What is Bomb Crypto? On the same wave as other games like Axie Infinity and Star Atlas, crypto bomb is a new game to win (play-to-earn) In practice, it is a good way to earn extra money every day; Released in September, the game is inspired by a classic video game, Bomberman.

The game takes place in Bomberland, a paralyzed planet on Earth where the inhabitants live extremely peacefully and happily. However, one day, the land was invaded by an evil force that destroyed forests, destroyed houses, arrested people and BCOIN robots, owned by the people.

To bring peace to the land, the kingdom's scientists have researched and created the Bombers, who are the heroes responsible for destroying evil forces, recovering BCOIN, and bringing peace to the land again.

In addition to other games to win like Axie Infinity and Star Atlas, to play Bomb Crypto you must have at least one Bomber hero, but there are different levels of heroes and powers. It can range from Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legend, with Common being less rare and Legend being more rare. The higher the scarcity, the more points and greed the character will have in the game.

In addition, the Bomber heroes also have 6 different levels of powers (Power; Bomb Range; Stamina; Speed; Bomb; Skill) which also influence the performance and rewards of the person at the widest range in the game.

So the first step is to buy a hero of the game and for that you will need to acquire the game token, the BCOIN. You will need to open an account on an exchange or use a decentralized exchange that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Bomb Crypto is a play to win game that is very easy to play and offers good benefits for players.

To buy a hero you need 10 BCOIN. With 10 BCOINS you can purchase a character with random rarity, which can vary between Common, Rare and Super Rare (but there is a limit of characters that can be purchased in this mode). Epics and Legends can only be purchased on the game's secondary market, where other players can also sell their Bombers heroes.

  • Common – 82,87%
  • Rare – 10,36%
  • Super Rare – 5.18%
  • Epic - 1.04%
  • Legendary – 0.52%
  • Super Legendary – 0.04%.

Remember that the closer you get to the norm, the longer your payback (return on money invested to start the game) will take, and therefore the more time you will need to recover your investment.

What is Bomb Crypto? BCOIN Token Analysis

Bitcoin it is the native token of the game and in which players are paid for their performance in the game. Therefore, knowing where the price of BCOIN is heading is important for managing the profitability of the game.

The game is currently in its Phase 1 and there are two ways to earn BCOIN that are yet to be released which should help push the game forward. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency is not listed on some of the major market exchanges, such as Binance. Therefore, the expectation is that with the growth of the game, the listings will happen and with that, the price of the token will start to rise even more.

According to CoinToBuy analysis, the token is classified as a safe investment with an expected return of more than 81%, as daily cryptocurrency transactions have increased. Furthermore, an analysis of the Elitto wave pattern shows that the crypto-asset is still in its first wave, with another 4 waves high.

The maximum supply of Bomber Coins to be issued is 100,00 million tokens, and the current supply of BCOIN in circulation is 11,19 million tokens. Bomber Coin's 24-hour trading volume stands at $14 million, showing that the cryptocurrency is still small-cap and has plenty of opportunity to grow as the game gains more and more users.

Now that you know what Bomb Crypto is, check out other guides on our portal on how to play Bomb Crypto, tips to earn more in the game, and other important tips to increase your profitability in the game.