option "Accessibility".
  • Then, press »Display and text size».
  • Lastly, select »Differentiate without color».
  • Now, instead of the orange dot, a square of the same color will appear.

What is the green dot on my iPhone?

The green indicator means that an application is using only the camera or the camera and microphone of your iPhone.

So, the green dot that you see in the status bar is notifying you that the system uses the camera, either front or rear with an application.


Apple's objective was to establish a notification where it could combine several functions, in this case camera and microphone, to inform you when they are being used by an application.

Keep in mind that it is a notification with clear limitations, because it is only responsible for notifying when an application is accessing the camera and microphone, but it does not have the option to differentiate which of the functions it is.

However, this is not necessary for many users because they know their mobile, and are aware of where these functions are used.

It is believed that the creation of this new function is to avoid or detect in time if you are being spied on. On the other hand, it is also an excellent option to find out if an application is taking advantage of the permissions to access the microphone and the camera.

Will the green and orange dots be modified?

Despite the fact that this is a new feature for many, there is still not enough information to determine if Apple wants to enhance, modify or update it again.

And it is that, in the new versions of iOS, the orange and green dot is observed in the status bar, on the right side, like its beginnings.